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  1. Dig the triple vertical 🙂
  2. Bit of a story for you. Not a new rig, but new for her. While even my PC is starting to show its age (though I've yet to run anything i can't max out at 60fps), my wife's machine was struggling with just about everything, which is no surprise considering it was an AMD FX-6300. It was an awful chip even new and when I had it I was constantly frustrated. That said it soon became my wife's machine as she was never a huge gamer and we really didn't have the money at the time. Earlier this year an old friend of mine told me he had an i7-3770k that he no longer used and could not get to post anymore and asked me if I wanted it. I've usually had good luck repairing most electronics so I agreed... Only what I got was a surprise. it wasn't just the chip and the motherboard, it was also 16Gb of Ripjaw ram and a thermaltake water 2.0 aio cooler. Put it on my bench with a psu and tinkered with it. turns out was a corrupted bios, apparently a known thing with these boards and thankfully, it also contained a backup bios so once that was flashed I got it running. I suggested to the missus she could upgrade her rig as the performance differences between these 2 chips were night and day, not to mention my wife's machine had started giving her crashes and blue screens fairly regularly lately, and always giving a different reason (that's always fun right). She said she would if she could get a new case for it and after a bit of digging I found a cheaper but still decent Phanteks case. I like them, I have the Phantek's Enthoo Pro (which I only found out a couple months ago Linus did a review on and liked it). And so, her entire rig got reshuffled. It's now the i7-3770k 3.5Ghz stock but turbo's to 4.15Ghz constantly. That cooler works insanely well on it. 16Gb ram, GTX980 GPU 128Gb Kingston SSD boot drive and 2 standard HDD's for storage. She plays a few VR titles on it so it gets a work out 🙂
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