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  1. Adding my voice to the chorus to say this is a truly awful change. I can see having Shinobi-Iri and Gymnastics not stack with a true travel power that's able to take slots, etc. like Super Jump, but allowing those travel bonuses to stack with Combat Jumping and Ninja/Beast Run is a significant perk of those abilities, especially in Scrapper and Sentinel Ninjitsu. The Ninjitsu sets trade off Defense Debuff Resistance (which is a TREMENDOUS loss considering how common Defense Debuffs are) for survivability from other factors. The heal, resist, and endurance abilities have the most apparent effect, but the capacity to move better than even the most directly equivalent set (Super Reflexes, which gets the best DDR in the game if I'm not mistaken) is also very significant. As it stands, on the main servers a Ninjitsu character is exceedingly mobile and can exploit those abilities by using terrain and controlling distance from opponents very easily. On the Test server this isn't really the case any longer; a character with Shinobi-Iri fully slotted for travel isn't much more mobile than a character with Quickness (or an equivalent skill) + Combat Jumping. In short, it neuters one of the quite unique protective capacities of the set, and moves Ninjitsu a lot closer to feeling like a bad cover version of Super Reflexes rather than having its own set identity despite the other utilities it provides, one of which (Blinding Powder) is very limited in its applications.
  2. Yes. Once you've gotten one of the accolades you can pick any of them on a respec. The APPs stay available, the PPPs open up. The only restriction is that only one pool can be in a build at a time.
  3. To get the Patron Power Pools you have to do the first Story Arc for one of the Patrons in Arachnos, which you can get just by being 35+ and a redsider. Your history of being red/blueside doesn't matter. Arbiter Rein will introduce you to the patron of your choice after a short mission where you read some plaques describing each. He's right in front of the big tower in Grandville. Note that no matter which Patron you choose, you'll get access to all of the pools, all the time. That means you can go to villainside, do the Patron missions, and go back to being a hero right after. You'll still have access to them, even if you respec while you're a hero. The thing that unlocks the Patron Pools is the accolade for having done the final mission in each arc, so you don't even need to be a redsider to get them. You can also be a vigilante and do the arc (or just the final mission) with a person who has them and get access to the PPPs. You can even run the arc in Ouro with a redsider to start them for you, although I'm told that can get buggy, so it's probably preferable to just find a villain/rogue with them active. People will frequently mention they have a patron arc they're running in LFG, at least on Everlasting. If you just want to do the first Patron Arc, Black Scorpion's is probably the easiest and fastest. There's a later arc in Scorp's series that's a real chore (Mole Machines with massive amounts of HP) if you ever decide to play more of redside; if you do you may want to consider another Patron. My favorite arc overall is Scirocco's, but the first arc has some EBs (Silver Mantis and Barracuda) and is probably the hardest of the four. His later two are loaded with Mu enemies, which may be a turnoff if your character has problems with endurance drain attacks.
  4. Given the bracket lists and the ban on Stalkers, I'm guessing Bane Spiders are out also?
  5. "Sometimes I feel like I am the only responsible metahuman parent."
  6. I am compelled to share my shame. Please meet... ...Walt Hitman, Dual Pistols/Nature Affinity Corruptor.
  7. It's Hats->Hat->Retro Scifi 3. It also uses Detail 1>Retro Scifi 2 to get the ringed antenna on the top.
  8. Of all the character bios I've written, my favorite is Joy Forever's. Here it is! Here's Joy's Space Force dress uniform: Here's her all-environments suit, so her writers can conveniently ignore environmental hazards until they need a plot twist: Finally, here's the outfit her arch-nemesis, Emperor Mogo, forced her to wear when he was wooing her to be his Space Empress:
  9. Minor in the grand scheme, but there are some pairs of mobs scattered about, Family I think, where one is straddling the other punching him. For a long time there was a positioning bug where the straddling one would be perpendicular and to the side of the lower one. The net result of this is that it looked like the guy doing the punching was hitting the other guy in the balls - forever. Gave me a laugh every time I saw it. There's a GIF of this bug that someone posted a while back, but I can't seem to find it.
  10. Just wanted to update, I was wrong about Veluta's arcs requiring completion of them to do them in Ouro. Per Redlynne, after getting the Pirate badge (under the new conditions of defeating 100 ghost pirates), which was the unlock requirement on Live for doing her arcs, they became available in Ouroboros. It's just that doing her arcs virtually guarantees that a character will end up with the Pirate badge, considering how many of the ghosties you have to mow down to finish the two stories.
  11. In the Flashback system, I have found after checking on various characters that the arcs given by Veluta Lunata, "An Arachnos Ghost Story" and "Power of the Spirit," are only accessible if the character in question has already done them. Any character on whom I have the souvenirs and who is a Rogue or Villain can see them, and has them marked with a gold star indicating completion. Any character that I've checked who has not done the arcs cannot see them; they do not appear in the sublist in the 10-14 range where they should appear, or under any other sublist that I could find. This is the case for both native Villains/Rogues and those that converted later in their career. I also tested to see if introduction to the contact made any difference, but it did not. Speaking to Veluta Lunata and getting her introductory text and presence in the Contact tab did not make the arcs in question available in the pillar. edit: Fixed a bit of grammar for clarity.
  12. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but it would be an odd ability to put on the ranged AT that doesn't get any snipes at all.
  13. In the past I've used Countess Crey as a baseline test, since she's not especially remarkable but still poses an AV-class threat. There are a bunch of reasons I like to fight her for testing purposes: 1) She doesn't have any crazy resists, a tier-9 defensive skill to wait out, or any particular healing ability besides basic AV regeneration, so you can see how you do against just that. 2) She does psychic damage, so you can see how you stack up against the particular challenges that damage type poses. A fair number of defensive sets have a hole to it, so you can see if you're built well enough to plug said hole if you have it. It also does -recharge, which is one of the worst effects to have on you while fighting an AV (or in general...), since it slows down your damage rate and any click defenses you have. 3) Her moveset includes Psychic Wail, so you can see if you can survive an AV-level T9 nova attack. 4) Her moveset also includes a couple status effect attacks, so if your character is prone to mez you can see how manageable those are for you. 5) She's fairly accessible to both heroes and villains in various Ouroboros arcs, and if you feel brave and patient you can see how you do against her and her melee-oriented bodyguard by soloing the Manticore TF. 6) She's a terrible human being.
  14. Ice Patch is part of Ice Melee, not Ice Armor. Stalker Ice Melee gets Ice Patch; the ability they trade for their Assassination power is Greater Ice Sword.
  15. Just to add on a little, Kakadu's (Plant Control) single target hold [Strangler] appeared to stack as normal on the bosses tested (Death Dolls, Bone Daddies, etc. in KR), so at the moment only [Blind] has been demonstrated to show this behavior. My character, Pierrette (Illusion Control), also tested [Blind] against Sirens and Seedlings of Hamidon in First Ward, and found the same non-stacking behavior on Everlasting, and also on Justin.
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