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  1. I had that bind, but did a TF last night with a peacebringer named "Quantum <something>", and half the time it would target him instead of an enemy quantum. It was super annoying. I'm going to try making it "targetcustomnext enemy alive Quantum" to see how that works. Not sure if there's a line length limit.
  2. So, in theory, I could start with an attuned Bonesnap (10-25), convert it to Smashing Haymaker (20-35), and convert that to Mako's Bite (30-50)?
  3. Doing an in set conversion worked as expected. Doing an out of set conversion by category did not. I was on a L9 Blaster. Bought an attuned Volley Fire (min level 15), was trying to turn it into a Salvo (min level 10). I assumed that it would convert at my level (or the minimum possible). After a couple converts, I got a Entropic Chaos (min level 20). Which was a bit of a surprise. What are the rules for converting attuned enhancements by category? Second question, if it's different, what's the story on converting attuned enhancements by rarity?
  4. I ran it this weekend and had similar troubles. Not sure how random the mission is, but.. 3 floors, you enter at top. Click on a computer to talk to her. On middle floor, there’s a room with a computer, some mobs, and lots of graphical clutter (debris, smoke, fire, bodies). If you click on the computer it says “you can’t complete that objective yet”. Laura is one of the bodies right in front of the computer. You click on her, then you click the computer, and that unlocks the doors. She was hard to spot, no special quest tracking help at all. Hope that helps.
  5. Another potential gotcha to note wrt the Resistance (Crusader) arcs. As part of Calvin Scott's arc, you permanently lose access to Crow. I accidentally started Calvin's arc before he would send me to Crow. By the time he did, it was too late for me to do his arc. Now I'll have to wait til I'm 25 so I can complete it via Ouroboros .
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