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  1. See, why comment when you’ve CLEARLY never played a BIO scrapper. The taunt aura on it is strong. Never had anything run from me on it. Even if things did run. It does that much damage and knockdown that it wouldn’t even matter.
  2. Made both to 50 maxed (t4 incarnates and essential accolades) exact same survivabiliry. scrapper has WAY HIGHER dps. Scrapper wins hands down.
  3. They genuinely are just a bit meh. Even with a top tier build. In my opinion, toggles need to stay up when form changing, or their damage abilities need a boost.
  4. Fire pistols (procced) beam I reccomend on sent with bio water seems to be performing well and as for defence. You want time.
  5. Not realistically. they just need to enable toggles when form changing.
  6. They asked for feedback which was 90% against the change yet they’re going with it anyway 😂 why ask for feedback then...
  7. It procs a lot if you proc mule smite and don’t add any recharge enhancements.
  8. My current main is a fire/ time defender and I’m a tank on it. The nerf will mean I have to keep re toggling a lot more. Pain in the asssss.
  9. Anyone got an up to date dark / shield or dark / bio build ?
  10. I have no idea how to read this 😱😂
  11. I’ve got a savage / SD stalker maxed out. got two port aoes which are nice. savage feels like it wasn’t super well thought out though. DOT damage is meh. and SD means you have to take the heal destiny incarnate. id robably go with bio as secondary as it has a DPS aura and some leech’s which do damage and heal you. Im biassed though because Bio rocks on my scrapper and sentinel, I only chose shield as I didn’t want to go bio three times... I probably should have though 😂
  12. So I tested fire/bio water/bio and beam/bio all to lv 50 with 2/3 incarnates maxed. beam<fire<water in terms of damage. beam and water have the ‘fun’ mechanics. fire is nice yet the lack of extra effects is noticeable. beams -resistance combined with bio’s and offensive adaption is actually really nice. the air damage is actually sufficient enough to wipe all minions out, bosses fall quickly with the PSI mastery pool with proc loadouts.
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