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  1. I initially wasn't going to reply to this post because I cannot tell if the OP is serious or not, but here goes anyway. I have not experienced the same things the OP seemingly has in that post. Quite the opposite in fact. I am wary when people generalize as much as the OP did. Switch to the help channel and you will see what I mean - there is some actual help going on there. Sure some of it may be a link to a web site because explaining the incarnate system in /help would be rough.
  2. I have also heard this is cooler than being cool, but I cannot confirm.
  3. Obviously not. That's part of the fun IMO. Imagine if there was some formula or algorithm to winning a CC? No, TY.
  4. Newness. Even the mistakes. I'd love to experience COH for the first time again.
  5. My MA/WP scrapper. First is the concept which is similar to Wonder Woman. She's my fav hero. But, I also like the powersets. I just really like MA with it's pretty quick and good looking animations save for Eagle's Claw, but I can deal with that. WP is a very low maintenance secondary. I rarely run out of stamina unless it was drained, and if my health is low, I just find a few S/L mobs to stand next to as she's S/L capped and her regen increases the more mobs that are in melee range. That's all of the on paper reasons. The real reason is more subjective. I just enjoy playi
  6. I put down randomly. I only use it if I am going into a AE farm or MSR. No other time, but if it extends further then that's fine.
  7. My main is a MA/WP/Body Mastery scrapper. I will post her build, in case there's something you see that you like. I didn't include incarnate abilities but her recharge is high enough to almost perma the 120s Barrier (1 sec downtime). This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Ms. Sensation: Level 50 Magic Scrapper Primary Power Set: Martial Arts Secondary Power Set: Willpower Power Pool: Flight Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Body Mastery Hero Profi
  8. I didn't read other replies so my apologies if I repeat things. I would go for accolades, and do MSR and Hamidon raids, and go for incarnate materials, materials both the MSR and Hamidon raids could give as drops (MSR) and rewards (Hamidon).
  9. I've refrained from posting here because I'm still not sure what constitutes the cottage rule and what does not. Before I begin let me just mention my mindset here - if no changes were made to this game since the launch (or revelation) of the HC servers then I would be fine with it. I liked the game fine enough as it was. I appreciate the changes the devs have done so far, and have been happy with them for the most part. But, I feel that, to quote a great Reebok commercial, "if it isn't broken, then there is no need to repair it". Yes, rage crash. I get it. Does that make Sup
  10. Ah, well Civilization games have great replay value for me. That's why they've always been on my computers since the original was launched... 30 years ago? Jeez. Star Wars Galaxies has limited replay values. One for each class (8). After that, not so much but it's worth playing for the class stories alone.
  11. Got back to playing Elder Scrolls Online. It's fun. Bad combat system, but this time that's not putting me off as much as it usually does.
  12. I want to add to that a little. The mere fact that I am able to play this game right now is all I could ask for. If that was it, that would have been (and still is) fine with me. But, you have the infrastructure, GMs, and game updates (among other things) all of which is -way- more than I could have asked for, but here we are. All voluntary work if I am not mistaken. Thanks, indeed.
  13. Well, I didn't seem to be able to avoid the Wards as much as I wanted to. I'd be completely out of story arc missions by mid 32, including the mayhem missions and new contacts. My last red char I did nothing but newspaper and mayhem missions from 32 to 34 which was a chore because I wasn't going to the wards again. Then I found MSR and it was all good. My point though is this quest drought was most certainly not there nor was the wards and I had 0 problem leveling villains to cap via contacts and newspaper / mayhem missions on live.
  14. I just like Blue side better. And I really, really don't like first ward and night ward. Blue I can avoid those. Red, not as easy. Edit: Which brings me to something that I don't get. I don't remember the original Red storylines drying up so quickly on live at CoV's release, but it seems now there isn't as much Red content without traveling to First / Dark Ward. At release of CoV, I don't think there was First / Dark Ward so you went right up to 50 in Red Zones IIRC. I don't know when that was changed but I am -not- a fan of it.
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