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  1. My apologies, I don't speak English well and I didn't realize it. Then post images of your work! 🙂
  2. Dnamo, my main char(allways, more 12 years ago, and now), blaster energy/atom manipulation... I always wanted a drawing, but I never had any money left and now unemployed ... : /
  3. I've been seeing the Granite Armor in Stone Armor... +Def (37)= ok +Protection (15) = ok +Resistence (10) = ok - Recharge time (65) = ok - movement(and no jump) = ok but... -dmg? (30) why? Does someone explain the logic to me? Turns into a STONE COLOSSUS and loses damage? I don't say I should win, but I shouldn't lose! It is the suggestion to make power more logical! Take these -dmg only. (And it could change the color of the granite ...) Nobody else uses that power, so maybe they would inspire them to use it again.
  4. about 15 years ago, I had made the basis of my team, taking advantage of a bug to do different things, it was laborious and time consuming! I still have some photos of some parts, too bad I don't have all the photos anymore. Today as possibilities have increased infinitely I would say, it must be scary kkkkkkkk sorry that my English is not good for me to enjoy the videos ... but, who knows, I try since there are some texts (hello google translate).
  5. Is there a text construction guide? For those who do not speak English it is easier to translate into text ... Not to mention that it is more practical and faster, than watching the entire video or having to keep jumping until you find what you want
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