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  1. When i first saw this page drop, I was hoping to see the new power pools. I don't think power mimic is an issue though, look no further than Super Jump vs Mighty Leap. It's ok to have multiple choice of the same travel power as long as the rest of the pool is different enough to warrant a mimic. Honestly, I've been waiting for Life Support since i read about it way back when. My SR dreams of it. Crying itself to sleep every night without it.
  2. Was really hoping to see FSC on stalkers not giving AF addressed.
  3. Is there a reason Infiltrate and Stealth can't be on at the same time or is this just a bug?
  4. Finally a fly buff. Living the dream now this isn't a sarcastic post, i am delighted with all of these.
  5. I can appreciate skipping it to achieve a desired build. However on the damage end, having hasten let's me skip attacks because I can form a tight chain with fewer picks, freeing up space for other choices. It allows me to focus more slotting for other things over recharge. Hasten is a very important tool for me on pretty much every build. Which is why I find it to be personally mandatory. Like I said though, I see your thought process and appreciate your approach 🙂
  6. I like your post. The main miscommunication I always run into is i feel its mandatory even if it's not really trying to perma anything. It's a flat 70% recharge and not hard to perma. It has no negatives and is insanely good for being a power pool ability. TO me, there is little to no reason to skip it unless you just feel like you want to do something else. It increases damage potential, increases your healing potential, debuffing potential, and your buffing potential. Its literally a no lose power that only needs 1 additional slot at most. Hard to beat. People can disagree that's fine it's
  7. This is a big old yikes. "Weasel-wording", really? You're pretty toxic, i don't think Imma interact with you. Disagree with me that Hasten is important on every build all you'd like, but this is just toxic. so to get back on topic with OP's suggestion i may have been too quick to say your suggestion is too complicated, it's really not. I also don't disagree with your changes either. Recharge plays too large a role in too many areas, especially dominators who rely heavily on perma domination in end game to strive.
  8. You're right, You'd certainly have to fix some of the other power pools before doing that to Hasten. Gonna upset some folks but oh well, maybe if Concealment outside of pvp, presence, and medicine weren't terrible a reduced hasten could be skip-able. The min/max cookie-cut is basically always Jumping/Flight, Speed, Leadership, and Fighting. If you're feeling spicy or have a specific target, you can replace one of those with Sorc/Force/Exper.
  9. Absolutely it would, because Hasten is a mandatory power that instantly deletes half the power pools in the game because why would you ever skip such an OP ability I could take it or leave it, but what your suggesting is an over complication to an otherwise easier answer, in my opinion. Without Hasten being front and center for every build, you immediately diversify. edit; end of day though, we're unlikely to ever see sweeping balance changes on Homecoming to a degree so steep it modifies the meta. You're better off hoping for +5, +6, and +7 to self balance the power cr
  10. Hasten is the actual problem in a lot of power creep situations. Controversial balance time, Nerf it to around 25-30% recharge and make it an auto. 😉
  11. im so confused i don't even remember posting that enough to care to defend it. February feels like an actual life time ago man. I'd be cool with specific HC mode systems though, I think i was just off-handedly offering alternatives because it's unlikely HC will ever do that given their limited dev time as is.
  12. You know when you hit an enemy just right and they rag doll by folding in half? I want that guaranteed for fast ET. true EF effect
  13. So steering right back to actual feedback from testing before a GM detonates the thread again I don't really see the point in "more stun" to be honest. Did a lot of early level gameplay on my brute level 20 to be specific and I was stunning guys left and right, more so they didn't really live very long. I feel like if i did any more stun to my foes I'd basically be the highest damage controller around. More stuns 100% not needed. I didn't even have power crash yet so It's only gonna get more frequent. qucik edit: Only using SO's
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