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  1. As some of you already know, when pairing ninja training with weapon based primaries, funny things happen. For example when using Immobilizing Dart on a Dual Pistols (see screenshot) blaster the guns, for some unknown reason magically appear in my hands. On another thread, players are complaining that their Beam Rifles are firing from the KNEES mind you. Of course it's not on the priority list but are there any fix incoming? These issues have been known for a while now. Thank you for your interest and see you on the other side. oh and buff ninja training okthxthatsall
  2. Just tested it and it seems Windows Defender is at fault. Close the launcher > Turn off Real-time protection > Open the launcher and it should begin to update normally (You can turn Real-time protection back on after its done patching). Hope this helps, cheers.
  3. I'm also running into this error right now. I am able to log in but when I click on a server I get this message: " Wrong game version, run patcher and reconnect, server 20201107_3213, client 20201006_2439".
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