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  1. I thought it was a dance like the Jelly Roll.
  2. Wow. I don't have Firey Aura Brute, nor do I have a Mastermind and I do have a rare Elec/Elec blaster.
  3. I have a main - a MA/WP Scrapper. I like her theme the best and I just enjoy playing her the most. This character was my main during live, and even though I've tried many other characters, this one is just the one I keep coming back to as my favorite.
  4. I think this zone should be a tougher than usual zone - maybe the TF(s) should be incarnate level. I think there shouldn't be many civilians on the street, and the enemy groups should be few. My idea for the back story is that some Praetorian(s) (I'm not sure who) fled Praetoria into the this world, and have teamed up with an off-shoot of Arachnos. This offshoot of Arachnos wants Arachnos to take more firm control of the Rogue Islands and overthrow Recluse. These two factions (Praetorians and off-Arachnos) set up camp in KW - Praetorians mostly on the "hero side" and Arachnos mostly on the "villain side". But, both want to keep a low profile, so, the "street-level" enforcers are either Skyraiders or Family on the Hero side and Family or Tsoo on the villain side. Both off-Arachnos and Praetorians are in negotiations with Crey for weaponry so a few Crey are sprinkled in street-side. All of these street-level groups are kept in line and backed up by Malta who both off-Arachnos and Praetorians have convinced or hired to do so. Maybe Malta likes this over-controlled vision they have. The idea would be that the more street clearing that happens, you'll get Malta response teams (like the Rikti spawns during invasions). These response teams get larger the more people in the party and the more previous teams you've defeated. No hospitals for you here, when defeated you spawn in an instanced jail that you need to break out of like in door missions. The TF's story would sort of peel the layers from the street enforcers to Malta to the off-Arachnos / Praetorian conglomerate. No Rikti invasions here though. Maybe atop some buildings are Crey / Malta inspired anti-air with some stolen Rikti technology.
  5. If you post LFG or LFM on the help channel and did it deliberately.
  6. My leveling pace I think would be best described as snail-like. I've been playing since May and I have 1 level 40 - 4 level 34 and 1 level 17. But I am having loads of fun.
  7. Well like others said this game released in 2003. The MMO landscape was very, very different and this game was challenging to level but not so much more than other games I had played up to that point. I still remember one of the the first KR missions was to kill 10 COT. I'd say you'd get this mission about level 6 or so. They were on rooftops at night and you didn't have a travel power yet to up the fire escape you went. Then when you reached the top they were orange (if you were lucky) red or purple.
  8. Yeah I agree with the NcSoft thing. Anything after that I don't have anything specific.
  9. Like others said it doesn't matter that much anymore., but I still like having it in the game.
  10. Xeres

    Katana Secondary

    I would say fire as Katana is a pretty end light set. The only thing to worry about IMO is Knockdown and Immobilize I think /Fire has those holes.
  11. Boy, that inflation is a killer.
  12. So I'm leaping around Atlas then went to Skyway and I realized something - I don't know any of these streets by name. Do they have one or is Paragon City the subject of the U2 song "Where the Streets Have No Name"? So I am requesting the all the streets in Paragon, Praetoria and Rogue Isles have names. Maybe overlay the map / minimap with these names or somehow add street signs.
  13. I didn't look but I'm almost positive this has been brought up before. Can we please have the Character Description field in the I.D. section larger than 1023 characters? Maybe 65534?
  14. It's really cool to read all of these "zomg!" posts about returning to the game. Just gives me good feels and I'm just an onlooker. Very cool.
  15. Usually I focus on the toggles I have - Regen vs Defense vs Resist (or a combination of these). I slot up the toggles first. That then dictates if I take tough and or weave. Usually I take both but sometimes not. Then I do end management. Then I slot offense taking sets that fill out holes. I'm not worried about perma anything - except status effect toggles - so that *really* affects how I do this.
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