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  1. There have never been any complaints regarding Spanky's weiners.
  2. Yeah and it goes from old run down warehouse to corporate office building just like that 🙂
  3. Maybe its priority will change in future. They should really do a "detailed info" screen for each character on the selection screen with stuff like HP, Inf, Salvage, Recipes and even stuff like what badges each has or what current missions each character is on.
  4. LOL I don't forsee that being a big problem 😂
  5. Makes sense. Maybe I'll just make an alt just for storing my inf.
  6. Indom is the only server I play on
  7. Is there an easier way to see how much inf my characters have other than logging them all in separately?
  8. But it was working fine before and only started the long load times within the last couple weeks. I haven't changed anything. All my other internet connectivity is unchanged.
  9. Those are all great options for moving around in the zone itself, but the OP was talking about actually going from one zone to another and having to wait for the loading screen w/ the blue bar. I've been having this issue for about 2 weeks now. It's not a hardware issue either, because my crappy $300 wal mart laptop can run CoH and my system is a LOT faster than it. (4ghz AMD Ryzen 2600, 16GB ram, 1TB NVME, Radeon RX 570)
  10. Been having this issue on Indomitable for almost 2 weeks now. Also when I zone sometimes it times out of the mapserver.
  11. Too much starch. Try Snuggle 🙂
  12. I think I got them in either a CoH or CoV box set
  13. Maagic

    FREEDOM Forever!

    We had a SG on Freedom called League of Extraordinary Avatars (LXA) so if any former members are out there, let us know! I only remember a handful of members. Mr Mental (a bubbler) Whimsy (don't remember the type, but she was tall and would cast inertial red. on me to make me jump high) Drat that's all I can remember ATM. My mains were Small Wonder, Parry Hotter and Cute Lil Girl.
  14. Did some cleaning today and ran across some of my old CoH stuff: The figures are HeroClix. I know I got 2 Statesmen. One forgot his cape 🙂 I don't remember where I got the CCG cards. I think they were in the CoH box set. The Art book has CoH on one side and CoV on the other. The comics are numbered 1-6, then the ones in the back go by date, they aren't numbered
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