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  1. Or....1 person's feelings, and 4 people just run up to punch you. Was excited to try it but found it disappointing 😕
  2. What levels are you accepting? Would be good to come and see tanker-pros in action
  3. So pretty regularly recently I've been getting a "disconnected from mapserver" message about halfway through the first indoor mission I run, of a new play session. If I log back in, I start playing normally and no more mapserver issues during indoor missions. Only happens on that first mission after loading the game and logging onto a character. Server- Reunion (I never play on the others). Internet is stable. Latency is fine.
  4. Iirc it was never possible at CoV launch. I thought the ability to switch sides came with Going Rogue?
  5. Infinitum has a nice build in this post here. Just watch out as it includes incarnates. I've done a build for a concept tanker (aiming for Psi resist and taking theme powers like the Force of Will ones)- hardcap res to S/L/P and 50% res to E/N/F/C Defence isn't as high as I'd like but I was prioritising Psi resist and defence.
  6. I need to experiment with it a little bit, but at level 8 I managed to get a proc after 30 uses of Flares. Not sure if it is similar to enhancement procs and it's more likely to fire with a high recharge power Edit- RftL seems to proc reliably in my Rain of Fire power, which is at 90sec recharge (as long as it's not on icd)- so you can kinda predict it, but it isn't really an opener
  7. That is such a cool vampire costume!
  8. How do you find Reach for the Limit? Find it a bit lacklustre personally. City of data reckoned a 0.67ppm rate. Guess it's fine if you've got a spare power pick?
  9. I do miss seeing the Taxis- especially on maps like The Hollows where you'd pray to see one. I also miss (in a really weird way) getting travel powers at lvl 14- as a severe case of altitis, it was always a bit of a slog and The Hollows were deadly to lower levels- but the moment you finally unlocked that travel power, you felt euphoric!
  10. I'd disagree- gives a nice source of access to knockback for certain powers (e.g. some melee disorients) in a game that doesn't very freely give access to it (giving knockdown instead). Having a lot of fun with it in Sweeping Cross from StJ. Some procs suck for certain playstyles, but there's always an alternative set you can use.
  11. I checked it on the enhancement window, so would explain why the mag wasn't increased. I did try out a knockdown power whilst I had the 2% boost, and it did stay as knockdown. As you say, it just seems a really pointlessly tiny boost. I wondered if it was designed as a way for players who wanted knockback rather than knockdown to get access to it without sacrificing set bonuses for knockback enhancements
  12. Hey all, Air Burst is a targeted AoE IO set- the set bonus for 2 enhancements "improves the Knockback of all your powers by 2.0%" (from Paragon Wiki, https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Air_Burst) Is there any actual benefit to knockback powers by doing this? (I am actually aiming for knockback!). I tried on Test and it doesn't seem to convert a knockdown to knockback (doesn't seem to touch the 0,67 magnitude at all). Just seems a bit pointless...
  13. Thanks for that link! Very interesting build
  14. Thanks for this idea! Been looking for a way to reinvent my storm/energy defender from live. Really miss herdicaning mobs abd abusing knockback!
  15. Great guide! Thanks for the reminders!
  16. Great build and discussion, completely agree that KB is fun! My KB enhancement slotted tanker will team with you guys anytime :D
  17. Yeah knockUP doesn't seem right thematically (they're not anti-gravity blasts, they always struck me as energy explosions). Knockdown would be more sensible. Personally I like knockback and whilst it would be a pain in the ass to slot knockbacks if I wanted it in a power, it would be doable. Or, as suggested, have an ATO enhancement that universally changes knockback to knockdown.
  18. If you want to focus on support, defender will give you the strongest access to buffs/debuffs (like PK said). Corruptors can access those sets, but their primary is a blast set (so their strongest abilities/main focus are blasts).
  19. Rolled a blaster to try the fighting pool attacks (took all 3 attacks)- Boxing and Kick still felt very lacklustre, although Crosspunch actually felt pretty decent (damage wasn't huge, but satisfying and with a chance to stun and knockdown). Toyed with the idea of Boxing with the buffed chance to stun (from taking the other attacks) replacing Brawl and stacking stuns with other attacks but I don't know how well it'd go. I'm planning on taking Spring Attack on a Street Justice tanker, to increase AoE aggro (and knock punks down!). Hoping it won't be a letdown!
  20. @Star-Fury here, remember a few names from this thread! Played a Storm/NRG Offender on Defiant a looking time ago, looking forward to seeing you guys!
  21. Was there any data at all for these sets? I know somebody said they had no animations or anything done, but is there something we could build on? These power pool sets sounded like fantastic additions! :(
  22. I'll be honest, I left CoH for WoW and eventually Champions Online. The combat and power customisation was a big draw for CO, but if I'm honest it never had the personality that CoH did
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