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  1. I don't have numbers available to me so I could be suggesting the impossible, but how's this for a possible modification for Triage Beacon? Instead of making it mobile, increase the +Regen by a good amount, maybe reduce its recharge time, but inversely reduce its duration? When you're getting swarmed it could make for a good last-ditch effort to stay alive, but you'd better be done with the mob by the time it expires or you're next.
  2. Two moments, both on my bubbler. I'd always played him as C-lister, maybe B-lister at best, but once in a while he could shine. -My first Tinpex, and a quad of mechs on the stairs all let off their barrage... and suddenly I start seeing "Deflected"... "Deflected"... "Deflected"... "Deflected"... The big bubble had just shrugged off a freakin' artillery barrage. -The end of the Mot arc. Just an avatar of crushing despair vs. a bubbler who would. Not. Quit. I don't remember how long exactly the fight took - long enough for a couple really long recharges to cycle through at least twice. Bouncing off walls, dropping temps, going through bags of skittles - it was long, drawn-out and frenetic, but by pulling out every trick he'd learned and refusing to die he finally chipped away at this thing and sent him to the dirt.
  3. I've played a bubbler since I started the game around i7ish on Live. I've always skipped Repulsion Bomb because I didn't want to deal with the flak from sending everyone flying away from the melees. This is the first time I've heard anything about it being KD, not KB. Excuse me, I have about a decades's worth of angry profanity I need to clear out.
  4. Helping myself to Iron Celestial as well.
  5. Taking: -Lawsmith -Dropzone Dropping: -Hell's Doorknocker -Captain Freefall
  6. It's a little thing for me, but random encounter dialogue in a redside mission made me feel like I was finally getting somewhere: "Hey, it's $villain. Oh crap."
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