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  1. I feel your pain. I’ve never had money enough to make that mistake, but I don’t need to get my hand stuck in a blender to know it hurts.
  2. Oof. I’m embarrassed that PvP didn’t even come to mind when considering changes to TPFoe. While I’d like it to be more of an attack than it is now, I understand that’s probably not the way it will go. If secondary effects are on the table for it, combination of ‘does not aggro’ and confusion would be my first impulse.
  3. It probably doesn't need damage, but I'd like it as a comparable alternative to the other travel power attacks. So removing the interrupt, adding damage, and some short soft control. That's just my envisioned fix. Having it work as a non-aggroing ability isn't a bad idea, but it wouldn't improve my chances of choosing TP Foe either.
  4. For TPFoe, I’d like it changed from an interrupt power into one with a static activation time, given damage comparable for other travel power attacks (modified as a range attack), and possibly a short term stun, confuse, or immobilize.
  5. I’d love for a “Search for Crafted Enhancement” button, like the “Search for Salvage used in this recipe” button.
  6. Spines is one I want to play on a Dominator, but the redraw every time ruins me. I just can’t handle it. Sonic, bubbles or blast, due to the sounds. I tried when they came out, and noped right out of both sets and never looked back. Animation never bugged me, but the way they sound? Ruined. Give me the sounds for the Sirens, and I’d be better off. I cant think of anymore off the top of my head, but I know they exist. Those two are just the biggest offenders. Maybe I should look into replacing Sonic’s sounds with something more pleasing.
  7. I would love for FF to have more utility. Debuffs to the enemy Acc or Dmg, changing Detention Field into a ST Hold with a high debuff attached, heck giving DT a High DoT effect while the enemy is locked away would do wonders for the power (not enough, imo). Shoot, with Absorb in the game now, FF could benefit from that as a form of ‘reducing enemy attack’s effectiveness’ in certain powers. There’s a lot to work with for the set, but the cottage rule is.... tricky for this. Edit: sorry for the double post, saw yours after I posted
  8. I’ve always thought that Forcefield could use better utility, both because several powers feel lacking (looking at you, Detention Field) and because this topic has been brought up again. With the new Repel technology hinted at in another thread, I’d like to see what can be done with affecting enemies as opposed to just layering more defense on the character running the power set. With regards to the thread as a whole, I feel the suggested idea is too broad. Each power set could stand to be looked at, absolutely. But a blanket fix doesn’t feel right to me, and I would much prefer individual fixes tailored to the set. Maybe allowing Forcefield the ability to apply their shields to themselves would be the right move, but I’m not really of the opinion it would be right or that such a blanket move is the right move. I will happily admit that it’s a pretty decent idea, in that it would provide more powers for the solo FF player.
  9. I’m highly skeptical of this because of power creep. The OP is correct in that it exists, but that only makes me even more hesitant to just accept it. It’s been a while for me, and I’m at work so I can’t really check, but if I’m not mistaken Forcefield can reach soft capped defenses almost entirely by itself with its current numbers. And I know I remember this being brought up to the original developers and their response being along the lines of: “If we did this, we would have to reduce the effectiveness to the point of almost nothing to keep it balanced.” Allowing support role characters the ability to soft cap their defenses with just SOs seems a little OP to me, honestly.
  10. I don’t know. I think there’s still some to consider here. I had missed where he changed his suggestion, and that was my mistake, and while I may not agree with the suggestion still, it shows that there is still discussion to have.
  11. I wouldn’t mind if this was placed on the “eventually” list of things to change. I also wouldn’t mind if an option for Targeting Drone customization would be to use the Cyborg auras, though I could understand if they chose not to.
  12. Probably the part where you haven’t shown how you would improve the power beyond “make it toggle”? That was the initial point you made, and continue to make, and I respect that you feel it’s an improvement. I don’t feel that it would be an improvement. So yes, be the hero in your narrative and break down why it’s an improvement. Because I have read your beliefs, and the opposing side of the discussion has made more, and better, valid points for keeping the current system. You say “it can be improved”, and I believe that to a point. I also believe that it’s working as intended. So I want you to change my mind. Use all those skills you've acquired as an Associate Professor and in the Navy to do it. Or don’t. I enjoy my characters with Click Mezz protection more then those without and have not come across the problems you describe, at least not at the same level of difficulty you seem to have with them.
  13. Improvements? Sure. But I would not say making Active Defenses a toggle is an improvement. If you’re going to claim it’s an improvement, you’re going to need facts to back that up and show people it’s an improvement. Go ahead, be the spunky little hero in your personal adventure and prove to us you’re right.
  14. While you’re correct that both Ice and Stone Control don’t give protection to KB anymore, they did. And it was a very recent change that was made specifically because other powers in their sets revolved around KD as a primary control function. Arachnos Soldiers don’t have that. They have a power with a chance for KB, but that power’s primary function is damage, not control. You could argue that Arachnos Soldiers have a case for the change, but I feel there are other sets with stronger cases that didn’t get the change, so you might be fighting an uphill battle there.
  15. Wow, I’d totally forgotten the term “bridge”. I don’t miss that at all. On a similar note, I don’t miss the old SK / EX system either. Having to find someone low enough to run Positron, having to find someone to SK your friend’s character who was 10 levels lower, or even worse, walking 50 feet away from your Mentor in the zone or mission.
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