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  1. Seems to me there’s also a self-phase power as well. Would be a pretty useful ability when things go pancake. But the cast time is so long, that by the time you realize you need to use it, it’s too late to activate it. cant remember the name.
  2. True. But on my Beast/Nature mm, my pets are all melee, so melee is where I want to be. The lack of range doesn’t cost me much. The rare case where I want range to pull, I can use Blackwand or Nemesis Staff. Not saying other MM sets have this issue, but it worked out that way for me. And to be fair, I didn’t take the other fighting attacks because I like the animations for the hawk attack.
  3. Almost every AT has better attacks than those in the Fighting pool. There are exceptions. MM attacks are generally equal to or worse than Fighting attacks. So if you were planning on taking Tough/Weave anyway, skip your lame MM attacks to take and slot better Fighting attacks. The other case I can think of would be Controllers having primaries and secondaries that are light on actual damage, or have their big damage abilities on long recharges. Electric/Empathy, perhaps? (It’s been a while...)
  4. I had a similar issue with my PB on the Adm Sutter TF. Died, respawned at the hospital on the ship/destroyer, where I was camped by a Quantum. I was dying so fast, it took me two deaths just to figure out what was killing me. Think I ate six deaths in the hospital before I made it out. Bleah.
  5. Also, for lowbies terrified of traveling through PI, the Tunnel will take you direct to Firebase Zulu, for dimensional explorer. From there you can safely get to portal Corp in PI for Intern, and the Arena is reasonably short trot for Duelist.
  6. A spectacle of Rularuu. A brace of Knives of Artemis. A Meal-O Malta. A darn of Menders. A bonfire of Hellions. A ruin of Destroyers.
  7. Not sure if this is the right venue, but I found a bug in where global recharge bonus is off by +100% in the totals window. When it calculates the recharge time of powers, it uses the off-by-100 value, giving incorrect times. In my case, while I only have +133% recharge, it shows +233%, and calculates the recharge for Call Reinforcements to be just under 4mins (and perma), when in game it’s actually just under 5mins (with about 80% uptime).
  8. Problem solved. Mids appears to have a bug where they add an extra +100% global recharge when calculating power recharges. Also, I only have regular ATOs, not the superior versions. But that only accounts for 1.25%, so not a big factor. Now i I just have to scrounge up another +40% global recharge somewhere. Back to the purple factory, I guess. 😞
  9. When I get home I’ll time it to see if that’s the issue. It also makes me wonder if my mids build is different from what I have slotted (Superior vs regular ATOs).
  10. It summons a pet for 4mins, with a 15min recharge. I have it slotted with about 68% recharge through enhancements. I also have 133% in global recharge buffs. Detailed info (and play experience) shows that the power recharges in just under 9mins, rather than the just under 4mins that I would expect. Is is this a bug or is it working as intended? RESOLVED. It’s a Mids bug.
  11. For me, whenever I see ductwork on top of a strip mall, I can’t help but think about super jumping onto the roof.
  12. I had that bind, but did a TF last night with a peacebringer named "Quantum <something>", and half the time it would target him instead of an enemy quantum. It was super annoying. I'm going to try making it "targetcustomnext enemy alive Quantum" to see how that works. Not sure if there's a line length limit.
  13. So, in theory, I could start with an attuned Bonesnap (10-25), convert it to Smashing Haymaker (20-35), and convert that to Mako's Bite (30-50)?
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