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  1. The accolade "A Light in Dark Astorias" for says you get it for getting all exploration badges in Dark Astoria. Should probably be "Astoria" rather than "Astorias". You actually get the accolade for getting all exploration badges in Echo: Dark Astoria, not Dark Astoria.
  2. Woot! I took a nap for exactly the right amount of time. Woke up to see donations were open. Made the final donation that kicked things over the limit. Yay!
  3. Kristof Jaeger's arc, "Set bombs in Longbow base mission". When I took out the Longbow Officer at the back of the map, there was an announcement from a Longbow officer (I think it was an ambush, not the one I was attacking) that said "Longbow Agents& attack!". Need to get rid of the spurious ampersand.
  4. IMHO, there are two main uses for reward merits for the casual player. First, purchase Enhancement Converters and sell them on /ah for inf to build up a couple million inf to purchase stuff you want. Second, when you have sufficient inf to craft and sell stuff, purchase Enhancement Converters for your own use. Craft every recipe that drops and convert it to something that either you want to equip yourself, or something that sells well on /ah. Use the inf from sales to buy cool stuff for yourself. Just my 2inf worth. While it’s possible to buy recipes for
  5. Because there are a lot of in-game reasons for having access to costume parts. I had a character that wore a cape because it was the only thing left of his (super powered) brother. Kind of sucked that I had to wait until L20 before he could wear the cape that was part of his origin. Is the only way to acquire a Roman cingulum really to time travel back millennia and do a favor for long dead Romans? Doubt it. Do villains care at all that Vanguard hasn’t authorized their usage of an official Vanguard(tm) chest plate? What are they going to do about it? They got bigger fi
  6. While most things on HC start off unlocked, there are a few things that still require unlocks. The tantrum and ghoul flex emotes require completing a mini event, for example. Also, the extra costume slot, cape, and aura missions are still around to do, even if the “rewards” are already unlocked.
  7. I think this is one of those lines nearby NPCs say when you've completed a mission/arc recently. I assume it's related to the Fat Cat City arc from Basse Croupier in St. Martial. I was running that for Ouroboros badges. I was standing in the Golden Giza near Hard Luck when I spotted the NPC chat. [NPC] Pasquale: I saw this guy partying with the Carnival who looked like that troublemaker politician from the mainland. Maybe he's got an evi Looks like the text is truncated.
  8. I run almost exclusively Huge characters. Almost all 6’ +/- 6”. I have one that’s bigger than what the slider allows, but he’s an actual giant so that seems appropriate.
  9. Bah, never mind. Just went to take screen shots of my explo accolades, and sure enough they are not there. Fast Travel >> Long Range TP Check also shows that I have not, in fact, gotten the accolades for First Ward or Night Ward. Or the history badges from First Ward or Night Ward (which I always pick up at the same time). Either 43 badges and a few accolades disappeared on me, or I'm just losing my mind and the explo badges are all on a different character. I'm guessing it's the latter. Sigh...
  10. Ahh, for some reason the spoiler text is word-wrapping to a narrow column. Probably an artifact of pasting from excel. I fixed the formatting, so that should clear things up. And I can assure you that I have the accolades for exploring Monster Island, First Ward, and Night Ward. So not sure why exploration badges are not showing.
  11. I have a character, Rhetorical, on Indomitable who has (as far as I'm aware) all exploration badges. Menu >> Personal Info. Click on Badges tab. Scroll down to Exploration section. 413 exploration badges appear. But there are at least 459 exploration badges. This is new since I27. It's possible the exploration badges do not show up in Navigation window >> Badges >> Exploration, but those are a lot harder to check. For short what's missing is Monster Islandx8, Kallisti Wharf, First Wardx8, Night Wardx8, Safeguardx9, Mayhemx9, Hero 1x3, Breakout, an
  12. Yes. PvP and Purple recipes keep their set bonuses as though they were attuned. You don’t want to actually attune them (in general) because that prevents you from Boosting them.
  13. I have yet to get one of each AT to 50. So far I have all of them except Defender, Dominator, and Warshade. All of which I got to 50 on live, ironically. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. Just not feeling it now.
  14. Heka Meka Deka is a Roomba that’s become a magically animated free-willed guardian. The magician had the ritual all set up, but his sister and her family dropped by for a visit. His nephew swapped one of the ritual’s tarot cards with his own Hearthstone Hecklebot card. Later, when the family left, he cast the ritual without rechecking his components. It still worked, but he didn’t get what he was hoping for... So... tech/magic?
  15. Don’t know if it’s related or not, but if you’re wearing long pants and sneakers and are stealthed, you can see the white socks through the pants. You can’t see the socks when not stealthed.
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