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  1. Congrats! Very interested in the potential of Starlink. Mind sharing some latency numbers with us?
  2. Thanks for the tip @DougGraves I didn't know that site was a thing. Looks like they have a Farside link that takes you to an external site. Edit .... Looking through the A-Z list. They have The Boondocks, highly recommend getting into that one from the beginning.
  3. Aurelio Voltaire - The U.S.S. Make S$%^ Up (lyrics nsfw)
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of saving The Radio from a buyout by FearChannel Broadcasting. Edit: Which I hope is an obvious reference to ClearChannel, and not mistaken for something polarizing. 🍻
  5. TRSF!!! The Radio Stirke Force. The Listeners Have Spoken!
  6. Interesting question; in some ways I have done. Apologies in advance for the "No One Wants to Real All That ...." nature of this long post, but idk a good way to frame a brief answer, so here goes: BoS is on <mouse5> and CT is on <mouse4> - both are: powexec_location target Both are thumb-buttons on my mouse, right next to each other (quite old Razer, Lycosa maybe? don't remember the model). One could easily sub-in BoS for CT on most of my other macros. The idea had not occurred to me to do so though as I feel that they complement each
  7. FWIW: Ran the rest of the DA "Personal Missions" last night. Praetor Duncan had the same costume artifact (see above, the Aura from the Ascension Glove) as Heather, but no other costumes (Max, Mu, Dr.) had that issue. Could have been gender specific (my toon is also female, and the male NPCs were unaffected by the costume artifact) or could be that the 3 unaffected NPC costumes have pieces that over-ride the glitch (Mu's folded arms, for example). As to Hasten/Click Buffs: Entered each mission with Hasten running: Persistent/Repeated activation sound.
  8. Do we know if this is an auto-fire thing, or a Hasten thing? I also have Hasten on auto-fire, though it alternates with Active Defense. That scrapper has a bunch of "personal missions" queued up so I guess I'll pay attention to see if the latter exhibits the same behavior at any point.
  9. Ran Townsend's story on a character who wears the Ascension glove with Glow on the right hand. Heather had the Glow portion of that on her right hand, which looked cool but probably not intended. 😉 Also, in all Personal Story missions Hasten will repeatedly activate every few seconds with sound effect and graphics. Had to take off the headphones halfway through the mission because the constant *PSSSHSHHHHEHHEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWUUUPPPP* got old fast. 🤣
  10. Um... I mean, if the gallery will permit me a moment of well-intentioned levity ... ... why would my blaster need to use a melee attack on a runner? 🤣 Joking aside though, CT is 0.3s. It is faster than using the follow button while running Hover+Evasive Maneuvers over all but the shortest of distances to a static target. I have been testing this on a scrapper to decide if she can drop CT, so far, no, not planning to drop it. Catching runners with my scrappers that use CT is just a matter of either timing as @Onlyasandwich correctly pointed out, or simply t
  11. Addiction. 😄 Once I got accustomed to <mouse4> as targeted CT on a few melee toons I just can't not have it if melee is in the cards. I briefly toyed with the idea of swapping Leadership for Concealment, or perhaps even Leaping for Flight. We'll see how I feel after kitting out the rest of the iSuite of powers, lol. Love me some CT, but I'll grant that the build makes some sacrifices to keep it. <shift>-WASD macros are actually quite useful for bounding in/out of melee and various doom patches. But not practically any faster than leaping/hovering out of danger. I d
  12. m a r t i a l c o m b a t Seriously. Here's mine; not the best or most traditional build, but one I like so much I'm actually struggling to start another toon. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1426;681;1362;HEX;| |78DA4D935B4F13511485CFB4532EA508A59452B9160A4269A7D46B62A246AE26D00| |4C157434698C0C4A66D4A49F4D107DFBD25262A023E811A7F83BF43FD0146454C4C| |7C31A6EE99B54A3B49FB9DB3CF3A7BAFB3674EF6DE4
  13. Ditto. Have this IO in Sprint and Reaction Time ignores it. Or just the one got missed. None of this should affect globals like RegenTissue or Numina's. You should be seeing those +regen and +regen/+recovery bonuses just for having them slotted, I thought. Been a while since I put them anywhere but an auto. I will say that Preventative Medicine works just fine in Reaction Time; though I could not say if it was triggering with stealth up, or just with sprint active and stealth-cancelled because of combat.
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