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  1. The repeatable missions from Sir Lionel and Atherton Cromwell (both near the rail station) are also good fun if you haven't tried them, and about as difficult. They feature Night Ward enemies and some First Ward enemies scaled up to the 30-39 range. The Apparitions felt particularly nasty when elevated to those levels in my last run through the area. The repeatables are also a good place to find Spirit Stalkers en masse for getting their defeat badge, if that's of interest to you.
  2. I've had that problem on that mission before. Maelstrom stays where you defeated him at step 2, but he'll stealth so you're unable to see or interact with him unless you have some sort of perception boost. He doesn't seem to toggle it on/off/on/off/... like NPCs do often with other toggle powers, just stays in stealth. The easiest fix is to use accuracy inspirations until you can find him. There's also the empowerment station base buff which will increase your perception for a good while, an IO that can go in +tohit powers (Rectified Reticle: Increase Perception) and pool or ancill
  3. On an intuition I made a Dual Pistols/Ninja Training Blaster on the Test Server, set their character level to 29, and granted the Ouroboros Portal power to see if Shinobi Criticals would work after retoggling the power while exemplared to 24. I used the same mission (Retrieve Crash's Shipment) for as much consistency as possible. After zoning into Sharkhead, Criticals worked as before. Upon retoggling the power, there was no message about Shinobi skills and Criticals continued to occur. However, when I used Ouroboros to exemplar down to level 19 using another mission (High Tech Gol
  4. Per your request, I started an Ouro arc (in this case 20-24 - Retrieve Crash's Shipment) which exemplared my character to level 24, then toggled off Shinobi, logged out, logged back into the character, and toggled it back on. I received the message in the log about not being able to use Shinobi skills at level 24. However, when I zoned into Sharkhead, and after that the mission map, I noticed that I received no message about not being able to use Shinobi skills along with the messages regarding Incarnate abilities. Criticals happened as expected during combat, as can be seen in the
  5. Short version: As a level 50 character, the Critical proc portion of the Blaster secondary Ninja Training power Shinobi appears to be broken when exemplaring to levels below 45. At or above 45 they function as normal. Elaboration: I noticed while doing some arcs in Ouroboros on my level 50 Dual Pistols/Ninja Training blaster that no critical attacks from Shinobi were being generated. The arc I was on was level 24, so the power was available, and I verified that it was on by retoggling it several times and continuing to play, but this did not fix the issue. After the ses
  6. The crutches make some sort of sense, it's on an Immobilize set... ...unlike this, on Discouraging Words, a ToHit Debuff set: What's so discouraging about a buffalo or bison?
  7. Adding my voice to the chorus to say this is a truly awful change. I can see having Shinobi-Iri and Gymnastics not stack with a true travel power that's able to take slots, etc. like Super Jump, but allowing those travel bonuses to stack with Combat Jumping and Ninja/Beast Run is a significant perk of those abilities, especially in Scrapper and Sentinel Ninjitsu. The Ninjitsu sets trade off Defense Debuff Resistance (which is a TREMENDOUS loss considering how common Defense Debuffs are) for survivability from other factors. The heal, resist, and endurance abilities have the most ap
  8. Yes. Once you've gotten one of the accolades you can pick any of them on a respec. The APPs stay available, the PPPs open up. The only restriction is that only one pool can be in a build at a time.
  9. To get the Patron Power Pools you have to do the first Story Arc for one of the Patrons in Arachnos, which you can get just by being 35+ and a redsider. Your history of being red/blueside doesn't matter. Arbiter Rein will introduce you to the patron of your choice after a short mission where you read some plaques describing each. He's right in front of the big tower in Grandville. Note that no matter which Patron you choose, you'll get access to all of the pools, all the time. That means you can go to villainside, do the Patron missions, and go back to being a hero right after. You
  10. Given the bracket lists and the ban on Stalkers, I'm guessing Bane Spiders are out also?
  11. "Sometimes I feel like I am the only responsible metahuman parent."
  12. I am compelled to share my shame. Please meet... ...Walt Hitman, Dual Pistols/Nature Affinity Corruptor.
  13. It's Hats->Hat->Retro Scifi 3. It also uses Detail 1>Retro Scifi 2 to get the ringed antenna on the top.
  14. Of all the character bios I've written, my favorite is Joy Forever's. Here it is! Here's Joy's Space Force dress uniform: Here's her all-environments suit, so her writers can conveniently ignore environmental hazards until they need a plot twist: Finally, here's the outfit her arch-nemesis, Emperor Mogo, forced her to wear when he was wooing her to be his Space Empress:
  15. Minor in the grand scheme, but there are some pairs of mobs scattered about, Family I think, where one is straddling the other punching him. For a long time there was a positioning bug where the straddling one would be perpendicular and to the side of the lower one. The net result of this is that it looked like the guy doing the punching was hitting the other guy in the balls - forever. Gave me a laugh every time I saw it. There's a GIF of this bug that someone posted a while back, but I can't seem to find it.
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