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  1. Maybe this thread has inspired others. I have received a number of tells very recently about my bio for Apprentice Jenny. Due to that I started reading more and instead of just grinning to myself or giving a thumbs up the person will never see, I have started letting others know when I like their bio. It does not need to be perfect, just interesting. I usually have some sort of backstory in mind when I create my characters. It helps me when I go to choose powers, costumes, etc. I then change their costume up in game as they evolve more and more in my head. I really need to write down a lot of the stories I have stored in ye olde brain case for my characters. Apprentice Jenny just could not stand on the sidelines anymore while heroes ran in and out of the Ouro, Oskmey was a local, small town hero who went to the big city and discovered more than she had bargained for, Electricutrix was a spoiled brat who stole her sister's designs on a suit of technology and is using the hero work as a way to get famous, etc, etc.
  2. My main right now was unexpected for me. On live I loved my scrappers and played my Peacebringer like a scrapper too. However, my first 50 on TB is a Time/Fire defender and I am really enjoying running whatever I can with her. I have just started building her out with IO sets and hopefully she will be just as amazing to me when I finally finish.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you, again. I had already made 3 million in inf before your infusion. Since the 20M gift I have managed to raise 80M, with a minimal amount of effort.
  4. Last DFB I was on the star asked if we wanted badges and everyone said, "Nope." We ended up with one of them anyway. The two before then the star said it would be a badge run both in the recruiting and once the team was formed. The star then gave clear directions on how to achieve both at the beginning and then before each mob where it mattered and asked for no temp powers to be used. Badges obtained, no problem. That said, I have been on badge runs where the group ran forward like Ritki monkeys, smashing anything in their path. I just muttered, followed the directions anyway, finished the run, and then found another group to run with.
  5. You might be safe if you go with a pretty good backstory on the character profile. Something like, but more suited to a villain: Picture yourself lying in a pool of blood With cackling laughter pounding your dim mind Somebody calls you, while you bleed quite slowly A girl with crazy-insane eyes Explosions throw bright lines across the green Towering over your head Look for the girl with a hammer of size And she's gone Loosely in disguise with diamonds Loosely in disguise with diamonds Loosely in disguise with diamonds Aaaaahhhh... -- Written by the Beaten Eels, previously known as another popular band in the prime timeline, after running into Loosely while she was abusing her access to the Ouro to carry out heists through multiple timelines.
  6. Rather than making one joke and not contributing anything... I have very little time to play. Life is simply too busy right now. So I try to jump on for a single mission each day or, when the stars align just right, an entire hour on Torchbearer. This weekend I had the ability to play a bit longer so I joined a PUG doing a mission arc in KR. I had a blast. The team expanded and shrunk as people joined and dropped. We were chatting the entire time and just had a blast, even with a team wipe. Debt is just another badge and we kept on going. Every PUG I have run with since the resurrection has been a lot like that. I realise there are toxic people and I am just thankful I have not run across them, even though I do read General chat.
  7. It is the Halloween season! It is the perfect time for the dead to crawl back out of the cold bucket and strike fear (and annoyance) into the hearts of all. This is Halloween!
  8. Ah I am in a different TZ, but maybe I might run into you on a weekend. I created and am slowly leveling a toon called Run Around Tsoo.
  9. I love this idea. What timezone are you in? When do you normally run?
  10. Looking for old Shockfront members (circa 2010-end of game) to see if anyone else has returned. I had the same handle back then too.
  11. Best I can do with the three minutes I had: Welcome back, lost since we were kicked out Welcome back, to that same old place that you kicked about Well the heroes they all changed since you hung around But those keys have remained and can be re-bound Yeah all the scapper's lock, trollers locking down the block Welcome back Welcome back Welcome back
  12. I found one of my old backup file repositories on an old external hard drive. I checked out a number of things and smiled when I ran across... playernotes.txt I used it mostly to tag people who were awful in some form or another. However, a few were noted because of how awesome they were and I am curious if any of them returned. I played mostly on Virtue (except when it came to Fire/Rad night, where we melted everything around us). "Korhal" "5" " Haile, Korhal" "great ms raid leader" "Enemy Zero" "5" " Serra Nova" "strong, great blaster\n "Lavandra" "5" " JRock" "helped me find a badge in faultline" "Dread-not" "5" " Shimmer-Strike" "awesome on MS raid"
  13. Good to know, thank you for updating the original ask with the answer.
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