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  1. Well see thats where confusion happens, "Live" generally refers to when the servers were live. Homecoming is usually HC servers, as it's not the only server.
  2. The more i think about what Eran is saying the more i think I'm getting at what they're suggesting and i might have been reading their stuff wrong not the other way around. Prices being slightly higher isn't being seen as bad because the other prices aren't 100 million. If thats what you're saying, fair enough i get it. I still think converters rule the market and the change to influence being to stop inflation kind of cancel each other out a little.
  3. I don't think I've ever spoken about the market until this thread. I've talked about powers, balancing, and IO's in general but never market value or salvage. you've got the wrong super or atom bub. Actually, i don't know if i've ever spoken outside of Feedback or suggestion sections... so... yikes
  4. My initial complaint on converters you me in every other post Maybe your issue is you think I'm referring to people being rich on live? Cause I'm talking about this server not live. People being rich on this server has basically done a huge chunk of nothing because converters. Maybe that's a good thing by your posts, and I'm inclined to agree with you after our conversation but I still don't see how this has anything to do with influence not being what's controlling the market this time around, as i initially said.
  5. Here let me reword for you Maybe i was quick to call it a "problem" when i should have said Converters have changed the market far more than having money ever will, so why the nerf? If converters are keeping it balanced why nerf influence? If more people having more money is contributing directly to converters making more things easily available than the argument of influence inflation is bull hockey. Especially since the entire stability of this market you're praising was done so with that "exploit" in place. Also idk why you keep suggesting i'm saying get rid of converters, it's actually starting to get annoying. I'm not putting words in your mouth to fluff my posts, please stop doing it to me.
  6. I do both, though not as fanatically as the market forum I'm sure. Again converter's aren't exactly world ending or anything. It's ok for something to have a negative effect even if small. I'm not trying to tell Eran they're wrong about anything they've said only that it's decently noticeable converters are the reason there's a lot of some sets and not a lot of others. When IO'ing i almost always need to buy and convert to the set i want. It's almost never just buy recipe of the actual IO unless I'm being lazy and don't care about influence. You can't tell me that isn't a huge difference on the market than if there wasn't converters, it being a good or bad thing doesn't matter, in the same way nerfing this specific farming method slightly won't matter.
  7. Markets being connected makes a lot more sense, thanks for the info 😛 So the basis for my point of view on it is for example, right at the start obliteration's were the money maker. People bought up all the other sets (at the time for 10-50k a pop) and then over time those become scarce and raised the price from 50k to what is usually nowe round 1-2 million. You can argue all day 1-2 million is not a lot of money and i would agree with you, but that still is an increase from the 50k they use to be. I said earlier i don't believe the problem with converters to be a world ending issue, only that it hurts the market more than people being rich ever has. If you think that position is wrong because it lowers the price of procs that's fine and again i would agree with you that it's a strong positive for builds not to cost 10 billion influence at lowest for high end builds like during live but that was not the contention here.
  8. Hmm. triple post, no bueno. Not letting me edit or delete them 😞
  9. Sorry i didn't see your edit until now I play on torchbearer, and often times when i go to get reactive or lower recipes there is 1-3 available and often the little thing will show the last sold as 5-6mil but they are not 5-6 mil they are often much higher as theres less. It could entirely be I'm IO'ing at a dip or bad spot, but in my experiences there are usually tons of procs but not many of the other sets. I also don't disagree converters are a good thing. Idk why you keep typing it lol, i just find them to lower the amount of other things available and their cost being higher because of it.
  10. Ok now go look at a lot of the other defense sets, how many are available and their prices. You will see the negative effect converters have. While i agree with you converters can help as much as they hurt, they certainly do a lot of hurt. It's not just defense either, look at any of the must have IO's, they're all out of whack because of converters. I'm also not saying it's world ending either, just that i think converters hurt more than everyone being rich.
  11. Would make for an interesting topic but would probably derail to more debates about the over use of procs dumbing down the game 😛
  12. Certainly, converters are/were a good idea to help people stay in the running. I don't think it was meant for everyone to run out and convert every defense IO to a LOTG proc and repeat with every other Proc but it's what happened. Procs got less expensive but the other parts got way more expensive and kind of balanced it out. It's an issue that needs to be adressed and an issue that is going to be worse if they keep trying to find ways to zap influence gain, i don't really consider double inf being reduced as them doing that but the amount of people who blindly support everything they do seem to be encouraging it. It's that part i don't like, I don't want to buy a LOTG proc to slot a red fortune every single time and i'm sure people who try out city of heroes would be instantly turned off it made to do so. (The last part is a bit of an exagg but you know what im driving at)
  13. No i believe you switch, my point wasn't so much price but more that forcing everyone to buy procs and convert them to the other parts of the set seemed like a bigger issue than the procs being expensive.
  14. You're right i don't. Just accept we disagree and move on.
  15. lmao ok. I guess we can just agree to disagree and just move on before either of us just say the same thing a hundred times.
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