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  1. Sigh. Okay, thanks for suggesting the obvious, folks. Just before going on vacation, I switched from Rogue to Villain, so I could get the "Countdown to Frenzy(?)" power. The "broken" beacons work just fine for folks of a less pure-red alignment. Thanks again, everyone!
  2. So, I came back from a week's vacation to find that half the beacons in my base stopped working. I have 6 teleporters. Three of them, when you click on them, just say there's no beacons attached. The other three teleporters go to their destinations just fine. If you go into editing mode, and click on the (now nonfunctioning?) beacons, they do say they're attached. I've tried moving them closer to the teleporter, but that doesn't change anything. As far as I know, no one has edited the base for months. If it makes a difference, the three that stopped working were the one
  3. A couple relatively recent guys… Violent Beauregard - db/sr stalker, a deconverted doomsday cultist Ice Cream Coney - claws/cold corruptor, bitten by a radioactive arctic hare SPQRK - staff/wp scrapper, with tridenty weapon and Roman armor Rococo Coconut Crab - flamboyant crab spider, not a pun, but fun to say his name
  4. Does Stamina count? Asking for a friend — Captain Pedantic…
  5. I discovered my Stalker had both Hide and Stealth. I can’t for the life of me imagine why. Stealth even has 2 slots assigned to it. Maybe I misclicked and got Stealth instead of Grant Invisibility? It is my L49 power pick…
  6. 59 here. Totally okay with still playing mmos every night. Heck, still playing d&d with the college group after all these years! Although I may need to get some large-print dice in a few years…
  7. Close. Kheldians can only start as heroes, and Arachnos folks can only start as villains. Neither get the option of running the tutorial. But you can change sides as soon as you enter the world.
  8. Thanks. Some friends were asking me what’s next. I think, maybe playing those 50s now for a bit. Warshades are more of a rollercoaster ride than most ATs. They have a bunch of self cuffs that scale with the number of enemies hit. So it really rewards jumping into a pile of enemies and hitting the self buffs. Of course, often you just die to the alpha strike. In a way, a lot like playing /Regen, in my opinion. Sometimes that’s what I’m in the mood for. Other times… not so much.
  9. For those who are having troubles, I’ll point out a few things to keep in mind. This all happened over 2yrs. I took quite a few breaks. For fun. To not burn out. It’s not a competition. So if you’re not diggin’ it at the moment, do something else for a bit. If an AT’s performance isn’t good enough, ask for build advice and respec. I think I’d done 4 respects on my sentinel before level 30 before I was happy with him. If that doesn’t work, try different sets. I got 2 different mind/savage doms, 1 dark/savage dom, and a fire/earth dom into the 20-35 range before I c
  10. Life came up and wasn’t able to follow up earlier. I’ll just mention that PBs, while superficially similar to warshades, don’t play anything like them. So don’t skip over them forever. You may find they’re more to your taste.
  11. Yes, I know there are probably quite a few others out there who have at least one of every AT up to level 50. But this is something I never managed to achieve on live, and decided I wanted to do when HC became available. So I just wanted to give thanks to the devs (of course). Thanks to those on Indomitable who teamed with me and helped me with all that leveling. And also thanks to the AT forums who helped out with build advice -- even when I didn't take it 🙂 Anyway, for the curious, in approximate order of hitting 50... Rhetorical, Tri-Form Peacebringer Grav Cannon, Be
  12. When I think about it, I use Notepad to write my bio, and then paste it in. But if the editor gets in a weird state, the only fix is often to save the changes, exit back to game world, then go back to editing. But if you’re in character create when the bio editor gets hosed, the only fix is to finish up character create and then enter AP/MI/NP/tutorial and then go back to editing. And when I enter game world for the first time, I’d actually rather play than edit my bio.
  13. Doesn’t always scroll the text so that the cursor (and what you’re typing) is visible. Sometimes pressing down arrow makes the cursor disappear, rather than move to the next line. Makes it hard to edit something in the last paragraphs. Sometimes the text you type in is just thrown away. Or entered somewhere else. Or is entered in invisible HTML tags instead of as actual text. Sometimes backspace doesn’t do anything when you press it. Honestly, the bio editor has been extremely buggy since game launch. In my experience, the number of times I can get a bio wr
  14. On Indomitable, my character Stygian Green. Human only warshade, L41. Mission is Siren's Call, Rescue longbow officer. The screen shot shows where I am on the map, standing outside the room at the end of the winding hall, looking up. The circled area in the image is a gap in the geometry. It's too small to fly through (for me, a Huge character). But it's a gap and I can put the Shadow Step teleporting reticle in the gap and then teleport outside the room/hall. Edit: Ah, I notice you *can* see the circular targeting reticle in the gap, if you look closely enough!
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