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  1. Toooo nice!!!! Cool concept! Looks fantastic!
  2. I don't know what, but something made me really like this one. (Hoard: my dapper mummy)
  3. The 1(Astral Force) is not my designer(small modification), but i like for this AT! ^^
  4. cool... but... a tip, usually loose clothing, does not mark muscle ... 😉
  5. For pve...
  6. like you sketch!!! you have potencial! cg!
  7. Second part is same text but in my native language.
  8. be careful not to get stuck! 😛 I always find this type of body with armor funny.
  9. I always try to replace the letters when I have what I want, sometimes it works, in the game "L/l" uppercase and lowercase or "i/I" uppercase and lowercase are the same... 0 and o/O is similar too...
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