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  1. Auto-upgrade is essential for balance issue, not just for fun or convenience. Not every MM's secondary can keep pets alive with ease. There are secondaries like TA, poison and rad, which struggle for constant resummoning and upgrading pets. Ninjas are also infamous for endless resummon and that's why they are unpopular at high level contents. It is not a problem to resummon for sets hardly losing pets like thugs, demons and robots combined with time or dark, but they are not only MMs we should consider. Most of MMs I have seen so far in Baf are one of those, though there were much diversity before lvl 50. I think auto-upgrade will make more power combinations viable because equip is the real pain not summon itself during combat.
  2. Lich is underperforming as a t3 pet. Only thing special in lich's arsenal is Fearsome Stare because Oni and Demon Prince got superior ST hold. Rest of lich's moves are not worth speaking of. Lich should make real damage especially in AoE because Necro is the worst AoE set in MM's primary. Replacing Torrent with Umbral Torrent could be much helpful for him. SL and LD used by Necro pets, also should have same damage scale as player's
  3. Necromancy is my favorite primary for MM all the time but it is somewhat disappointing that there was no significant change for them compaired with necro at shutdown except MM's own life drain. The weakness of necromancy is pretty simple, lack of survivability and aoe. I have few suggestions could make them decent at high level contents Zombie Horde Zombies are squishy and their attack chain is too slow. Add lethal resistance Reduce brawl attack's recharge 4 to 3 Reduce both vomit's recharge 12 to 10 and increase their cone and radius Grave Knight GKs are ok but absence of s/l resistance is frustrating because they are melee warriors. It doesn't make sense that armored knights have any s/l resistance at all. With addition of s/l resistance to GKs, they would be just fine. Lich Lich is a strong pet against minions with low mez resistance but useless against high mez protection opponents like EBs/AVs. All lich can do against them is minor tohit debuff and pathetic damage. As a t3 pet, lich should hit harder in both single target and aoe situation. Replace Torrent with Umbral Torrent in Blaster's dark blast Increase TT's range and damage Life Drain should get the same damage scale as LD in dark blast and dark assault Replace Petrifying Gaze with Dark Grasp in darkness control Add psionic resistance(Though Lich is the mentally highest pet of necromancy, it is only one in necros without psi res ) I know Necromancy is not the only underperforming set in MM's primary and Ninjas and Mercs also need some tweaks, however, i haven't had any experience in Mercs, so there is nothing i can say about them. As for Ninjas, though they were very familiar before shutdown, there is no Ninja MM in my toons on homecoming yet. Hope Ninjas get better when i try. Sorry for my bad writing. English is not my native language so it is not comfortable for me to write a bit.
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