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  1. My main on Champion was "a little kitten". I loved doing the Frostfire mission, if only for the line, 'I was once like you, a little kitten.' Of course, all the NPC chatter about my heroic and villainous deeds was fantastic. On Torch I currently have "a little spider" for my Arachnos Soldier, "a little girl" for my Stalker, and "a smiling god" for my Corruptor. "a little girl" is by far the one with the most humor potential, though "a little spider" is a very close second.
  2. TL;DR: I don't like proposing this particular suggestion, but it is something I've grown to question over time. Pre-Sunset there were many threads regarding Knockback and Knockdown, much as there are today, where both sides would go head to head discussing how best to resolve their conflicting ideas about how the powers should work. The thing I've noticed over the years is that the portion of the community that loved Knockback was smaller then the portion that disliked it, though both sides of the issue were fairly equal in the strength of their opinions. That is certainly
  3. I want to start off by saying that I am not, and never have been, a fan of PvP. It’s not enjoyable to me, and I’ve tried it initially when the Arena came out, again when PvP zones got big, and would risk it for PvE rewards from PvP zones. With all that said, I stand firmly with the PvP players in this thread because they’re right. All of the listed changes weren’t for PvP. The Hurricane thing was specified for PvP, and I remember that because it was a one of a kind treat where they said that yes, it was for PvP, but that it shouldn’t affect PvE. They were mostly right there, so I don
  4. Considering when this thread was made there was only one thread on the first page of the Suggestions forum calling for a nerf of any kind, I’m inclined to think there is no significant movement in that direction. In fact, the majority of this forum has been a combination of buffs and QoL improvements. Personally, I feel that with there being new developers people have become emboldened about re-asking for things that the original developers would never do.
  5. I remember collecting the CDs they’d mail out and using them for the free trial every time the previous one ran out.
  6. This is the only change I’d want to see as well. The formula for how XP is gained using confuse has been generously in the player’s favor for a long time, and I don’t expect it to change. If it did, I wouldn’t object, but I certainly wouldn’t expect it or ask for it. Adding Confuse to the list of things Containment affects makes sense though. It almost feels like an oversight, but I imagine when Containment was added the Devs of the time absolutely had to have had a discussion and chose to not include it. Wish I knew why.
  7. So I like this question a lot. For me, Recall Friend is the only reason to dip into the pool (and usually if I don’t have something else I want more at that level). TPFoe: A ranged pull power. Useful, if every AT besides Stalker didn’t already have a ranged way of getting someone’s attention, and usually better. From Taunt to Snipes, there’s nothing for me in this power. Others might have a better use I don’t consider, and I hope they do because I’d like to know. Maybe it’s a diamond in the rough for me. Teleport: Doesn’t really do it as a combat trick, the Hovering r
  8. Yes, actually, I do. Often with stealth characters, many support characters, and sometimes my hardy characters. The ones more likely to survive in a TPK. I’m not sure why it’s hard to believe. Edit: and just to be clear on this point, Recall Friend is literally the only power from that pool I do take. I don’t care for either Teleport or TPFoe, so never even get to the other powers. And even if I did, I still wouldn’t think it a good idea to just toss out the tier order of existing powers.
  9. I appreciate you considering that I exist when redesigning the entire teleportation power pool. I feel that moving a T1 pick in a pool to a T4 slot is never a viable option, no matter how few people you believe use it. If you feel a power pool choice needs improving, doing so while in the constraints of its tier is the best, and in my opinion only, option.
  10. F is always my primary travel power, and G is the secondary (Hover, CJ, etc). If teleport is used, LShift+LMouse is the go to, with LCtrl+LMouse for secondary teleports (Dwarf Steps). Mouse4 and Mouse5 are used when I have toggles that I’ll use often, and N is for turning those off (Kheldian forms, or Hurricane). V is the Stealth power, if I have one. Sometimes I’ll set Enter as a “/afk Smacking the keyboard...$$beginchat”, depending on the character and how I’m feeling at any given moment. I may look into using WERD on a charact
  11. I’m much less opposed to breaking it than when the game was official, but I still think it’s worth considering. If only because people use the power, and may actually like it. Brief consideration is better than none, IMO. Just kidding. No one uses this power.
  12. This would break the Cottage Rule, but maybe replace Team Teleport with ‘Wormhole-lite’? An AoE TPFoe that has smaller radius, or doesn’t have the status effects, or simply has a higher end cost to make it less efficient than the Gravity control version.
  13. I feel your pain. I’ve never had money enough to make that mistake, but I don’t need to get my hand stuck in a blender to know it hurts.
  14. Oof. I’m embarrassed that PvP didn’t even come to mind when considering changes to TPFoe. While I’d like it to be more of an attack than it is now, I understand that’s probably not the way it will go. If secondary effects are on the table for it, combination of ‘does not aggro’ and confusion would be my first impulse.
  15. It probably doesn't need damage, but I'd like it as a comparable alternative to the other travel power attacks. So removing the interrupt, adding damage, and some short soft control. That's just my envisioned fix. Having it work as a non-aggroing ability isn't a bad idea, but it wouldn't improve my chances of choosing TP Foe either.
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