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  1. I usually proc out all of my endgame characters. Is worth it on a blaster? Or just go full sets for the recharge bonus because of Defiance/faster Nuke?
  2. It's not there because the difficulty doesn't demand it.
  3. is it possible? However +recharge would I need?
  4. Did Hemorrage get nerfed? I seem to remember that it did much more dot damage from stealth...
  5. The same argument can be used for using cheats in a single player game to instantly have end game gear. The longer road is usually the more fulfilling one.
  6. However "But boss, all the other companies are doing it!" wins tons of argument. The difference being that companies spend much more resources on their decisions than any kid every will.
  7. I think if the game was still live this without a doubt had already happened. The idea is to always add progression to a game. The problem is that progression is currently too easy/non existent in HC. Erasing purples would have been a pretty harsh fix, I agree. The other options is to constantly churn out more 50+ content which is what happened on live but not very feasible here I think, or drastically limit the money supply so that in it self becomes the hurdle to going from fresh 50 to decked out in a heartbeat.
  8. Same question, back to you. This is the suggestion forum after all.
  9. Ding ding ding! I was wondering how long it would take to get a "then quit and play something else" post. I was expecting there to be at least one on page 1 tbh.
  10. There are far more MMOs with the system I proposed (Soulbound/Account bound item). It obviously is the more successful system.
  11. This is true. Obviously the devs made some mistakes with the game (I think the game being too easy is one of them, thus the scramble for 50+ content towards the end). If CoX had met certain metrics it would still be around offically, no matter if Korea likes it or not.
  12. I read the first post which is asking for pretty the same thing: things you can invest time to earn instead of basically given to you (though to a lesser degree). I imagine the thread is going to be like this thread, which is people telling the OP why he's wrong. What I posted is a suggestion, in the suggestion forum, of something that I think will make the game more enjoyable. If it's the wrong audience, so be it. It ultimately doesn't matter. The game is dead any way, so private servers can do as they please. They can start everyone with a lv50 and the best gear if they wa
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