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  1. Yeah Flat Screens. Everyone walking in Paragon would be looking down at a cell phone. I think Faultline should be built up more. Boomtown should be in a state that Faultline is in now. I think on the red side Arachnos should be more in control and have built up more strongholds int he Rogue Isles.
  2. I had a similar outlook as you, Abraxus, on this. Was it worth the time, resources, planning, etc that was necessary to plan out (or research) a proper build and outfit it? My initial thought was no, that even having level 50 "regular" I/Os would be plenty good enough. And, for the most part it is. But after starting attuned IOs on two characters that I am leveling and noting the difference in the performance, I now give my leveling characters IO sets as I level (with some help from my alts) - as long as I have a good build to go by. I do it to a point - the IO sets that I can actually equip based on level. So I do think it's worth it but that's just my opinion. Play how you want.
  3. Yeah I get some tells from time to time if I want to team. That's them reaching out to me. I'm sure there's way more advertising on LFG.
  4. Well, I use Win 10 at home and I like it. If you're worried about being tracked and all that stuff, well, maybe you should be. But realize trying to not be tracked these days is like asking for privacy on mass transit during rush hour. What you think is potentially tracking you is the tip of the iceberg.
  5. I've never bothered with enhancements at all until level 12 except for the ones that drop. At level 12 I would recommend DOs. My rule of thumb when purchasing DOs is Accuracy in attacks, End Mod in Stamina, Defense / Resists in toggles, End Redux in Toggles, Damage - in that order. At 22, I do recommend IOs (not sets yet). Yes, they can be expensive, but in the long run are worth it. Now if you're struggling for inf my suggestion to you is if you have a orange recipe you can craft, craft it and see how much the market is demanding for it. If it's not much, convert it a few times to see. What you're looking for is a decent set IO that sells - defense, resist, IOs that proc all sell well. One of these can sell for 4m influence which is plenty at 22 to afford mostly what you need for IOs.
  6. You're a stalker and there's a boss or higher among the mobs ahead. You stealthily creep up on the unsuspecting boss using all of your sneaky powers, hit build up, maybe even pop a few red insps to make your assassin's strike that much more lethal! This boss will never know what hit him or her... ...and still doesn't know because you missed. The boss is just standing there still fully unaware of your ineptitude as you sulk back into the corner wondering if you should have taken up botany instead.
  7. Pretty similar. I have a "off duty" costume which is just casual wear. One dressy outfit (dress / skirt or suit). Usually a more armored version of the primary costume and the alternate costume.
  8. My MA/WP scrapper has Cross Punch with Kick and Boxing. Cross Punch does more damage than Dragon's Tail.
  9. Graphics are a very big deal to me for new games. But they aren't everything - otherwise I'd still be playing Black Desert Online. I am not. I accept CoH's graphics as they are because that's the way it's always been and I'm fine with that. However, if the game was rendered in an updated graphics engine I'd be fine with that too. It's not something I'm actually expecting but would be the ultimate wish list item for me - if it was something that's feasible. I really don't know what's entailed in doing that (my guess is quite a lot). But the game is fine as is for me.
  10. It's nice to see not only plans for these servers but the greater COH community at large coming around and getting organized. Thanks for everything you guys and gals are doing.
  11. Ah. I'm ok with the policy in theory but feel bad for the GMs who's lap this was just put in.
  12. Well I'm just going to repeat what a lot of people said but feel the need to say it. Judging a larger group of people anywhere based and the actions of a few is a bad idea. This applies to anything. From my experience there's been plenty of helpful people who have answered some of my questions in Help.
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