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  1. Once I see the local "board defender" with a million posts in a month, its like seeing a cop in full regalia in the middle of summer... don't approach, the jobsworth is going to give you a ticket for everything from J-walking to spitting on the curb.
  2. Essentially what is always the problem...it most of the time isn't any actual gameplay, but nerds arguing with nerds about who's more right by accurate degree,... Then the ad hominems comes, appeal to authority, and every other fallacy. I will say this, regardless of the game, the community on the boards are always way more toxic than anyone playing the game. Idol hands and all that....
  3. I'm not here to go on with a back and forth, its an opinion that you didn't like or triggered you, that's fine, but move on, its how I feel, nothing more nothing less.
  4. Yeah, I might have a feeling of what you're talking about...
  5. Super Reflexes does not make you the dodge god, till you spent over 200 million into the set..... When making a Rock tank...don't spend hours on character creation, passed 32, you'll forget what your costume looks like. Bio armor goes from cool initially, to really ugly. Flight is the slowest TP, learned this extensively from a friend who made a Kryptonian themed super back in the day....not his happiest times. Claws...just don't pick it.
  6. Been playing since release, probably the most positive community I've experienced....and this coming from a person who has played WoW into Wrath, participated in Barrens chat, main Blitzy in League, and grew up playing Street Fighter on NYC cabinets. Running into an asshole from time to time happens, but toxic? Nah. Definitely #1 positive community, right up there with Final Fantasy.
  7. Going from no cooldown vs several cooldowns per port, is definitely noticeable.... For me its something veterans should be given, as thats who was using it either way. It didn't break the game nor did it ruin story....its just a fast TP. If you've done any kind of TF involving IP you understand the facepalm that is getting rid of it. Its a meh for me, they could've focused on so many other things, getting rid of TP wasn't on anyone's mind.
  8. Gonna miss base portal out the gate, for veterans of the game, it was just nice to slog through areas when you're badge hunting or those horrible IP missions shown up in TF's.
  9. Or I could pick a rad....and have a much better time.
  10. If you want to soft cap defense.....as a a defender, go Maneuvers and Weave/hover route. A single target hold, isn't appealing to me, unless it was mag 5 or more. As I see it, I won't be using it much anyway. I made a TA defender a very long time ago, not only was it boring, but I only saw it really open up during group play, and even then, Rads, Storms, and Darks, were more impactful.
  11. Worst set in the game, right next to kinetic melee...and even that gets a pass. Only taking 4 powers....one of which is useless unless you ignite the oil. Its pretty troll, though the debuffs are there, you're initially skipping the single target immobilize, Flash arrow, Ice and Emp. The debuffs are strong, but a Rad has much more enjoyable time, with stronger debuffs early on and a much more fun set.
  12. -People who say they graduated college, but can't spell, and or read. I've ran into this more often than I wanted... -Anyone who puts ketchup on steak.
  13. Its been a word for 100+ years...it just never caught on. Used to bother me, till I realize; Sprinklered, Specificity, and planification are words.
  14. Thankfully my thread is about pet peeves, and not directly people....cool right?
  15. Keep it civil since the last thread died because pissing contests tend to arise; -People who dislike when a defender doesn't pick any kind of blasts from the secondary power pool. This isn't WoW or Final Fantasy, healers/supports don't do insane amounts of dmg; either through raw output or DoT. Also, the game isn't even close to hard in general, compared to other MMO"s its a playground...made of sand. We have 9 other dmg dealing classes in the game, my dmg means nothing, also you know...play how I want so long as debuff/buffs/heals are coming in. -Delusional IO set user
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