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  1. After completing the cosmic coffee shop, I decided I wanted to start a new SG, and of course a new base for said group. I bring you the Wild West All-Stars mountian lodge (excelsior, WWAS-16037) and of course, no hideout is complete without a cave with all the goodies in it...
  2. according to the server status pages, some people are playing
  3. DRINK MORE COFFEE!!!! COSMICCOFFEE-4899 (excelsior)
  4. He was my attempt at a much smaller cosmic transport that I'm pretty happy with. The background sound was difficult to find as I had to dig through the pigg files to find just the right one. I ended up using Restaurant_BG01_Loop. Since I don't usually play with sound on, I didn't realize how noisy the teleport portals were. If you want to visit. please feel free... COSMICCOFFEE-4899 (excelsior)
  5. Was showing off the Coffee House to my wife. My wife commented about how the lady at the register was acting like a "Karen"... so then I hovered over her name...
  6. I was sitting at he retrieving characters from excelsior screen, and was thinking that it was taking a really looooong time...
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