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  1. Oh neat. I was trying to get the shirt to work but wasn't very happy with it. Putting tights under the short shirt does look pretty nice, though.
  2. Anyone have any good designs for a cheerleader hero? Thinking of mixing cheerleading uniform with classic hero look, cape/mask etc. The idea is for an energetic, supportive heroine who would help boost up her teammates.
  3. In Chuck the characters work at at an electronics store called the Buy More, and large displays of CoV boxes are visible in a few episodes.
  4. Atomic is a set you need to embrace being in melee with if you want to get the most out of it. Atom Smasher is a devastating aoe, and your two melee attacks hit hard. Beta Decay doesn't do taunts, but it is a fantastic power that will make everything recharge faster when you're surrounded, and also helps improve your survivability. Rad Cloud is not an aura, just a pbaoe hold. Whether you want to use it or not depends on your playstyle.
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