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  1. Are we sure you weren't already on it? Maybe I should have spoke up yesterday in the "Never Have I..." thread with what I really thought of that "humble-brag all the stuff I don't do because I dissapprove of it, but I'm really not an elitist." post and I could have skipped this whole process this morning. 🤣
  2. Yup. I'm the kind who uses the word "Blueside." Who doesn't judge people as morally inferior because they like to play "Redside." Who actually communicates on teams and can adapt to the situation at hand. You know, if an objective can be ninja'd and I've recruited a ninja, I'll ask them to go ninja that glowie. Or when the ITF PUG is running around like headless ground fowl and straggler's are dying left and right, I'll kick it in the main intersection of the cyst room so all those stray ambushes don't make things worse for the players who are s
  3. Please add me to both your Ignore and your Do Not Team With lists immediately. Thank you.
  4. This. I've also never played a Controller.
  5. When I'm waxing nostalgic I go here: https://alt.org/nethack/ I've tried the mobile version, but I'm too clumsy with phone games for something with so many keyboard commands. The web-terminal is perfect though.
  6. Not a quote per se, but feels in the spirit of the thread ...
  7. There are not enough likes available for this paragraph. Or this one.
  8. My personal take on Combat Teleport: I've since cleaned up my act a bit. Mouse4 is still my default for CT to Target. On toons with a tele-nuke (Burst of Speed, Savage Leap), that goes onto Mouse5. I'll have to adjust that if I end up with CT on the Elec/SD stalker, which has 2 tele-nukes. Hmm... There are also much better suggestions in that thread than my own. Probably best to start from the beginning. I highly recommend disabling default Field of View and adjusting the slider to suit your monitor size, aspect ratio, and resolution. Doing so
  9. As this is how I've leveled all of my post-50 toons, here's the list of the ones I found fun enough to take all the way: Savage/Willpower Brute - Super Easy Mode. "Toggle and Forget" secondary with a fast/active and effective primary. Katana/Rad Armor Scrapper - Solid combo. Self-Sufficient yet still contributes big on teams. Psi Melee/Shield Scrapper - Don't believe the Anti-Hype around Psi Melee. Got to stick it through to 32 to, as PM doesn't make sense until GPB and ML. Fire/Martial Combat Blaster - Mother of Gawd, Martial Combat is fun.
  10. I do not. But then again I also didn't remember replying in that thread with a ton of info and links either (which I apparently did, having discovered so while looking for something else in my post history), so maybe don't rely on what I remember. 😄
  11. All of those work in "Auto" powers like Health, Stamina, or similar +HP, +Regen, or +Recovery powers from armor sets or epic/patron pools. Generally speaking they're more commonly slotted in those than in clicks or auras. Mostly for slot efficiency. For example: there are a whole gamut of toons that can drop a Performance Shifter +End into Stamina's default slot and call that slotting done.
  12. So very much this. Emphasis obviously mine. However, against my better judgement I'mma take the proverbial bait and add a few direct responses anyway. First, do yourself a favor and stop looking at finished builds on the forums. Without knowing what sets you are looking at there are a whole host of reasons for this - most often it's DPA: Damage Per Activation Time. The DPA on Beam Rifle's T1 is absolutely insane. Taking Fire Blast without Fire Ball - a fast activating early AoE is, imo, gimping one's self. Hemorrhage from Savage Melee is one of the most worst and mos
  13. InvaderStych


    Yeah, that could work very well. I run the two dmg procs from the purple sets (Melee and Hold) since any more than that would cut into critical damage for a scrapper. Insight is pretty random, but it is strong when pops. It would be better if Concentration granted Insight and/or cleared the Lockout timer, but I do watch for it. As a bonus, Psi Melee wants lots of recharge, so /SR gives a little head start on that.
  14. InvaderStych


    Hmm.. Psi Melee on a tank might be quite good. PBS is a very good cone, but ML is rather small in radius. Tanker AoE buffs would be interesting to see for those powers. FWIW: My Psi/SD is a scrapper, and when Insight is up and Greater Psi Blade crits, the Big Orange Numbers are extremely satisfying. She's obviously not as durable as the tank version would be, but I'm willing to wager she hits significantly harder. 😉 /Nin, /EA, /SR. and /SD all thematically pair well with the Psi Melee. Shield Charge helps shore up the lack of AoE in the set quite nicely. It's also good for c
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