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  1. I am seeing something similar on one of my Blaster's Dual Pistols. The difference is it swaps the pistols I want on his costume with another costume's pistols. It is happening with the costume change, and its is happening in the "dressing room" interface.
  2. Yes, that weapon would be more of a sword. Still, it would be a good add for weapon customization.
  3. There are a number of real-life blunt weapons that I actually want in the game, especially the kanabō (a rather interesting weapon for samurai) and the macuahuitl (an Mayan weapon that is a board with obsidian blades around its edge)
  4. The Light powersets are what I am looking for when it comes to ideas for Celestial/Light powersets. For the Void powersets, I like the idea of another powerset that uses Negative Energy, especially a more "dark matter" rendition. Thanks for that.
  5. Do you think it would be possible to add a double brooch and chain to that, just like what is done with the Vampire Brooch on the Half Mantle option?
  6. Does the game already have Sombrero as an option? You know, one of these:
  7. While I do like the idea of a Task/Strike Force tutorial, I do not know how a tutorial will help the situation of people leaving in the middle of Task/Strike Force, or if making one mandatory is the right way to go (even if it is once per account). I usually play in the evening/night, so there are not that many people that are places other than Atlas Park. I don't know if this is possible, but they could make it impossible for players to log out during a TF (unless bugs, server, AFK, or power outage) and then make them ask the Team Leader if they can leave the TF?
  8. I was thinking of that one command to make a .txt download of /bind commands in case someone forgets what button they got hooked up to "that action". Your suggestion puts that idea one step further. I like it!
  9. I was wondering if there could be an "Ice 2" palette that had a number of colors reminiscent of popsicle/ice cream. The colors would be a little different from the bottom options in Lava/Crystal (seen below). For example, I was thinking the red (01, 01) would be a little lighter and bluer for a "cherry".
  10. For damaging so far, they have Cognitive (Psi/Confuse), Degenerative (Toxic/-MaxHP), Preemptive (Energy/-End), Reactive (Fire/-Resist), and Spectral (Negative/Immobilize). An option for Cold DoT could be named Entropic (as in thermodynamic entropy) and cause Hold. I don't know how the "Hold" proc will be handled some would have Devastation's Proc slotted in their blast powers. Perhaps this may not be a big deal because melee powers do not have a similar proc and it would actually be helpful for some Melee ATs (Stalkers). The Lethal DoT, which I would name Anaphylactic,
  11. This would save me some time going back-and-forth between game and Badger!
  12. So, I have decided to make some changes for the powersets. I am still in the process of putting them together, but I am going to mention a few points. 1. Name: "Holy" is going to be renamed to "Celestial". As such, the names of many powers will change to reflect this. 2. Animations/Color: Two types of animations: the first is similar to the animations made by Carnival of Light. This is default for Melee and Blast. The second type of animations, default for Control and Buff/Debuff has more "Zodiacal", "Planetary", and "Constellation" type animations. Both animations should be m
  13. I have just added two polls for you. The first deals with what these powers are called. The second is which powersets need changing (in terms of the powers they offer).
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