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  1. First, let me agree with the sentiment that debuffs are incredibly effective for max difficulty content, but when you say buffer I assume you mean +damage? As an IOd/Incarnated out WP Brute you must have defense/resist maxed and massive regen and recovery and recharge and probably not lacking for tohit/accuracy and you said yourself you don’t need heals. So the only thing you want is +damage and -resist/-regen, cause nothing else really moves the needle very much. That’s one of the reasons why some people think it’s unbalanced.
  2. I think what we all want is a game where we all feel useful regardless of our power sets.
  3. Are you asking how to uninstall just CoH or also Island Rum?
  4. There is no need to backup anything. All your characters and everything associated with them is stored server-side. The only things that you lose if you do a re-install are your saved settings, saved key mappings, saved costumes, order of characters on character select screen and maybe a few other things I can't recall, but nothing that can't be easily restored after logging in and re-saving them.
  5. I feel the same way but it may just be that when it works I don't even notice it happened and I only notice when it doesn't work. That being said, there have been several times it didn't work and I had to to a complete re-install.
  6. Have you tried Kinetic Melee? It works well on a Stalker. The lackluster ‘Power Siphon’ that other ATs get (and was supposed to be a feature of the set but ended up being kinda weak) is replaced by Build Up, and the forgettable ‘Repulsing Torrent’ cone is replaced by Assassins Strike, and from what I've heard (but not tested) is that 'Burst' always deals a Critical Hit when Hidden, unlike most Stalker AoEs. But most importantly it really fits your theme of a less lethal feeling power set. It’s animations are reported to be inspired by Tai-Chi. https://www.pcgamer.com/dev-diary-city-of-heroes-kinetic-melee/
  7. Lots of good suggestions. For me it would be altering the exp bonus for maximum sized groups (8) by just giving the max bonus to any group. My favorite experiences in this game have been in small groups but these days no one will start a mission without 8 players.
  8. Used to have to go to a field trainer and pay a small fee. Now anytime anywhere for free!
  9. It’s very easy now. Click chat bubble icon. Set Notoriety.
  10. Not sure if it's helpful but there is another thread addressing similar issues:
  11. Are these threads related? Anyone who knows more than I do want to chime in?
  12. Interesting side note: Upon successfully reloading Homecoming all my character slots were re-arranged in the order i created them instead of the order I had moved them to (favorites up top!)
  13. My advice, which is based solely on my own experience and absolutely no knowledge of why it worked: 1) Upgrade to the newest version of OS 2) Delete contents of CoH folder (not the folder itself, just everything in it. I know it’s created automatically on install but I remember someone somewhere saying it’s better to have it already there before install begins). Other option is delete folder along with its contents and then recreate folder before install: This is all very possibly irrelevant. 3) Open Island Rum . . . click ‘Install’. 4) You may be asked to enter your admin password. 5) You may be given error messages, follow them as best you can. 6) Cross fingers and pray!
  14. I'm back on. Deleted contents of CoH folder, opened Island Rum, reinstalled, got blue "Play" arrow, clicked it . . . nothing. Updated Catalina to 10.15, restarted, deleted contents of CoH folder, opened Island Rum, reinstalled, got blue "Play" arrow, clicked it . . . got this error message: Clicked 'Install', got another error message about something else it couldn't find, clicked Install, and Homecoming launched.
  15. Mac user here who just lost access as well. Been playing smoothly on Catalina since install months ago, played earlier today but just now Island Rum says 'Client not found'.
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