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  1. I don't come from a min/max mindset when I choose builds. A lot of it is "how fun is this when I level?" I have an incarnate Thugs/Kin who has a ton of damage and utility. His concept was fun to create. But making my Bots/EA, I have a great concept and really enjoy playing him. I'm not a giant fan of the 50 game for MMs outside of all-MM TF runs, etc which are hilariously enjoyable IMO. But EA has a lot to offer and if I end up on a team that has little in the way of buffs, I can fill the gap by keeping everyone and my henchmen healed, absorbed and +rech/+end in addition to running my bots. I just like the flexibility of play style of an EA MM on the way up. I enjoyed the secondary so much that I made an EA defender to compare and both are enjoyable and fairly flexible to the team. Now, soloing, taking on AVs and all kinds of high level insanity, I can't speak to. But it's been very fun to play in groups and enjoy the concept. Depends how you play the game, I suppose.
  2. Win 7 and most updated version. I was able to fix it by installing into the C drive (where I keep my OS) but as I keep my data on my E drive which is where I was having the error.
  3. "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel" Getting this error when opening the program. I uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked briefly but then this would come up again and now the reinstall isn't changing anything either. I have not restarted my PC between installs, I could do that still. Suggestions? Thanks
  4. I can't get the 'blue hand' icon to come up for any items in the club. My mouse pointer stays the same no matter how carefully I search. Any help?
  5. Here is my build. I wanted end/recovery issues resolved, certain power choices and pool choices, I wanted resists up w/out sacrificing too much DEF. I also wanted as much DMG bonus as I could get. I'm pretty happy sticking with the primary attack chain. I don't like the end crash I get with the T9 and hasten (losing all my toggles typically) so Retsu is really a mule or needed rarely I hope. I don't have my toon slotted this way yet as I have to get the inf together but this is the plan adjusted as I've seen from a few other builds. Incarnates should get me the rest of the way for DEF hard cap. Hope this helps. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1461&c=674&a=1348&f=HEX&dc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
  6. I chose Psi/Nin because Psi is bursty and I just love those big numbers. Nin because it's supposed to be SR with a couple more options. I'm at 48 and working on a 50 build I'll try to remember to post here when it's finished. It's really been fun to play, granted it's my first stalker but I love it. I did have a moment of panic now getting to 50 with some fairly decent Psi resists out there on common trials (BAF for example and bots) and almost rolled a new stalker. But, I realized I've enjoyed it so much that I'm just going to slot it best I can to improve weak areas, give me options and continue to wreck faces. It's been a common sight to 1-shot bosses all the way up through the levels. Not EVERY boss of course but still quite a regular thing. Very fun thus far.
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