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  1. So, I dropped Hemm (good riddance) for the t1 attack, and just as a test because it was cheap dropped the -rech proc in RttC. Some thoughts at 30: I can see dropping the cone when there's more recharge in the build. I was comparing the cone size to Shadow Maul on a Scrapper, and might have been a little generous in the comparison. Even that aside, there animation time really isn't worth it ultimately if you're looking to optimize. Even without any recharge from sets it's almost better just waiting and dropping the PBAoE (rending flurry, iirc?) instead. With enough recharge you can just use that anytime you would want the cone. The proc is hard to measure, but at best it's probably a relatively cheap way to get a minor boost against big groups while leveling. I can't quite tell; haven't run it long enough yet. The in-game description claims it will fire "roughly 3.5 times a minute", or some odd description like that. Which, is roughly 17 seconds give or take a repeating decimal. No idea if that's accurate or how often these things tick these days. Does anyone know if the -rech status effect (from any power, not just the proc) has a graphical tell? Similar to how -to-hit has the shadowy reticles, or -def with the purple shield/down arrow graphic?
  2. Rather than start another thread on this awesome combo I'm picking this one out of the search results to jump in with my random questions. Going to take a closer look at those builds later as my Sav/Will brute is still in his late 20s and it will be a rather long time before I can afford to kit him out with full sets. Shred's cone is really quite wide and the damage is decent. Is skipping it more about keeping a faster attack chain by taking the T1 instead? I'll admit that my knowledge of set bonuses is lacking, but has anyone tried fraken-slotting RttC with pieces from To-Hit Debuff sets? Something like this: Dampened Spirits: To-Hit Debuff + To-Hit Debuff/End for +2% dmg and +1.8% End DW's Despair: To-Hit Debuff + To-Hit Debuff/End + Chance for -Rech for +1.5% Health, +2.5% Recovery, +5% dmg And add one of the usual Numina's (regen/recovery) or similar from a healing set. Or is slotting it for heal just the way to go? Though it does look like the set bonuses from Numina's or Panacea might be worth taking the recharge pieces (wasted on a toggle) depending on what other set bonuses are on the build. The piece of that I find most interesting is the -Rech proc from DW's Despair. Would that be worth using on its own with more standard slotting?
  3. I assume you're talking about the Stalker version of Savage? Better question might be why do stalkers have Build Up instead of Blood Thirst as on the Scrapper and Brute versions of the set.
  4. Let us know how it goes. Now that I have Hemorrhage (thus 2 attacks that spend BF) it's not as straight-forward, but still works well for me so far. Also, yeah, unslotted Hemorrhage is fairly lack-luster. I wonder if flipping the BF effect so that it boosts up-front damage instead of the DoT would be a viable change?
  5. Quoting this intro, because the dumbest thing I did was also the first character I created on Live, during Launch week: Fiddling around with the character creator I made something I thought "looked cool" without regard to (or really knowledge of) the game mechanics. Went Broadsword/Dark Armor, with a Tech Origin. The End usage was brutal enough on its own. But with Tech as an Origin my contacts kept sending me off to fight Clockwork. Talk about Hard Mode. 🤣 Didn't take me long to ReRoll that one. He didn't even make it to his first Travel at 14. Might be easier these days with all the various perks, but unless you hate the blue bar I wouldn't recommend it.
  6. Curious to hear what others have to say about Hem and Leap. My Sav/Will Brute is an absolute riot to play but haven't leveled to those powers yet. I, personally, very much enjoy teleportAoEs, so I'll definitely be taking Leap. Spring Attack is fun and all, but doesn't seem to do much damage unless I'm at full Fury (ymmv, might be better on a scrappy), so I might respec out of it later since Savage Leap looks to have a decent recharge time negating the need for two similar powers. Of course fun factor might override that, and on the Brute version another AoE is always welcome. As far as Exhaustion, I've taken letting BF stack to full, dropping RF, then hitting Blood Thirst to get the stacks of Blood Fury back immediately. Sort of opposite of Build Up. This helps keep the end discount and +rech moving along. Rending Flurry's radius is positively massive when the stacks are full. If you're habitually using Blood Thirst like a traditional Build Up, then I'd suggest trying it immediately after spending the BF Stacks and see if that works out better. Agreed that the set lacks a single "marquee" hard-hitting attack, but play-style wise it seems so far to be about rapid damage than damage all at once. In that respect, not sure it needs one.
  7. Interesting, thanks! Something to consider for my Sav/Will brute in the future perhaps.
  8. Help out someone new to the AT sets; what is the benefit of splitting the two Brute sets across the two powers?
  9. Also had a DM/EA Brute on live which was certainly fun, if slightly under-performing against hard targets like AVs. Re-Rolled him as a Scrapper for HC, which I expect to do better damage via crits and not needing to build Fury. Haven't leveled to Dark Consumption or Soul Drain yet, but there's two "moderate dmg" pbAoEs right there. Also, having two +END AoE powers as well as a heal from both sets works very well for soloing. The DM heal can miss, but it should be part of your regular attack chain anyway - which makes it sort of like a moderately reliable form of burst regen. The -ToHit from DM stacks nicely with the defense set while levelling, but probably becomes less useful the closer you get to the soft cap.
  10. Thanks for that. I really needed a good laugh this morning. 🤣 Can't help with your build, but giving you massive style/humor points.
  11. It was an epic thread from the old boards. https://web.archive.org/web/20120906164029/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=124689 This Gem is not to be missed: I don't remember if the thread spawned the badge, or if the badge informed the thread. Someone else might know the history more clearly than I. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Strong_%26_Pretty_Badge
  12. I cannot possibly be the only one who got this Thread Winning Reference.
  13. Speaking only for myself, I didn't know that HC existed when that thread happened. 😁 Maybe it's time for a revisit. Out of all the suggestions in this particular thread, changing confront into a single-target teleport/charge attack is the only one I really like (and feel is a thematic fit) so far. I hear there's a beta server for testing such things .... Question, are there any scrapper primaries that don't have confront? I'm not overly familiar with the newer ones.
  14. In terms of fun factor, /SD. WM/SD may not be the most min/max combo, but it was one of my most fun redside toons (Brute Version) back on Live. I'll probably roll another here at some point. Charge -> Whirling -> commence ST chain. Rinse, Repeat.
  15. This. So Much This. All Day, Every Day. Fits the AT theme, and there's inherent risk in porting yourself into a mob that adds a bit of balance to the power as well. The similar power from /SD was one of my very favorite things (granted that was on a Brute back on Live) to do. If there is going to be any change to Scrappers overall, it needs to be this. Stat.
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