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  1. Do you mean the hospital button? 😉
  2. That's what set me off in the first place, and I'll be first to admit I return toxicity when its given. It's gotten me in trouble on the forums before but i don't do well with being talked down to or insulted and this entire exchange started because of a blatant toxic comment of saying PvPers are toxic people, despite most PvPers i've ever met being some of the nicer people in the game. Always willing to help out new people, teaming with less experienced people in kickballs, and general build help and advice on getting started. It's disrespect to a lot of friends and in my case now family memb
  3. Stop playing the victim card, lets reword your sentence. Ah i see, because you dont like pvp and others disagree, then you can attack them with insults. That's very noble.
  4. Our first interaction, -I agreed with you- and then, your follow up was to be toxic about how you'd stop donating if resources was put twords PvP and how terrible PvP is. you came into this thread just to be toxic about PvP, you have no ground to stand on in the blame game.
  5. Nice dodge of misreading and insulting me, sure that's not toxic at all. Or do you need more time to think of a new lie? I'm 100% name calling and be toxic in my replies to you, I'm only giving my toxicity back to your toxicity.
  6. None of my posts were edited after you replied to them. This is proven by time stamps. Idk why you continue to lie when called out. I resort to name calling because all you've done is be toxic, make false accusations, and use strawman arguements to be dismissive.
  7. Galaxy, Talos, and Peregrine had the Arena added to them. Those zones were constantly filled with people setting up teams and duels. These would also be considered "PvP Zones", though not Open PvP zones like Warburg/RV/Sirens/Bloody. Just to be extra clear. Also, It's important to note Issue 4 to Issue 6 was only 5 months. Issue 6 to issue 13 was 3 years. So nitpicking that there was no open zones for 5 months does not really do much. also also, to be double extra clear. Nobody is saying PvP was larger or even near the same amount of people as PvE players. O
  8. We're gonna add "Cant read" to your long list of short comings. It clearly states "every PvP zone including bloody bay full of people, after they got added. " You continue to look like a biased clown making a point you can't prove and wouldn't even know since you didn't PvP and despite first hand accounts of PvP being active you continue to push a false narrative. Just give it up you toxic waste of time. I well and truly feel sad that you have so much hate in your heart over other people enjoying something, It's really sad.
  9. I played on Guardian and it was very active PvP wise. Most people i knew in server PvP'd even if only casually in zones. We also had some of the larger test league teams and Guardian didn't even come close to PvP activity like Freedom/Virtue. My entire issue 4 to issue 13 experience was my server having every PvP zone including bloody bay full of people, after they got added. We had many dev hosted PvP tournaments where winners got a gold titles that lasted until the next tournament. PvP was a very large part of Guardian. I cannot speak for every server, but i do know Virtue/Freedom/Guardian h
  10. Yeah, It's a good way to approach Homecoming in general. The devs have lives, jobs, and obligations and only do updates when they can and it seems to things they find interesting / feel need addressing.
  11. Oh yeah 100% even back in the day most people just wanted a level 50 version of warburg, not so much an entire open pvp world.
  12. 1) Comparing PvP to PvE players is stupid, PvP players are also PvE players. Comparing the size is a strawman argument which is the only thing you know how to do. 2) The PvP player base from issue 4 to Issue 13 was enough to fill multiple PvP Zones. I don't know why you continue to push a false narrative that PvP was always small other than you obvious bias against PvP. 3) Hyperbole is making statements like "Proven data" when there is none. 4) Taken seriously, by who? You? What an absolute joke. You seriously have an ego to the point where you think you get to demand what the c
  13. The PvPers do most of the balance changes themselves, with extensive testing. The base stuff likely wouldn't take more than a single dev looking into what is and is not possible in terms of just adding a way to flag the base as in pvp or not by using what was already there to do so and from there PvPers would just make their own content using the bases. I don't disagree with you that as far as homecoming goes, huge PvP content updates would likely be a waste of resources due to numbers but to abandon it all together because a small amount of people do it doesn't seem necessary eith
  14. @Llewellyn Blackwell To change CoH PvP to anything like those MMO's would be a massive waste of time, that's correct. To add the minor things PvPers are looking for, like base stuff and occasional balance tweaks not so much.
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