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  1. There is no mez protection toggle in these examples, not sure to what you're referring. Side Note: I reworked the inherent to work like Domination, including the added mez protection for the duration. This was already the direction I was leaning so that the power boost effect wasn't perma in combat, but the need for added mez protection (every AT gets something after all) sealed the deal. Guardians are a bit of a jack-of-all trades, but master of none, so I expect several powers would need to be adjusted, Fire Imps (and several other pet options) definitely fall into that category.
  2. One additional note: Ancillary Power Pools for Guardians Similarly to the support secondary, I mocked up a template for Guardians' APPs: N Mastery 1 ST Ally buff/foe debuff 2 Self utility 3 Basic self shield 4 Ranged AoE/Cone 5 Toggle Most thematic sets have enough to make this work. So building on the /thermal example above, Fire Mastery would look like this: Thaw Consume Fire Shield Fire Ball Hot Feet
  3. The ability to add a NPC tied to your character. Whenever that character logs into the base, all instances of these doppelganger(s) would be hidden for the duration. Let's the base feel full of SG members, even when they're absent for a time. Fixed pet/npc pathing in bases as they have a lot of trouble following at the moment. Based on the above fix, it would be awesome to have wandering NPCs, likely on a set motion path.
  4. In light of the delightful remix that is the Sentinel AT, I have been thinking of a new archetype for the game. I have seen others mention the general idea below before, so if there are other threads already covering this, I'd be very interested. In general, I am not a numbers guy. This is a thought exercise and the numbers would need to be developed and scrutinized by those with the technical know-how. Anyway, here is my current idea for a new AT... Guardians. Any feedback would be most welcomed! Guardians live to protect, and as a Guardian, you will revel in supporting your fellow hand-to-h
  5. Personally, I can't see dropping Cutting Beam as it's one of the few built in AoE attacks in the primary. Granted, my br/dev blaster is only at 42, so I might change my mind post-50.
  6. That's all great to know. I assume base overhauls for things like better storage and pathfinding AI are out of the question at the moment, but hopefully one day! 😬
  7. Hey all, new to this thread so forgive me if my questions/requests are redundant. Out of curiosity, is anyone on the Homecoming team dedicated to the base builder? It's one of my favorite aspects of the game and I would love to see it updated over time. My requests: A marketplace terminal, item, and/or NPC (since the /ah command doesn't work in bases). An AE terminal and contact. The ability to add a NPC tied to your character. Whenever that character logs into the base, all instances of these doppelganger(s) would be hidden for the duration. Let's the base feel full of SG
  8. Wow, thanks all for the replies and feedback! I appreciate it. I updated my suggestions based on what several of you had to say. I don't think I expected so many different takes on the powerset's state, or even that some think it's okay as is. Anyway, here's a quick list of the stuff I changed, you can see the full details in the first post. Reconstruction is now a combo heal and absorb over time power. Modified the activation timing to be quicker than the animation speed. Resilience now resists -rech and -regen effects (now one of three powers with -regen resistance). Increased da
  9. Thanks! I agree, tweaking the set to improve it without making it OP (as it was in the early days of Live) is tricky. Some powers definitely have room for a few slight improvements, but again... tricky. I think a scaling +rech rate on Reconstruction and maybe Dull Pain, where the scale is based on how low your HP is MIGHT work, but I hesitate on that. Edit: Instant Healing as a toggle might be good, but the regen rate would have to be dropped enormously... unless it worked like the current phase shift, where you can only maintain it for so long... hmmm.....
  10. Hello all! As many can attest, the Regen secondary for Scrappers (and by extension other ATs) is vastly under-performing. The numbers tweaks in the past definitely did the powerset harm, but the more recent sets like Bio Armor and even Willpower outperforming Regen at what it's supposed to be the best at is... a little sad. So I thought I'd start a thread on making suggestions/tweaks/improvements. I'm surprised I didn't see a thread already started for this, though I'm guessing I just missed it. Anyway, take a look and let me know what y'all think! Disclaimer: I am not a numbers gu
  11. I know there were some stabs at Illusion Control for Dominators a few pages back, but I added my own take on the powerset below. Let me know what y'all think. Illusion Control - Menace - Single target fear, moderate psi damage, with a chance for a small AoE sleep (same effect found in Blind). Uses same animation as Spectral Wounds. Sleep AoE not impacted by Domination. - Blind - Taken from Controller version. Sleep AoE not impacted by Domination. - Deceive - Taken from Controller version. - Superior Invisibility - Taken from Controll
  12. I can totally see your critiques. My concern with a st-hold in this context is there is only one power that fits that description, which controllers already have access to in their secondary. I figured a st-stun would fit a similar role without direct duplication being an issue. <shrug> I figured that a stun that requires a corpse wouldn't be a great opener, but that's why I figured the "taunt bomb" power would be the opener more often than not. I would love to give time control a more nuanced design, but didn't see many other options to recycle from. Any suggestions?
  13. Time Control - Time Wall: a copy of the blaster secondary Temporal Manipulation power, minus the "Delayed" effect. Adds moderate DoT (Energy/Cold) - Shocking Revelation: a ranged copy of the Energy Melee > Stun power. - Temporal Barrier: an AoE version of Time Wall. - Ageless Insight: an adapted copy of Soul Drain. Still PBAoE, no damage, adds fear, +to hit to player per target. - Reaction Time: a copy of the blaster secondary Martial Combat power. - Visions of Tomorrow: highly modified copy of the Arachnos Sold
  14. Hello all! I would love some thoughts/critiques on my dark melee/bio armor build below. I am usually pretty good at maxing out stats in more focused builds, but the layered nature of /bio and the nuances for dm/ (both are new to me) makes it feel a little like I'm spreading out the benefits a bit thin. Thoughts? Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Venom: Level 50 Science Brute Primary Power Set: Dark Melee Secondary Power Set: Bio Armor Power Pool: Leaping Power
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