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  1. WOOHOO! Time for the classic "Me? Little old me?! But, but, but, I never win anything!" speech. Which I totally haven't practiced in front of the mirror for days... 😉 Seriously, though - thanks a ton for this, @Yomo Kimyata. Your timing is brilliant, I have a couple of new build ideas I want to try but didn't have the inf to pay for them. Forum PM sent just now. The build I use is below. Only ranged attacks, per my personal preference. FWIW this build cost me ~350 million. 90% of the time my attack rotation is just Umbral Torrent, Moonbeam and Life Drain. Everythi
  2. OK, maybe "tool" was an overstatement 🙂 I was referring to the LFG queue thingie which is located between the words "Email" and "Tab" on your menu bar. "Tool" was intended to distinguish it from the in-game chat channel which is also named LFG.
  3. Dark/Atomic blaster. ToHit debuffs galore, and your most often used AoE power has a KB component (which you will convert to KD with an IO, of course), which is helpful for both soloing and teams. Thematic logic: Both powersets have a fairly similar animation style, so you look the same whether you are using primary or secondary powers. Might not make a difference to you, but to me the visual cohesiveness of the primary and secondary are a big deal. Depending on color scheme you can make them look like all-water powers, all-dark, or all-radiation powers, or any number of other things. Pers
  4. This would be brilliant and a definite improvement. But probably too late in the game's life to make a difference - at this point we are all so used to forming teams manually via the LFG channel rather than with the LFG menu tool, that we will continue to use the channel even if the tool gets improved.
  5. Wait, what? Isn't that the purpose of these forums - to dictate how other people should play the game and to yell at the devs that they must hardcode the game so that everyone plays the way each poster wants them to? 😄
  6. One advantage that NW has over stalker (I semi-mained an ice/nrg stalker before becoming a convert to the Cult of Widows) is that they get most of their important attacks early on, so they exemp really well. If playing lower-level content is a priority for the OP, that is a point in the widow's favor.
  7. The simplest way to mitigate psi/toxic damage is to make a habit of scouting the enemy group before attacking, and then selecting the psi- and toxic damage dealers as the first ones you kill. Similar to how you prioritize sappers when fighting Malta, or surgeons in Cimerora, etc. Yes, you can plug a psi or a toxic gap in your damage mitigation, and for a truly high-end build you will want to. But for most of us mere mortals, that kind of optimizing requires some tough choices in terms of what you have to sacrifices in your build to make room for the anti-psi/toxic IO's. Which means your
  8. Our SG has a recurring event called Bring Out Yer Dead, where people can take one of their long-abandoned characters out for a spin. It works well - you either get reminded of how good the character is or you get a brief, nostalgic enjoyment of the character before placing it back into mothballs. Well, that or you get confirmed in your earlier decision to shelve that character. Either way, something good comes out of it, and you have Fun With Friends(tm) as a significant side benefit.
  9. +1 to all of this, especially the second and third one. Blueside, Steel Canyon and Talos Island for similar reasons - the architecture seems cohesive, and these are the zones where as a new player you started to get a sense of your character and how it fit into the bigger Paragon City picture.
  10. Yup, that was me. Great to see that you are still around. 🙂 Edited to add: My global is @Atrocifist these days.
  11. I use Beta Decay on two different characters*, a dark/atomic blaster and a rad/dark tanker. On both of them I have noticed that from time to time, Beta Decay toggles off without me noticing. I thought it might be caused by an enemy attack which randomly turns off one of my toggle powers. However, in that case it ought to be equally likely to turn off one of the other 5-6 toggle powers I am running at the same time, but in practice it only happens to BD, not to the other toggles. So, even though I know the above is not a whole lot of information to go on, the question is: Is there some com
  12. There was a group called The Rabid Pingus, I was a (mostly silent) member of that. Character names were Atrocifist on blueside and Marcus Junius on redside.
  13. The same thing happened to me dozens of times, until I made a Widow and found that it can do all the different things I look for in a character. So, +1 vote for (hybrid) Widow, for all the reasons Gulbasaur mentioned in his post. Sorry for sounding like a crazed member of the Cult of Widows 😄 Whatever playstyle I happen to be in the mood for when I log on, the widow is good for it. Ranged or melee, solo or team, lowbie or incarnate missions. As someone who was constantly searching for a Forever Character, it feels good to have finally found it. It also feels weird, though. Like, wh
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