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  1. until such time as the in game chatbot is back up, why not mute the discord channels for it. seems people think it's the place to ask for help or the like. or even hide it from non-admins till it's back up and running and those rooms are needed again.
  2. ps; using the pathing and VMaps mods, hence the red lines and the badge location markers. and @Michiyo's updated sirens map.
  3. whatever's going on there @Icecomet, i think it's your end, i'm on my char, and np's here that i can see. even went to the nearest badge from villain base. and even went out and did a full lap around the zone, now this is on Excelsior, incase that makes a difference for this test. as recommended in discord, find your \accounts\yourloginname\maps and delete the vm2 files. it will put the fog of war back on for your chars, but the p2w reveal can remove that, at least for alts you want to use it for that is. hope this helps fix your issue, Rob
  4. i've had bosses with PFF held first and for more than 3-5sec, and pff comes up after, even when they were held before using it
  5. and maybe others, are now able to use their PFF or other abils that make them untouchable, noticed it first on fake nems, and now ascendant cleavers. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Television#Stay_tuned_through_the_commercials where i fought the https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Council/Ascendants#Ascendant_Archon where it was able to use its shield toggle while it was held for at least 5sec+ and before its health was low enough for it to use that toggle.
  6. for recipes, a means to make that mail macro work for doing it with recipes and not need to drop or store salvage before doing so. or the same i recommended. even turning one of the salvage tabs to be accessible account wide, same maybe for recipes?
  7. they have it by doing Ouro, with the age if the game, it'd prob be harder to do it any other way, that or have a 2nd or 3rd account with alts at various levels to exemp to, and turn off their xp at those levels
  8. for account bound items that can be transferred to other toons on the same account, including a wallet influence. if it can be done, a deposit items button that grabs all the account bound items and pulls it in to storage. something similar to our current personal salvage bank we have already. with an added wallet for influence and separate button for deposit influence over all i think this would be a great benefit and convenience for players, rather than have to use the mail to send these items anyways. and, in cases like where I've done, would help not need gm intervention in rec
  9. will this be updated for i27? and the latest mids? or can the files be copied over to the new mids?
  10. none of these have the waypoint for the npc to be taken to. and i have no control over their stance. whether aggressive, attack my target or w/e. this is just what i notice with those that should be allies but are being leroy's and trying to take on everything, or running for the door because they can't. alos thi'd be an FYI for those that offer option to door sit on their AE farm runs.
  11. at least that's what i'll call em, but they're the ones you rescue from a group, then they're supposed to 'assist' you or w/e. however, throught he various AE Farm maps i've tried, they either jump group to group creating a mess along the way, or they hit a group or two and book it to the entrance? i'd get a list, but it's like i haven't found one yet that doesn't do that for these kinds of farms. ones where it's a straight up rescue and the npc times out, those seem fine though.
  12. Brickstown -2415.4 -7.4 -394.3 Excelsior, floating present.m
  13. so it could be either, haven't dove in to looking which, sounds more like smartscreen to me though. figure i'd put that screengrab up, since i'd rather be safe than disable it and be sorry y'know? lol
  14. as part of the steps, some antiviruses or windows settings will block the installer. right click > properties do this before running the installer. sometimes windows won't unblock it. at least it won't for my comp, and i've had this happe on fresh installs.
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