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  1. Since we're talking flight bugs: Evasive Maneuvers' defense buff is not suppressing in combat. Very nice, but the info says it should suppress.
  2. This is probably my favorite part of this Page. I've always wanted to explore the zones for all the badges w/o VM because that just feels too much like cheating. This is helping me actually explore and find the coolest points of lore. I love it. I'm actually going to get back into Perez and the Hallows for something other than just solo-leveling.
  3. Not that I'm complaining but according to my combat attributes, the +def for Evasive Maneuvers does not suppress when in combat. It makes my Energy Aura brute seriously tough. Possibly OP tough. Edit: The reason I mention this is that the power description says it should not be available during combat.
  4. Nope, I take it all back. That last point Jimmy made about the tier selection combined with the slotting options... Yep, I'm a convert. Travel power or not, it's still top shelf and I might be one of those folks who selects it on most of my toons. Thanks, Jimmy!
  5. That makes perfect sense to me. I'd overlooked the part about travel powers and tier choices. I agree that it will likely be a popular choice, but I doubt it'll be chosen as a travel power, unless the defense is made so it's kept during combat. That would change it from something that will need to be toggled off during combat to conserve endurance (like the other travel powers) to something that can be used as a replacement for CJ and/or Hover.
  6. That's a lot of inf to spend on getting to almost where others can do with next to no expense, don't you think? It sounds almost like you're proving my point: Concealment shouldn't be considered on par as a travel pool with the other travel pools. As it stands, Infiltration doesn't have anything to put it in the travel power set league. Please note, I'm not saying it doesn't have it's thematic uses. It's just not worth taking unless you have a very specific reason for it. You can do more by taking CJ and Stealth. At least with that combo you get to keep some reasonable defense and
  7. You're going to spend 5 slot choices on your travel power? You must be thinking of a very loose build. I've never had a build with that many slots to spend on a travel power. By the way, I did discuss exactly that point in my post you've quoted. I hadn't experimented with it yet, however, so I'm very glad you've done so.
  8. There have been a full 7+ pages of notes since I last read this yesterday so I hope this hasn't been addressed already. Just in case I tossed a tl/dr at the end. Setting aside the stealth portion of the new stealth pool changes, calling it a "travel pool" is very misleading. Infiltration is no different (as described in the patch notes and shown in game) than any of the free movement powers. Those are not nearly on par with the true travel pool powers and it seems inappropriate that concealment should be included in the list of travel pools. While it would be nice to have another t
  9. The PvE stealth radius of Stealth is now 55'. Confirmed in game.
  10. This is exactly my point. There's no benefit to it other than mobility. It should not really cause OAS but even it if has to it should still not cause MMs to be unable to give pet commands. Given it's lack of combat utility it should not affect combat ability.
  11. I understand it's working as the OAS is normally intended. What I'm saying has two real parts: First: Why? OAS is meant to stop you from attacking when you can't be attacked but for this you can be attacked so why should you be OAS? Second: You use any powers (even self-affecting) when shape-changed to a Coyote for the shape-changing movement power but you can be attacked and give pet commands and therefore this should be in the same category. Thank you for the dialog!
  12. 1) Please note that while Speed Phase does not limit attacks on you, it does still cause Masterminds to be unable to issue commands to pets. Not good and, as far as I can tell, not as intended. 2) Jumping using the Momentum Jump mechanic of Super Speed does not give any air control (likely intentional since that's logical) but also causes the jumper to take damage upon landing. I'm hoping that last part is not intentional. Coyote
  13. Which version of VS did you use for the Modder app? I need to get back into development but it's been nearly a decade so my version is completely out of date.





  14. Gotta say, just downloaded @The Philotic Knight's Modder and it works like a dream. Couldn't be a more intuitive interface. I know he's a pro but with this being a spare-time project it's extremely well thought out and developed. Getting VidiotMaps on the HC Launcher version of CoH with it took about four clicks and I did it the long way on purpose. From what I can tell, it should just be 1) Select Mod. 2) Click Install. Done. Very, very nice. Coyote
  15. As a former software developer I can tell you that selecting a tab stop for an active input box based on content already populated in a different input box is next to nothing to code. From the small amount of research I've done into the source code, they're using C or C++ and those actions are inherent in both languages. Yes, it would require a slight change to the client, but so does anything involving new features. That's why any time a real update comes along the download includes so many extension files. Cursor color and such are generally things not included in settings files but are more
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