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  1. To add more about my initial post, I'm completely happy with the current state of Domination and the mini-achievement of attaining enough recharge of Domination. Also to the point of posts that say its more on the player than the archetype, I have a Vet Level 87 Mind/Energy Dominator as my "main". Throughout my experience playing him, I do feel a lack of identity and also impact in a team. Correct if I'm wrong but I do believe that the purpose of a Dominator is to lock down enemies and then pew pew them to death. But the thing is, compared to the other ATs in the game (e.g. Controllers, Blasters, VEATS), the role of a Dominator seems trivialized. Controllers are able to lock down foes but also provide a force multiplier to teams while Fortunatas are able to do the same thing albeit without Domination. Even certain secondary sets for Blasters provide soft if not outright hard control. What am I asking is if Dominators need a buff for the AT itself to find its value proposition for both players to pick the AT for a team or a new character. I feel that Dominators need more OOMPH right now. Not sure if it's to add more beneficial effects to Domination or adding a scaling damage increase to the Domination bar.
  2. Getting rid of permadom will greatly hampen Dominator survivability. Without buffs/debuffs that a Controller has and damage to kill before getting killed, Dominators are pretty much sitting ducks when their controls are recharging. Not to mention the assault sets encourage melee.
  3. Yep yep, I really agree that the current state of Domination is a hassle when we are not able to auto fire both Domination and Hasten. It's a shame because Dominators would suit many concepts e.g. Psychics, Mages or pretty much most elemental/reality manipulators out there.
  4. As the topic stated above, do you guys feel that Dominators need a buff? Given that Controllers provide team multiplicative effects with their buffs/debuffs, Dominators do sub-par damage and do not have nukes. How do you guys feel about Dominators and their role?
  5. This might feel like Sentinel v Blasters 2.0. Especially when masterminds can tank when IO’ed and ATO’ed.
  6. Captain Mako uses powers from Claws and when he activates them, his hands open up to extend his claws. Can this be ported over to player characters as a usable costume? Not sure if it will fall under gloves or Weapons - Claws though.
  7. Another meme combination would be a Invuln/Super Strength Tank or the Brute variant of SS/Inv. It's a combination that has been overly done.
  8. Been playing my max leveled Super Reflexes stalker for sometime now and it’s been really frustrating chasing after mobs (EBs and AVs) that run because they are unable to hit my stalker. So here’s my suggestion, a global IO that adds taunt to all attacks but on a magnitude that is on a Scrapper’s aura level or even less. This should allow mobs to retain their interest in fighting in the absence of any ATs with a built in taunt. While I realise that there’s a pools power set with a taunt, it takes up an additional power set and using a taunt power frequently hinders effectiveness and might pull aggro from Tanks/Brutes in teams. Let me know your thoughts!
  9. Empathy defenders that take the entire medicine pool along with no powers taken from the secondary other than the first mandatory power. Oh and they usually have the flight pool and are of Magic origin.
  10. Plant Manipulation has the spines FX that appears on certain powers i.e. Vines, Strangler and Toxins. While I get they are needed for the melee powers like Skewer and Ripper, the spines kinda get in the way of concepts that don't fit with the spines. Is it possible to have a minimal FX option for these powers: Entangle, Vines, Strangler and Toxins?
  11. Hello, I've been playing a Necro/Dark Mastermind for sometime now. I feel that Necromancy lacks the oomph of other sets. I have some thoughts on how Necromancy can be changed to make it more engaging. 1) Pet Resistances Given that the pets are already dead, they should have resistances across the board (keeping in line with the typical zombie archetypes). I was thinking maybe having 20% baseline resistance to all but Psionic and 25% psionic resistance would give the pets more survivability as well as fitting the already-dead fantasy. 2) Tier 1: Zombies What kind of self-respecting necromancer only has 3 rank-and-file zombies with them? Would it be too crazy to change the total number of pets summoned by the T1 to 5? Oh and also, give them the Rikti monkey death toxic fart cloud. 3) Tier 2: Grave Knights It's weird to see them juggle ranged damage attacks and not run in with their stronger melee attacks. I would remove the ranged Dark Blast and Gloom, and reduce the recharges of the other melee attacks to compensate. 4) Tier 3: Lich As the flavour text of the power suggests that the Lich was a necromancer, I was thinking we could move it along that line and give the Lich the Haunt power from Dark Control. 5) Soul Extraction This power adds a lot of hassle as it can only be used on dead pets; which seems counter productive having to resummon and upgrade dead pets just to receive a slight damage increase. Giving the power reduced recharge and allowing it to target dead enemy mobs instead reduce the need to keep looking out for dead pets and enhance the set's necromancy feel. These are my thoughts on the set. Do let me know your opinions~!
  12. Because there appears to be an arbitrary line of what counts as player experience. On one hand, you have the P2W temp and prestige powers that are made available at lower costs, the incarnate system is made less tedious by having Incarnate XP dropped outside of Incarnate content and Incarnate Threads/Emp Merits provided upon level up. Not to mention Base Building being made free. Wouldn't these go against the reasoning behind the whole Zone Travel revamp (aside from the exploits that is)?
  13. To an extent, yes but why do you need 3 powers (LRTP, Base and Ouro) to move from one zone to another? Not to mention the costs (time and inf) involved in unlocking the first two. I have two suggestions. Option 1: Condense everything into LRTP (includes Ouro and Base) Option 2 Scrap LRTP and make Ouro the travel hub.
  14. Or making Ouro the new "base/travel hub" with portals to all the zones. It keeps the number of loading screens to the same Zone - Ouro - Zone and as the Ouro portal power can be disabled as and when needed, there probably won't be a way to exploit this. This will also cut down the need for other powers (Base teleporter or LRTP) which clutters and overwhelms newbies with options.
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