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  1. I’m all over the place on this list. When I started playing in Issue 3, I was a solo only scrapper who thought he was a min/maxer, even though I didn’t know how to do it correctly. When I got my scrapper to 50 I started experimenting with other types. Ended up loving some very odd ‘underpowered’ builds cause they fit my character’s bio. Once I felt I understood the game well, I loved putting teams together, but that was before IO’s and Incarnates. I don’t feel confident about being a team leader in Homecoming. I feel like a newbie again. I have slowly come around to enjoying IO’s (they do make you feel powerful!) but one of the things I loved about CoH before IO’s was there was really not significant ‘loot’ until lvl 50 (Hamis). I hated the loot based system of games like EQ, where it felt like your base stats were trivial compared to your equipment. Currently the only things I like better than mowing down a fire farm in 4 minutes are: finishing the last badge for an accolade power, beating a seemingly unwinnable mission after several team wipes, finding a newbie and helping them get started, doing anything with a fun team, winning a costume contest, selling something for a big profit in the auction house, starting a new character . . . Hmm seems like I enjoy lots of things! So glad it’s back!
  2. So, quick follow-up to that: I was so proud of myself for doing +3x8 but it turns out the key was I was doing it solo. Tried to add a friend and I got hammered! Had to drop it down a notch and still almost face planted numerous times. Still a lot of improvement needed lol!
  3. Found this guide for the first time last night and made a Spines/Fire just to see how this works. No sooner had I finished shopping at P2W for my exp doubler I see in LFG chat an invite to an AE farm! I got to follow a Rad/Fire farmer while he annihilated hundreds, maybe thousands of mobs. In less than an hour I went from lvl 1 to lvl 34. Now one day later I got myself from 34-45 with about 3-4 hours of playtime and am now doing +3x8 at 45 with just SO’s. It is fun! Thanks!
  4. Wow nice that’s super easy thanks!
  5. Just got back into the game and wondering if there is an easy way to transfer influence between characters on the same account. My main is a Battle Axe Brute concept character. Decided I want to re-roll him when I found out Titan Weapons has a GIANT Axe option! He doesn’t have much but would love to transfer it to my new toon before I delete him.
  6. These are the steps that worked for me, not sure if they are all necessary but it worked for me (running macOS Catalina on a MacBook Pro 2014): 1. Update to Catalina! 2. Open Finder, go to Applications, create CoH folder 3. Open System Preferences, go to Security and Privacy, whenever you get an alert that says you can't do something toggle back to this and tell the computer its ok. 4. Download 'Island Rum' https://telstar.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip this is the current version as of now. 5. Follow any directions it gives you! I hope this helps
  7. to be clear - do not mess with Home-brew or wine, Island Rum is all you should need
  8. Those directions are outdated. Island Rum will do everything for you (he says hopefully). This is what got me tripped up too but once I got sorted out the security settings and updated my OS it worked.
  9. You’ll need to go to your settings and ‘allow’ the program to run. I’m not at my computer atm but when I get a chance I’ll provide more detailed information. I think it’s in Privacy/Security or something like that.
  10. Here's my story, may or may not be helpful. Started here: Clicked on the link to the OS X install and ended up here: Followed all directions as well as I could but got very confused and frustrated. Went to bed. Woke up and decided to try again. Realized I was not updated to Catalina! Updated, restarted, manually created the applications\CoH folder, then ran island Rum for the "first" time re-downloaded, and to my amazement it worked!
  11. This is it! I spent two days trying all the other older advice and nothing worked. This did it!
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