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  1. You can do this manually (I did it just yesterday when I learned I could edit the follow command). Should come that way out of the box, tho.
  2. Ignoring for a moment conflating the exploit fix with the nerf, I made my farmer specifically to fund kitting out my alts, many of which will never see 50.
  3. Can't speak authoritatively for other altaholics, but I suspect many/most would agree with me that it's progression TO 50 that is of more concern than progression AT 50.
  4. Every time that's pointed out, it's contradicted by pointing out that marketeering is far, far more efficient.
  5. That runs in direct conflict to what Jimmy said on the subject: they bring goods into the economy, which is a help: Recipes and enhancements that aren't seeded like salvage.
  6. I thought you had to start with a purple to get a purple (based on ParagonWiki page - which may not apply to HC).
  7. Ah, fairy nuff... I didn't know you had a chance of converting between tiers.
  8. What's the downside (other than the obvious one for the marketeers) that you're being sarcastic? I like the idea. Of course, that may be informed by the fact that I had to spend hours farming morality missions when I was trying to kit out Misty, since apparently Wents couldn't keep Kinetic Combat in stock. :P
  9. I took them as meaning each tier has its own pool, not sharing one big pool.
  10. I was half convinced it was Elmer Fudd-like bait to drag out the newbies. Decided it might be fun to bite anyway. 😄
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