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  1. The “global” in this case is to differentiate it from regular recharge enhancements, which only apply to the power it’s slotted in. There are enhancements you can only have one of, but I believe they all (or most of them, not sure about ATOs) are tagged with “unique” in the description.
  2. If the combat attributes window is only showing 7.5%, then you only have one global recharge slotted. If you had 5 of them slotted, it would show 37.5% instead. That means 5 of the LotG global recharge enhancement, slotted in 5 different defense powers. Note that 7.5% global recharge isn’t that noticeable by itself. It’ll drop a power with 14sec recharge to 13secs. The big win for global recharge is when you get lots of it. Like 100+%. Or for powers that can’t be slotted for recharge. Or have really long recharge times. And it means you don’t need to spend enhancement slots on actual recharge enhancements. A really good attack power with a 2min recharge won’t generally be up enough to use in your regular rotation. But get enough global recharge to bring it down to 1min (or less!) and it’ll be up for every spawn. Makes a huge difference in effectiveness.
  3. Close. Hang out in Pocket D for an hour. That unlocks LRT if you haven’t unlocked it already. It also unlocks Pocket D as an LRT destination. The Pocket D day job badge (for 100hrs logged out in Pocket D) is not required.
  4. There's a lot of good theory and generality in that guide. However, most of the actual builds themselves seem to be unreadable by Mids Reborn, and likely require some version of the original Mids to open.
  5. Confuse > Hold, in my opinion. Confuse not only gets the mobs not attacking you, it gets them buffing you and attacking each other. While total xp drops, xp/sec skyrockets thanks to the extra damage. Confusing nemesis doesn’t get you free vengeance when they die any more than confusing ghouls gets you free heals when they die. All temp effects are removed when a mob dies — including the confuse effect. By the time the death heal goes off the ghoul is no longer confused. I’m guessing this is also why confused freakshow that die, never self-rez confused.
  6. The buttons for creating Praetorian and Hero/Villain characters on the first screen of character creation don’t even look like buttons — let alone any other buttons in character creation! — they look like static, uninteractable artwork. Makes it difficult for new players to figure out how to go goldside. There’s some confusing buttons when entering the game world for the first time. I think at one point your two choices are Enter and Next. The rich text editing code, used in character bios as well as some AE spots is... precarious at best. It has been since Day 1. It’s always a brisk exercise to try to trick the editor into inserting correctly, deleting correctly, scrolling correctly, managing the behind the scenes html markup correctly. Honestly, IMO, this is the most visibly buggy UI area in the entire game. You can only toggle the Convert tab if you have converters. Which means if you use your last converter doing a conversion, you can’t toggle the tab off. Sigh.
  7. Similarly, I know the cage dancers on the main dance floor change. Sometimes one or more of the cages are empty. But I don’t know how frequently it happens, or if you can trigger it. I like dancing in the cages while waiting around for iTrials to start.
  8. L50 MA/Inv Scrapper on Indom. Rogue. I'm doing Mr. G's arcs (Criminals of War, Sweeps Week, and End of a Yin). I'm positive that the Criminals of War missions were in St Martial, but at some point starting in Sweeps Week they've all been in Ouro at varying pillars of fire & ice. Not sure what details might be relevant for this... Didn't do any of his missions until I was 50. Phoning him for missions directly, not doing his arcs in flashback mode. I've switched alignments more than once since I started doing his arcs. I don't think I've done his blue-side arcs yet. I remember at one point I selected one of his missions, and tried to use [Mission Teleporter] to get there, but it failed. I have to admit, there's a lot less travel time between missions because Ouro is a tiny and St Martial is big, but it does seem like a bug. The mission text kind of implies that everything's happening in St. Martial.
  9. That pet window show all kinds of pets, too, not just MM pets. It’ll show the P2W buff pets, lore pets, controller pets, haunts, Warshade fluffies, seeker drones, and traps. AFAIK, as long as it’s a real pet (ie, has health), it’ll show up in that pet window. It won’t give you any pet control abilities you didn’t already have, but it provides an easy interface for targeting, renaming, and dismissing them.
  10. Yeah. Character movement animations do not scale well with character height. In both EQ and WoW, gnomes and dwarves feel like they run so much faster than trolls and ogres. I think some of it is the animation speeds are different. I think it’s also in part because distance traveled in height/sec is much higher for small races, even if it’s the same in feet/sec. On the flip side, all pets move at the same speed (in wow at least) regardless of size. And while a giant 5’ tall spider walking around looks normal, when you scale it down to a 1’ tall spider that moves at the same speed, it’s tiny legs are a blur of motion that just looks wrong. There’s more to a running animation than just speeding up a walking animation.
  11. Caribou Restaurant Orthogonally Diagonalizable Borborygmus I’m sure others will occur to me later...
  12. This problem comes and goes on my system as well. It affects the characters on the character select screen, as well as making the /buildsave command fail. I don’t have a workaround for buildsave failing, but there is a workaround for character ordering. In the tequila folder, under your account name, there’s a file named playerslots.txt. You can edit that file manually and that works fine. Each line is server name, character name, and slot number, where the first slot is slot 0.
  13. Abandon a mission? That’s crazy talk! I’m sure that would have occurred to me some day...
  14. The catch with Maria is that Siege’s mission is one of many random missions she has. You might get it immediately, you might have to do 10 AV missions before you get Siege. Hard to say. For Iron Man, I took my 45 Fortunata to Mercy Island. There are a few buildings on fire there, seems to be random which ones. Between my defenses, Panacea proc, Power Transfer proc, the Absorb proc, and the scaling resistance proc, I did fine just standing in the fire overnight. Resting in the fire killed me in about 10secs.
  15. Also, can’t access /ah from a pvp zone either, such as Warburg or Bloody Bay.
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