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  1. WP = Fire and Forget. No Real "Holes;" it protects moderately against most everything, but excels at none of them. It's easy mode up to a point, then it can easily get in over its head. The only mez you need to worry about is Taunt/Placate. Which mostly irrelevant in PvE. Most will skip the Rez, some will skip the T9 and the Rez - so more flexibility in build choices. Rad = Good Resists, 2 Click Heals, 1 Nuke (Definitely Proc the Nuke, Mix Proc/Heal the heal to taste), You're clicking more from your secondary here, but you're getting excellent tools. Nothing to skip here though, so power selection can get tight depending on your primary/pool preferences. A Brute might be able to skip the T9 since the dmg buff is lower (33% for Brute, 41.5% for scrapper), but that's really up personal taste, and my scrapper definitely kept it. Most annoying holes are complete lack of Fear/Terrorize or Confuse protection. Confuse doesn't come up much in normal play, but I've run into it a few times soloing redside. Could be really bad to get confused on a team and hit Ground Zero before you noticed. Fear/Terrorize is more common: big mobs with multiple bosses that can apply it (Longbow bosses and their Spectral Terrors, for example) can be an annoyance. You will almost never notice the cold dmg hole. You also get to laugh at Toxic dmg, which is actually more useful than it sounds. In fairness, my /WP is a Brute, and my /Rad is a scrapper. The scrapper - naturally - lives more on the bleeding edge but with PS and RT can recover from it much more easily than the Brute. My /WP Brute is unstoppable right up until the point where he isn't. Heh. Both are solid, fun choices tho. As an aside; I don't get the "Rad Armor is Ugly" thing, but I respect that it won't feel the same to everyone. That said, in the interest of balance, I think it looks great in certain colors. My Rad/Rad tank uses a purple/aqua scheme that imo works well. My scrapper is more in the deep blue ranges, using the lower saturation options. Still tweaking the color scheme, but I like it. My only complaint is that the Mez armor effect looses all saturation no matter what color you pick, but that might be a side effect of my gfx settings being quite low.
  2. I have a feeling this may be appreciated here: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/like-and-literally-make-a-deal
  3. This. In the context of "why play a scrapper," which is really the question in a figurative sense. That's the number one answer, for me. To answer the literal reading of the question; a scapper has two "places." Either in the face of the "hardest" target available, or charging to the next "hardest" one in line.
  4. @Boulis Was mids showing you the non-combat defense of Stealth, or the suppressed value? There's a setting that governs which value it shows, you might already know though, but ... Options -> Configuration -> Effects & Maths -> Check the "Attacked" box under "Suppression" on the far right of that config page. That should give Stealth the 1.88% base +def that it gives during combat.
  5. I suspect that it is rather strange that I really want that power-set. ".... because there is no patch for Hellion Stupidity."
  6. Scrapper Problems: "Why does it seem like I get Criticals most often on mobs with a sliver of health?" Last Mob of the mission, Last minion from that mob, Last Swing on said minion: "CRITICAL STRIKES"
  7. InvaderStych

    Ice on Brute

    You might be right, and that might be where I got the idea. In Mids the power text descriptions mention DDR in Glacial and Wet, but only Frozen shows a % amount in the "Effects" window. If I had to guess I'd bet the text is right, the effects numbers are missing in Mids, and the wiki is probably still valid. The entry is likely odd since paragonwiki isn't being updated. There's an HC specific version here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page Apologies in advance if that's the link you were using.
  8. InvaderStych

    Ice on Brute

    Apparently not much. I thought there was a little in each shield, but it's just in one if I'm reading mids right. Must have been thinking of something else. Still kinda funny tho.
  9. InvaderStych

    Ice on Brute

    Wait, Ice's in-built DDR needs more DDR? There's a meme in there, but I've not yet had enough coffee to generate it.
  10. Good combo. After leveling a Sav/WP Brute and a Kat/Rad scrapper I can see Sav/Rad on a scrappy being just brutal. Basically scrapper with a targeted teleport, 2 nukes, 2 heals (use Particle Shielding re-actively, not on auto - thank me later), and a half-way decent taunt aura. 2.5 nukes if you slot Rad Therapy for Dmg; though I'm torn on that. I like my RT as mostly a heal for the moment. Thrist (for gaussian's) -> Leap -> GZ -> Rending -> <filler if needed> -> BT -> finish the bosses. Global recharge is your friend with Savage (and Rad, imo); Leap keeps a 90% proc rate as long as you don't drop any recharge enhancement on it. Ground Zero (assuming 3.5ppm) can take over just 100% +rech from enhancements before the proc rate lowers. The only real downside is that Hemorrhage is not only generally terrible (except on stalkers, apparently), iirc it's bugged and does not crit. Definitely skip that one. Which leaves VS as your "big hitter," which isn't as bad as that sounds in reality. Also, drop a FF +rech into VS. You'll be hitting this often enough that you'll see a benefit from the burst +rech. Edit: Also, Meltdown is one of the rare tier 9 powers worth taking. Scrap's get +41.5% dmg for the duration. (iirc tanks/brutes get a lower buff?) Almost half a build-up for 60s. So, if you start that AoE chain above by firing Meltdown first ... Yeah, lots of damage. 🙂 Double Edit: Slot a "Theft of Essence: Chance for +End" into Radiation Therapy ASAP. The set is available long before the power. RT has a good proc rate, but can't take much recharge before it starts to lower. Run this, get used to how it works, and by the time your toon is hitting Malta missions you'll basically be laughing at the Sappers.
  11. In fairness, the line between "marital" and "martial" can be as confoundingly vague as it is infintesimally narrow. Which isn't always a bad thing. 😉
  12. .... withdrawn ... I looked at something incorrectly.
  13. Hmm. Thanks all. I'll have to mess around with it some. I have a Rad/Rad tank on the back-burner where I'm definitely going to leverage GZ against Atom Smasher, but on the scrapper my gut feeling was "I can fire of x# of Lotus Drops within 1 Ground Zero cycle ..." initially, so I started thinking that the power choice/slots might be better spent elsewhere. Even if I am sort of focusing this build on hard targets vs. big groups, there's something to be said for having the extra tool. There's plenty of time to experiment with it though, heh. ATM Rad Therapy is slotted for heal with ToE's Chance for +End proc (which, imo, is a must have regardless of what else is slotted), but now that I have figured out that Particle Shielding is better used on-demand than set to auto I might revisit that idea. Regarding -Res; the Excellent and Frustrating thing about Kat/Rad is being utterly spoiled for choice as to where to slot -Res procs. Beta Decay will take 1, GZ, Lotus, Flashing, and GD could all slot 2, and all the remaining Kat attacks can take 1. Hell, if you wanted to get really silly you could take a targeted-AoE from an Epic set and slot the 3rd -Res proc if you wanted to, but I don't think that would be all that effective. On the one hand, having them in GZ means getting that sweet 90% fire rate on an opener, but on the other it means they're on long recharge and not available against AVs unless you duplicate them elsewhere or lose DPS firing the AoE on a single target. Duplicating them isn't the worst thing in the world but it does complicate slotting. I recently moved FotG's -Res into GD (was in Lotus Drops), and Achilles' into Beta Decay (was in Flashing Steel). I'm liking the former, though not really impressed with the latter and I'll probably move it again. All that said, I love having -Res in Savage Leap on my Brute; but that recharges and activates around twice as fast. So, if I had to hazard an extremely rough and non-scientific guess, GZ slotted with procs is going to, at best, be up every 20-40s without enhancing it for recharge (basing that on Leap's 40s base and currently between about 12-20s on my Brute depending on +rech status). That might actually be not as bad as I think.
  14. So, what is the consensus on Ground Zero for Scrappers? Just opened it on the Kat/Rad scappy I'm slowly leveling and it seems like an excellent power, for a different toon. Haven't slotted it up yet, so bear that in mind. On the surface it's got a *huge* target cap hampered by limited radius (on a scrapper), and seems to do OK damage. Long recharge time, so one could probably pack it with some enhanced recharge and still keep a 90% proc rate if one were so inclined and had the slots to spare. Also haven't seen the effects on teammates as I've mostly solo'd since grabbing the power, so I can't speak to that either. Seems like a "nice to have" side effect, if anything though. On the other hand, it has a really short animation against a long (3s) activation time, so there's a moment after the power fires where you're just standing there that I find disorienting. That 3s also eats quite a bit of a Build-Up cycle unless you fire it just before BU expires. Of course as a big AoE it would be best used on a fresh enemy group right after firing BU. BU->GZ->(Primary AoE like Lotus Drops, et al) seems like an excellent opener in theory, but it just isn't because of that 3s time. On a tank or a brute that gap would be less of an issue, but even going Particle Shield -> Ground Zero the "stand there for a second or so" moment on a scrapper seems pretty dangerous in a lot of situations. For those ATs it seems like a no-brainer choice. Especially on a Tank with AoE radius buffs. Seems more conditional for a Scrapper though; there might be builds that have room for or can leverage it, but I am not sure that Kat/Rad is one of them. Even as an occasional use proc-nuke, I'm not sure the 3s break in flow is worth power choice/slots. Thoughts?
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