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  1. As for these suggestions, I like individual ideas like Offensive/defensive targets having different effects, but for the most part they're wildly random and while they work for a server like Thunderspy they wouldn't fit in much here. My suggestion would just be to roll a thunderspy account as well and just play those things there. Can't hurt playing on multiple servers 😛
  2. Well, idk how much they're gonna like this being randomly discussed on the suggestion forums but, SCORE was more or less a jokey nickname, Secret (core?) (cabal?) of reverse engineers. It was a thing on the Titan Network forums. They secretly had a working version of CoH for 6 years and only let specific people in. It got leaked and then one guy who, imo at least took the brunt of the heat unfairly, released the game into the wild giving everyone the ability to play. Some people haven't let that go. Theres more to it, but thats the basics
  3. The outside issue with Homecoming is they're SCORE and SCORE isn't exactly on good terms with people. If thats entirely true or not, them being just score (including GM's) is debated. They're accused of a lot of things and they don't really address the accusations be it because they're not worth addressing or they're just letting people have their own opinions, whos to say other than HC staff. End of day? I think everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it doesn't turn into harassment.
  4. Sentinels need so much help that any buff at this point is welcomed
  5. Radiation Siphon uses the alternate Knockout Blow animation but it's a siphon ability, Is it possible to get an alt animation for it to make it look more like a siphon? Not entirely sure how the process of alt-animations go or if you need them to be identical in cast times or whatnot Personal choice , Dehydrate (we already use a water power for Atom Smasher) It's a cool looking siphon ability though you'd probably have to ditch the big water funnel FX.
  6. Well, absorb is in high demand because it's not used very much and is pretty much tailor made for regen/heal based sets is all im saying. Otherwise this is pretty much the same as the other Regen threads, It's better than what we have now and I'd love to give it a try as suggested.
  7. Working in absorb to function as its mitigation over resistances is probably the better of the two options.
  8. They should just increase ET's animation by 3 more seconds and change whirling hands to a ST attack. Sounds good to me
  9. You'll never know unless you try it, test it, and give feedback. I wouldn't worry about anything happening in any direction until it does. No matter what they do, people will be disappointed for one reason or another. This happens a lot in MMOs, since they're always updating and changing.
  10. I agree with you a straight port of the exact mechanics probably wouldn't be best, but i more mean the general spirit of the mechanic. It's passive and does beneficial stuff. What exactly those things are, would need to be tested/adjusted/debated. It's safe to assume HC devs would do that part first before revealing anything until they find they have a healthy balance if they go that route. I get why people don't want it, I just want EM to be back on the board and i'm not terribly picky on how. My preference is just a mechanic because i enjoy those.
  11. Nothing competes with TW right now. Just saying. Thats why it's getting nerfed. Also, the mechanic making the set something that it isn't is an opinion. Also also EF isn't something you track (again) it's just something that happens. Just for clarification (again)
  12. What i said was, reverting ET won't fix it, not that it won't help. Whirling Hands under preforming is what i was saying is a big issue so just an ET revert wouldn't be the end of the problem probably coulda been a little more clear about it i guess 😛
  13. Idk if you misread or misquoted? I have no issues with ET revert, we were talking about whirling hands base damage. Specifically around an 18% increase
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