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  1. Or....1 person's feelings, and 4 people just run up to punch you. Was excited to try it but found it disappointing 😕
  2. What levels are you accepting? Would be good to come and see tanker-pros in action
  3. So pretty regularly recently I've been getting a "disconnected from mapserver" message about halfway through the first indoor mission I run, of a new play session. If I log back in, I start playing normally and no more mapserver issues during indoor missions. Only happens on that first mission after loading the game and logging onto a character. Server- Reunion (I never play on the others). Internet is stable. Latency is fine.
  4. Iirc it was never possible at CoV launch. I thought the ability to switch sides came with Going Rogue?
  5. Infinitum has a nice build in this post here. Just watch out as it includes incarnates. I've done a build for a concept tanker (aiming for Psi resist and taking theme powers like the Force of Will ones)- hardcap res to S/L/P and 50% res to E/N/F/C Defence isn't as high as I'd like but I was prioritising Psi resist and defence.
  6. I need to experiment with it a little bit, but at level 8 I managed to get a proc after 30 uses of Flares. Not sure if it is similar to enhancement procs and it's more likely to fire with a high recharge power Edit- RftL seems to proc reliably in my Rain of Fire power, which is at 90sec recharge (as long as it's not on icd)- so you can kinda predict it, but it isn't really an opener
  7. That is such a cool vampire costume!
  8. How do you find Reach for the Limit? Find it a bit lacklustre personally. City of data reckoned a 0.67ppm rate. Guess it's fine if you've got a spare power pick?
  9. I do miss seeing the Taxis- especially on maps like The Hollows where you'd pray to see one. I also miss (in a really weird way) getting travel powers at lvl 14- as a severe case of altitis, it was always a bit of a slog and The Hollows were deadly to lower levels- but the moment you finally unlocked that travel power, you felt euphoric!
  10. I'd disagree- gives a nice source of access to knockback for certain powers (e.g. some melee disorients) in a game that doesn't very freely give access to it (giving knockdown instead). Having a lot of fun with it in Sweeping Cross from StJ. Some procs suck for certain playstyles, but there's always an alternative set you can use.
  11. I checked it on the enhancement window, so would explain why the mag wasn't increased. I did try out a knockdown power whilst I had the 2% boost, and it did stay as knockdown. As you say, it just seems a really pointlessly tiny boost. I wondered if it was designed as a way for players who wanted knockback rather than knockdown to get access to it without sacrificing set bonuses for knockback enhancements
  12. Hey all, Air Burst is a targeted AoE IO set- the set bonus for 2 enhancements "improves the Knockback of all your powers by 2.0%" (from Paragon Wiki, https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Air_Burst) Is there any actual benefit to knockback powers by doing this? (I am actually aiming for knockback!). I tried on Test and it doesn't seem to convert a knockdown to knockback (doesn't seem to touch the 0,67 magnitude at all). Just seems a bit pointless...
  13. Thanks for that link! Very interesting build
  14. Thanks for this idea! Been looking for a way to reinvent my storm/energy defender from live. Really miss herdicaning mobs abd abusing knockback!
  15. Great guide! Thanks for the reminders!
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