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  1. Would enjoy if the animation for Hell on earth were reused for a TAoE high damage DoT.
  2. I'm not accusing you, I'm telling you how it feels to me or to people that already do what you're describing and are often fed this reply in many other like threads.
  3. I did. To be frank, you didn't add much to the conversation and you're reverting into a defensive demeanor which is mostly unnecessary since I was merely asking why you would suggest something that anyone with eyes would already know is an option. To prove I did read your posts, your reply amounts to not everyone being aware of such a possibility. I tried to appeal to your observation skills (peeps having this conversation are mostly aware of teaming qualifications on advertising if they got this far) but you withdrawing defensively might have diverted your attention from that goal. Let's just forget all that then, direct those who aren't aware of the option to your post, and move on with discussion of new options.
  4. Are you sure? You seemed to be questioning the suggestion you are offering a solution for. It's be a different story if you acknowledged the reasons someone put forth to make a suggestion, and it's another to offer a solution that is already known and then pretend to be perplexed that someone would bother with concocting some off-the-wall fix that would involve something we don't already have.
  5. So are you taking a detour of why someone would be making a suggestion on a suggestion forum?
  6. It isn't. That's the point. You seem to be assuming this option is unknown or not utilized. No one said it isn't legitimate. You don't seem to be arguing about the assumption part so I'll just ask: do you think the person or persons you're suggesting that to are ignorant of said available tools?
  7. I actually suggested in the past a support/melee AT that has an inherent that was a crit that effectively cast the skill twice (double the deduff/mez, but a flat amount of extra damage). It was called "Full Force". It would also decide upon power cast if it was going to hit all foes normally or all foes with Full Force to differentiate it from other types of crits (stalker/scrapper, corruptor, etc). Basically what I'm saying is, if the change is perceived as a nerf, you're likely better off making a new AT with this idea in mind. I personally probably wouldn't care and if I did, I would adapt, but then I'm not everyone else.
  8. The exclusionary aspect isn't particularly affecting the ones you're excluding, it's more a comment about excluding people inherently shrinks your pool of potential players thus fewer and smaller teams and longer wait times for grouping. While offering available solutions can be useful, it's rather condescending to assume someone hasn't thought of this solution or doesn't actively use said solution. Suggesting improvements or speculation on other options is probably the point of the post.
  9. Maybe I'm just crazy, but just because a power is recharged doesn't mean it needs to be clicked. Just because a debuff/buff or CC isn't perma doesn't mean it doesn't contribute. Circumstances change as do needs so maybe there is a situation where spamming Gale is very useful, but at the same time, you can be pushing to shift the situation so you don't need to spam it? Or maybe I just read the post wrong because it really just makes very little sense the mentalities people put forth sometimes.
  10. I'm guessing that's in response to my first paragraph? Yeah, it'd be a choice in build direction. Specifically for me, I just like random goodies like crits so I slotted procs in my build on live before PPM as well.
  11. I would put a 20% proc in a long rech power... If the resulting damage was like a crit for a good /big chunk of damage. Personally speaking, I think the issue with procs is their all out nothing approach. The PPM system favors high rech which isn't too strong... Until you put 4+ procs into a power. No, instead, they should have mixed the mechanics so that some procs were % based, some were PPM based, some were condition based and some are just baseline additional (for your debuff procs) so that it wouldn't be so simple to load a power up with procs like Savage melee's tier 9. If it were mixed so only 1 of the slottable proc was PPM and the other 2 were % based while another had something else, the optimal choice might be to only slot 2 procs. It would be a nerf to that power but when loading up on procs is better than just the slotted power, you know you messed up somewhere.
  12. And you've further hyperbolized his intent since I feel this might be more of a semantics argument. Now you're bringing in "good" likely in context of comparing them to meta builds which is exactly what I'm pointing out.
  13. Like I said, your standards might have shifted. I don't feel any of those sets are weak in ST. They may not excel in ST sustained DPS, but I feel a distinction should be made between weak and generalized/unspecialized.
  14. Stating my opinion on that: I just think your standards have changed and shifted too far toward the meta. There is nothing wrong with any of those sets.
  15. This is my main criticism with regards to MM because there really is no way around it. Maybe taking Grant invis and putting them in passive, but it's a bandaid. MM just don't do well in non-straight forward objectives. Trying to navigate maps that have obstacles or enemies to avoid is the drawback of the AT. I once suggested giving MM a "stow pets" ability that unsummon pets when activated and resummon them with the same buffs they had before. Didn't get much traction.
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