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  1. Fair enough. I hadn't considered connecting the two, all I remembered was the jousting issue. Thanks for answering plainly.
  2. Thank you for this clarification, but what was the rational for it's implementation in PvE?
  3. I could be mistaken about the "just for," but I do remember being put off pvp when it happened. I don't remember there being a PVE rational, but I vaguely remember that SS/SJ jousting (providing some sort of perceived or actual advantage) was one of the original stated reasons. Either way, I do wonder why it is still around in one space but not the other.
  4. Something occurred to me this morning. Why is there still Travel Suppression in PVE? TS was added in the early days of PVP, for PVP, and has since been stripped from PVP - or is at least possible to strip the constraint from matches. Why are we still clinging to it in PVE?
  5. This is the closest I've seen around here: IDK about running it real-time, but I have been meaning to mess around with it a bit.
  6. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post, as idk what constitutes a "Database Bug." Blaster: Reaction Time within Mids accepts Accurate Healing Sets. That, naturally, doesn't work in game. Hope that's helpful. 🙂
  7. That's pretty easy to accidentally do. I sometimes play very early AM PST, and I still managed to accidentally disrupt one that was just starting up one of the few times I've tried pylon testing. Watching the DMG/Combat chat tabs means not seeing Broadcast, LFG, or even Tells sometimes. Is there a reliable way to get private Pylons so that doesn't happen?
  8. Tinted Dark Armor (Tank, Brute, Scrap, Sent) makes for a decent "Nano Swarm" look if you want to go that route. Something with /Devices could be written that way as well.
  9. Wasn't Fly originally slower by design because it is the simplest method? One can basically auto-pilot across a zone, carry enough altitude and you're effectively untouchable. SS users have to take corners, navigate valleys, jump over every little pebble in the street, and so on. SJ previously netted the fastest crossings for me, but still required user thought/input, and occasionally easy to snag yourself on something. If we're talking about being in a Zone way above a Toon's given Pay Grade, then Fly is just about the safest method there is - with some zone exceptions, naturally.
  10. The White Buffalo - BB Guns & Dirt Bikes
  11. You mean adding toxic as a defense type? Possibly. I was trying to think of all of the nasty damage patches that were added as iTrials were released, but many of those are untyped, unresistable, both, or worse, lol. I don't think any of those are Toxic either.
  12. This. Drop the Hami if you are tight on slots and the Blue Bar is in a happy place, which running /Rad is a non-issue. Technically one can drop dmg procs into it as well, but that's not necessarily an efficient use of slots, funny to watch with 4 of them in place but not really great dps/slot cost in practice.
  13. Me either. Even Arachnoid attacks have a positional component, right?
  14. Can't say I've felt the envy personally, but after rolling my first Blaster here on HC just yesterday and being a melee-centric player all these years (never had anything but scraps and brutes at 50) I can honestly say this Fire/Martial might just be some of the most fun I've had going from 1-18 since the game was new. Add the massive dmg to the fun factor and I can see where the envy could be very strong indeed! Thanks to all for the tips in this thread! Blap-Jousting FTW. Now if I can just remember that I'm not carrying half a dozen or more protective toggles
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