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  1. Also, can’t access /ah from a pvp zone either, such as Warburg or Bloody Bay.
  2. From the Redside Tip "Inside Information", the mission "Locate Mr. G in St. Martial"... If you look on the map, the mission entrance is in the middle of the water, at loc -191.8 1.6 1654.3 If you go to the red star on navigation bar, the mission entrance is correct, at loc 192 -16.8 51.7 Same location mismatches for Mr. G's mission "Attack Vanguard's prison base".
  3. Never really had mains, just alts. That being said... I’ve recreated a few of my old 50s, but haven’t played them beyond Atlas Park. The only character from live that I recreated and played — to 50 even! — was my Peacebringer, Rhetorical. When the lights went out, that’s who I was on.
  4. Don't really care for the idea. Because costume pieces (in the real world) are trivially transferable. And stealable. And inheritable. And creatable. And counterfeitable. Locked costume pieces make even less sense in the game world than they do in the real world. For all the coolness factor of "the people of Cimerora were so thankful of my efforts to save them that they honored me with this armor", there are totally legitimate reasons for having level 1 starting characters with that armor ("i inherted it from my dad and want to carry on his legacy"). I remember how annoying it was to want to make an angel/demon character who couldn't actually start with wings. Don't care to bring that back. And we already have badge titles, if you absolutely have to brag how much better you are than someone else.
  5. Always: Last To Hit Chance Influence PvE Stealth Radius Varies, generally to detect debuffs on stats that are important to the build One resistance One defense Regeneration Recharge
  6. And note that the costume slots are not tied to specific unlocks. You could unlock the extra 4 slots by doing the red and blue L20 and L30 missions. 3 red unlock missions, 3 blue unlock missions, and the one Halloween salvage unlock, which you can do as red, blue, or gold.
  7. Ah. I had a vague recollection that this event specifically was buggy even on live, but at least we got the rewards for defeating Paladin.
  8. It was up, so decided to try it out. Defeated all 12 Psionic Brass Conduits. Got a few folks together and defeated Paladin, Got the badge and temp power. But the event still showed Paladin's Health at 100/100, even though there was no Paladin around. There was even an optional "Free the Shining Stars" objective. But they were all standing around in front of the KR bank. Couldn't interact with them at all. Eventually we all just left the event/zone because there didn't seem to be anything to do. Couldn't find anything on the wiki (new or old) describing the event. Anyone know how it works? Or even if it does?
  9. Went with Crane Kick over Cobra Strike for RP reasons, as I wanted a guy with all kicking attacks. Cross Punch is the one compromise, as it gives me a second aoe. I can live with the KB. As far as Gaussians in Invincibility, I’ve heard that it not only has a chance to proc on me, but also a chance to proc on each foe around me. Haven’t confirmed it yet since I just got it slotted. If this isn’t true, I’ll definitely move it to tactics (or move the slot elsewhere). Thunder Kick isn’t great, but I need filler attacks when exempting down.
  10. I had ported into Croatoa and was superjumping to the university for some crafting when I saw (to the best of my recollection) this: [NPC] Campus Security: Don’t think I won’t ticket you for super jumping over a building. Just try me! I busted a gut when I saw that! I should have screen capped it when I got the chance, but I didn’t think about it at the time and I haven’t seen it again since.
  11. I’ll look into it. I’m a software developer, and have frequently been accused of having zero artistic/aesthetic/layout skills. You have been warned 😉
  12. Just noticed that dominators didn’t not have savage assault list for secondary set. Don’t know if this is the right thread for this, or if this particular item is already covered under proliferation or something.
  13. I stand corrected then. I didn’t realize it was all online. Now I’ll have to try it!
  14. It was Sentinel, and there is no automated way for recreating those characters in Homecoming. That being said, you can just open up the Sentinel files in Notepad or your favorite text editor. It’s just xml, and is reasonably human readable. It has name, origin, AT, and bio. It also has all of the builds, including the level you picked powers and how they’re slotted. That’s all pretty easy to read. It also has all the costume information, but not in a way that you could just copy/paste into a .costume file. It also doesn’t always match well to what you see in the costume editor, so that part is less effective. I seem to recall there’s a tool out there that can convert a Sentinel file to a regular .costume file, but didn’t try it. I just wasn’t interested at the time in recreating exactly the characters I had on live.
  15. The whole team gets credit for defeating Sally. I knew you needed to defeat her twice for the badge, and they don’t show badge progress for it. But somehow I got it stuck in my head that only the killer got credit. You don’t get xp for badges (particularly exploration badges) if you’re at 0xp. I know you get zip for exploration badges, and I’ve occasionally finished off a level picking up exploration badges, but hadn’t noticed that some of my 0xp toons still had 0xp even after picking up a few incidental badges.
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