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  1. so it could be either, haven't dove in to looking which, sounds more like smartscreen to me though. figure i'd put that screengrab up, since i'd rather be safe than disable it and be sorry y'know? lol
  2. as part of the steps, some antiviruses or windows settings will block the installer. right click > properties do this before running the installer. sometimes windows won't unblock it. at least it won't for my comp, and i've had this happe on fresh installs.
  3. how, it's happend w/o vidiot maps too.
  4. found another map bug, when you right click where the cesspool explo badge is, the distance indicator has me here, at the LB base near one of the arachnos flyers
  5. only way i can think of is to put their global name in quotes "global name" to see if that'd work
  6. this works, yes, but the 49 changes, either from logging out on the alt you're on, or changing to another. so here's what i found through some trial and error (and with @tig's help on discord 1) clear out any crafting salvage you're carrying, it'll really help when doing this. 2) convert any merits up to next highest merits possible first. than use the macro after. your mailbox has limits. it's around 200 items i think. 3) keep your combat tab, salvage window, and mail window visible, so you can see error msgs in the combat, or the merits counting down from successful sends. 4) when editing, only backspace, so your line 0 11 49 is changed to remove the space and 49 only, "Hax" is just what goes in the body of the msg, so customize that if you want. if you have to swap alts becaus of full inbox, start at 0 and begin again. 5) before trying the macro, right click it to look for &nbsp that should not be in the macro, the first pic whos the weirdness, the 2nd shows the normal macro. if you see $nbsp, you will get an error msg, this is bad. no error msg is good. seeing the merit(s) countdown is ideal. if the error comes up, edit the macro, remove the space between 11 and the last number, then tap spacebar to put one back in. 6) where 49 goes, start from 0 (zero) and go up in increments, until you see the merits counting down and appearing in your mail inbox. 7) this won't work on non transferable items.
  7. and checking others on beta server as well, BA's 5 not sure why i thought it was a hit 10 for some reason >.<
  8. why's katana's taunt only hit 5, but others in the tank secondary powersets hit 10 when used?
  9. so, just make it a build only post, but it's all the discussions that fill the rest of the AT, and that's what makes finding a build so annoying, sorting throught what is a build vs what's just a discussion. that's what i'm hoping to alleviate
  10. i can see how that'd work for discussion, but for find a build specific to the AT's powersets, what i'm suggesting would make it a lot easier. somewhat similar to what happens on the discord. perhaps if it was just builds, than a link to the post it's from for discussion could help?
  11. yes, like this, then those looking for a build in that AT forum can find it a lot easier then rooting through how many pages for each? i limit mine to <1year now, as i think most older than that would be too dated to use.
  12. i'd like to see the forums cleaned up a bit too, like out of date builds archived, a build subforum for each AT at least, but ideally per primary set for each AT if possible, then when someone asks if there's a build for Primary/Secondary, they can see it right away in the AT Forum that they want a build for. and future builds can be added as each player makes one. thus making it easier to see what's been tried vs not for those willing to provide their builds
  13. i thought i did when i included the ticket number tho?
  14. so, char creator crashed yet again, making a PB, will try on a different AT after revalidating. doing the PB for the level 1 flying tho, for base creations. crash reportin being uploaded for this attempt on Everlasting > Kheldian Homonid
  15. yes, unless directed to report here, so other players can say they're having the same problem as described in my OP. i've been in discord reporting the issue as well.
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