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  1. Ask yourself this. Am I cool with not being able to kill literally anyone possibly even if they're afk?
  2. My video card drivers were actually hilariously out of date. Like 2017 out of date. Downloading the newest one for nvidea solved it.
  3. "The code connection can not proceed because MSVCP140.dlll was not found. Reinstalling may fix this issue." I can run 32 and safe mode but not 64. What does this mean, how do I fix it? I tried reinstalling but it didn't help.
  4. I just want to say I got Lucky. Yes my global is @Lucky and my I'll/dark is named Lucky. I never got this on live. I was and and am still so happy to get this global.
  5. Its not. Its called buy recipes plus salvage to crafts for less then a million. Then using converters at the right lvl to get guaranteed 3-6 million profit. I ain't saying anything else.
  6. OK @Lucky9 is dark/plant blaster and my friend @Mr. Fubar is corruptor ice something. Idk I get high a lot.
  7. When you walk into a PvP zone almost every single one of ur stats is diminished. Some much more so then others.
  8. Just start attacking people. They'll move.
  9. Lucky666


    Gonna try and fill every single bid for converters on the market. Might take me a week or two to build up the merits but any predictions on what if anything will happen to prices from there on out.
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