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  1. well to be clear when I posted this there was not a big red banner saying its not a April 1st joke and ya I figured it was not a joke but thought posting about it being a joke would be funny.
  2. The servers being down is not a cool April 1st Joke.
  3. I find it amusing people saying it was not known as a exploit when its clearly pointed out in "how to farm" guides as your patrol xp bonus not going away as time passes. Where in normal play patrol xp end as time goes by until you log out in the correct places.
  4. So why not just use the 2nd build and you can switch back and forth from the 2 separate builds on one toon
  5. Thanks for this 8ish hours over the last 2 weeks has netted me 1.8 billion not including 2 fully slotted toons
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