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  1. You can't have super speed and ninja run on at the same time. I just went and checked to be double sure
  2. I don't think It's bad game design, I just think It's more of a oversight in a lot of places. Hurricane (granted thats repel) Is a strong -tohit to back up its repel. Force bubble is gigantic and can pin enemies to the wall reliably (though sometimes buggy) and while I don't much like that power either it has a set niche. Knockback in a lot of powers doesn't add much while subtracting for many. If energy blast for example had higher damage to support the idea that you're hitting a guy so hard he flys through the air then it'd be a different story. Gale, while hilarious has the same issue. I'd like to see gale also have a stun or something personally. Idk about you, but if i got hit with a giant gust of wind randomly inside a warehouse I'd be pretty stunned.
  3. Listen, I'm not gonna go back and forth with you about this after this final post. My initial post where i fixed the guys grand standing was more of a joke than an attempt for dialogue. You can tell by his post similar to the furry that they under no circumstance will ever admit fault to KB. It's a pointless endless fight even if you admit there can be positives to KB. To make the claim everyone should have to teach people on a day to day basis how to use knockback is asinine. It's self explanatory and extremely easy to figure out, coh is not that hard. Could i have been nicer to the guy who freaked out someone said a bad word about knockback? Probably, but see my above statement and their reactions to anyone daring to imply knockback is a negative. I thought i was plenty constructive and decently nice to the furry, who started off by being insulting and finished by being insulting (his final freakout was deleted by GM's) If you're going to try and high horse someone for being insulting or not constructive, you should probably at least try to maintain that position on the thread you're doing it in instead of supporting and egging it on when it's on your side.
  4. You're right and to be honest, I'm sorry @oedipus_tex for derailing your thread. Knock back is a spicy subject. It's like saying Titan weapons is boring. 😉
  5. "Get over it." "It's everyone elses fault not mine" "You should just learn to play better" Neat dude.
  6. You're just skirting around what I'm saying by only saying there is positive. You're either naive or intentionally misleading. I never said It's a pure negative. Only that it's more negative than positive. We can disagree on that sure, but for you to sit here and say there is no negative to KB is objectively false.
  7. Unable to act for like 3-5 seconds? While now also knocked out of cones/patches/debuffs/aoes/pbaoes/potentially knocked off a high spot forcing a chase or a possible miss and backtrack in a defeat all, maybe even knocked through a wall and the map. Yeah 3-5 seconds is totally worth all of that being disrupted. That doesn't counter anything because you know what achieves the same thing? Knockdown.
  8. Thats the joke. the furry thing. I see this a lot, when people defend knockback It's either 1. I position myself correctly! or 2. Why do you care? The answer isn't as complicated as it seems to be. A vast majority of people do not position themselves correctly. This is pretty much known even to those who take option 1. As for option 2, thats a list of excuses a mile long. Why do you care that I'm knocking away enemies at random? Well. It's not about speed, It's not about farming or herding or min/maxing. It's just a negative effect on the team created by a team member. When I'm saying its a negative, I don't mean "Knockback users suck" I mean It's literally a negative ability aimed at your own teams abilities. Cones/Aoes/Debuffs etc are all interupted by a single effect. Yes it slows it down but that isn't entirely the point. The worst offender is energy blast. It catches a lot of flak because it has to deal with knock back in every single ability. It maintains a negative effect in multiple powers but has no real advantage over the other sets. It doesn't do more damage to compensate for it nor does it have some outlier thing where it saps endurance or does -res. It literally just knocks people around. I hope this helps you understand a little better and instead of making random assumptions/excuses can see where I'm coming from on the negative thing.
  9. how many people with a furry icon could there possibly be. Also that's a decently informed reply, I'm surprised you don't see how knock back is mostly a negative. Also your comment is a little out there as regardless of my opinion on it I've never called for knock back to be removed or changed. Never once have i implied there was even a bus to be driven. Only that knockback was a negative on teams more than it isn't.
  10. This is fair. Though i'm not sure it needs revised exactly? I don't like it and i've seen a couple of people make a couple of good suggestions but i can't think of anything to do to it myself without just making everything as baby as possible and nobody wants that.
  11. Aren't you the same guy who thinks rebalancing to IO's is a good thing? Yeah, i agree. This is why we don't let kids drive the bus.
  12. I wrote out like a whole thing, but your post was so stupid i just would rather this thread die and i never have to see you again then respond to it. @Outrider_01 My only hope is you didn't respond to it before i edited it.
  13. this is the best topic on this entire forum.
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