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  1. Then you're PvPing wrong. The difference between PvP and PvE is there is a right and wrong way to play it and the right way doesn't care about your wrong way.
  2. PvP players don't care about themes, customization or animation preferences. They care about what works best to lock foes in place, deal damage efficiently and staying alive. In fact, I'd wager most PvP players across many games care mostly about PvP effectiveness. Themes, customization, and stuff not related to effectiveness is usually the realm of PvE players that like to look pretty on teams or RP certain concepts. PvP is a very different realm. Clout, skill, merit, adaptability, knowledge...those are the things that matter to PvPers. Overall, CoX isn't a particularly skill-based game though. Certainly not on the level of other twitch-based reaction type competitive gameplay like your arena shooters, battlegrounds or even MOBA and RTS type games. Some MMORPGs have some really good PvP but it's not really the realm of CoX at all.
  3. The fatal flaw in your prospecting solution is...you can just make an alt red. Whatever benefits you impart to "staying red" are funneled into said alt if that benefit is desirable and then those that simply wanted the goodies go back to their blue mains. I feel the main misconception that people are making with regards to "population" is that people that are playing their heroes? They often have villains too. It's just they aren't playing those characters...or they are but they're doing "Day trading in Heroism". The other issue might be you're gunning to punish the latter villain players as well and for what reason?
  4. There is. The entire population of the HC server is technically the population of City of Heroes and City of Villains. You can conflate specifics like activity levels or preference to population but in the grand scheme of things, there is no solid "population" since likely many players on hero side have played villains and vice versa and gravitate to specific activities due to preference but nothing is currently stopping them from playing whatever content is available. I see this type of thought process with stuff like fandoms as well. People assume that just because you are a fan of a game or a fan of StarWars, that now you're all some united community brought together in one whole of a group. It's a nice sentiment but it's just not real. It's a mental construct that ignores other aspects and choices. Similar here, there is no concrete "population" since there is no paywall or faction wall anymore. Those barriers, for better or for worse, have been destroyed so now the game is basically just a big themepark and to increase activity in one side of the part is synonymous with increasing its population...I mean, do you consider the Animal Kingdom section of Disney World as having a separate population from Magic Kingdom? Or is it more like traffic/activity? I suppose if you'd rather refuse to consider other perspectives, there is inconceivability in said perspective. Like I said, I understand the distinctions being made but it's on you to figure I'm just crazy to think it's a semantics thing. The underlying result of your desired change is synonymous with "how to decrease population on hero side" since I doubt you're seeking to bring in new people that aren't playing the game.
  5. Okay. I see that prospect of increasing population as more of a semantics thing though. As a player that plays both sides, what does that say about such players? Are they not apart of the "population"? Or what if you just aren't playing a character that is villainous? If that is the basis for the discussion then I suppose the answer of just letting heroes do missions in red-side zones is the solution.
  6. I always thought, if they have some means of tracking how often certain contact missions/SF/TF are completed, granting some sort of bonus to contacts that aren't completed as often.
  7. You're too woke! If you want to think further, how many people do you see getting robbed in Rouge Isles vs Paragon City? As a civilian, which is safer place to live?
  8. I suppose I'm just of the opinion that this really doesn't matter. I don't really see a need to "keep" players on one side or the other especially because of Null the Gull. Even if players come for the rewards and then swap back, it's not like they are gone for good. They're going to greedily come again to get more rewards.
  9. I've only read half of the first page and I can already see the general consensus that really will sort of fly in the face of players that already like villain side plenty and doesn't really assist in helping make villain side "fun". The prospect of player agency and not wanting to be a lackey...while I can understand the underlying desire to make your villain a villain in your own way, I feel it really is ignoring the limitations of the game itself. If you want player agency, what better means of creating your own plans is there than creating your own missions in AE and then executing those missions? Maybe make it so you can "target" your AE missions which basically allows you to pick locations on the map to start the mission so it feels like you're planning out the crime and then literally going to the place to commit that crime...but overall, the story really doesn't have the framework to do what you want for *all* the content. It just cannot be done. The positive aspect of Villain side content is that most of your contacts and the story shared has flavor. Compared to hero side, most of the contacts, missions and arcs lack flavor but that is very different when you go red and look more into who your contacts are, when they show up again in other arcs, their goals, etc. Basically saying, what probably could be focused on is making sure you keep making flavorful contacts, dialog and stories. Trying to chase the specter of agency will likely just be a bar too high to reach. There's nothing wrong with being a lackey. There's nothing wrong with being double crossed. The main thing that matters is if you come out on top and that's usually what happens. Rather than being curtailed into specific story threads attempting to make you the "big bad", give me something to explore more of the spectrum of "evil". Put me under the boot of someone so I can revel in stabbing them in the back. Give me a sadistic master/mistress that wants to test the depth of my depravity. Let me be lost in my insane psychopathic bloodlust and a benefactor acting to direct me to do the most harm (or the least damage to themselves). The "drab" argument against villain side is typical. I won't argue opinion. I will say I think they should likely make night night-ier as on both sides (red and blue), night just looks like a washed out day time. If night looked like night, maybe we can keep the different sides distinct. Being run down, I also am indifferent to. Many of the zones in Paragon are also run down which contrast with the more brighter zones. I don't think red side needs a "pristine" or clean zone. It could use better representation of a "rich" zone which is somewhat reflected in St. Marshal but the rich portion is kind of tiny. If you're adding anything to the zones, add more to the busy city portion of St. Marshal and nothing more. Make it a beacon of gambling and debauchery in the (*ACTUAL*) darkness of night. I'm usually against adding more useless zones but if you devs want to flex with some zone/map building and you don't want to upset people that want St. Marshal the way it is, making a new zone for the "rich" zone wouldn't be horrible. Again, I just think all that's needed is that night should look like night and light up St. Marshal with them neon lights. Lastly, I think the main issue with villain side that most tend to agree on is Arachnos in missions. But also Longbow. There are other agencies like Wyvern but many of these "hero funded" vanilla factions not only end up having boring powers but also boring aesthetics. Adding more variety in missions would be a huge plus but also maybe some rouge/vigilante factions with some variety in their ranks.
  10. Who else gets the Body Armor power? I think just adding +3 mag protection to Hold and Stun would make that power an attractive option for Blasters. No other option in the Epic Pools give mez protection without some stipulation like a crash or only affecting self.
  11. Well if you build your character to minimize danger and/or maximize survival, don't you think that's the whole point of your build? To characters without heightened survivability through powers/IOs, the stacking Vengeance just might also increase the foe's lethality by increasing the time of engagement. Ultimately, that is going to determine the possible threat foes have to players: time of engagement. If the foe can't last long enough and withstand your volley of attacks, they will pose no threat. On the topic of Fake Nemesis, I think they should activate their PFF earlier and more often, perhaps with a half'ed duration. If you think about it, the most danger is likely going to be the first couple seconds when your team/yourself is likely going to use Buildup/Aim/high damage AoEs/AoE controls/AoE debuffs. In the case of my Stalkers, I can completely destroy them in about 3 attacks before they even get a chance to put up PFF. It would actually make them tougher if they put up their shield right at the start, the moment they are aggroed to try and avoid some of the AoE effects then bring it back up occasionally to screw with those winding up their big damage only to get it absorbed into the shield.
  12. I disagree. I think such a strategy would be very effective, particularly on a team consisting of ranged support/attack users, you'd just need to coordinate with your team. Any kind of patch control that can be seen, avoided or have enemies be drawn into would make for relatively safe engagements. On the side of non-raged teams, the damage isn't that high so as long as that melee has KB protection, they can swoop in and melee the helpless foes while taking just a bit of fire DoT and then move out of it when the foes are done or you take too much damage. Kind of stinks for Fiery Aura who would wholly resist the damage but not be able to melee inside the patch as safely because of the KB. Overall, I think posters are viewing things through the lens of what can be accomplished now rather than from a more unbiased perspective. You have to consider what tactics would *work* rather than which tactics are *perfect*. Tactics that work will overall neutralize some of the danger but not all of it but that will look unworkable from the perspective of players wanting their tactics to neutralize danger with no downsize. Like having a Plant or Mind controller abusing confuse would still be a tactic but mainly only with melees that have inherent confuse protection which is going to be your Shield, Stone, SR, WP and Nin melee characters or if you run Tactics to give you some stacking protection to Confuse. On the side of this suggestion, it would be more useful to have teammates who have more knowledge about powers in general to help coordinate a team (like, I had to look up which armor sets had confuse protection which would help if your team wants to utilize confuse powers). This side of the suggestion, it's mainly a spam-fest. Just use what you got and it all stacks additively. I do feel certain concessions can be made with the affecting self. Damage auras shouldn't affect their user but they should affect allies. I think control auras in control sets could also have a stipulation to only affect foes with their control effects if you think about it in the context that powers within a closer range to the user, the user has more control over who they hit. This would affect powers like Arctic Air, Conductive Aura and Hot Feet. And expanding on that, having some kind of enhancement or power that lessens some of the friendly fire effects could be an option for those aiming for more team friendly builds. It wouldn't eliminate the danger but lessening it in some powers, going by the above stipulation that powers emanating from the user have higher control over who they affect. This would namely be aimed at PBAoE effects like Heart of Darkness, Cinders, Glacier, Flash, etc, having some kind of enhanceable chance of not affecting allies. If you think more on it, this would require planning every time you join up on a team. Basically chatting about your powers, who has what effects and different ways to maximize their use. Maybe you decide to use the confuse route and everyone who has Tactics run it for the protection...so long as the confusers aren't Dominators using domination, you should be fine and perfectly safe. Maybe you're rocking a Fire and Ice controller, combined they have controls that are easier to manage the friendly fire aspect since their controls are close-quarters (that's an aspect I don't ever hear people discussing, that some sets get roped in with PBAoE controls while others get safer options...well now a distinction between their utility can be made vs the ranged option being safer than the close option). Or focusing on just CCing trouble targets when team tactics are unsure. This post is mainly on the perspective of control sets on a friendly fire team. I think it makes teaming a lot more complex and involved considering your controls can have negative effects if not utilized carefully. You can still make standard teaming very safe and it might introduce tactics and power usage that emphasizes defense vs offense...like having Personal Force Field on your blasters to stay in the danger zones or coordinating Phase Shift so your debuffers, controllers and/or nukers bypass hitting teammates. It all sounds pretty interesting, actually and makes me think having some other new powers, like a short duration (like 8sec) short rech (like 35sec) phase shift power would be something more sought after. Such a power in the current game is pretty useless. More PFF type powers (Afterburner kind of acts like this now but I doubt people take and slot it for defense) would also be nice. This opens up a lot of options for desired effects.
  13. I have run cave missions with Grounded. Your issues are mostly exaggerated.
  14. Travel Power Suppression doesn't remove your momentum. If you're using fly, for example, and you shoot, you'll still slide through the air. At most, it might suppress the +movement, but if you have slotted swift/hurdle, you can still get a good amount of momentum in combat. I think the most fun would be for ATs who can fire at range, basically keeping on the move while shooting. It takes some finesse to maneuver on the ice which is part of the fun.
  15. On my elec armor characters, I occasionally do get KB'ed when I do jump around which only reminds me that KB doesn't work in those instances...but it's such a rare occurrence, I am constantly *re-reminded* when it does happen. Or to word it more plainly, it's not common to be KB while jumping. For one, the foe has to be using a power on you that triggers KB, two it has to actually land and three it has to be timed to trigger for the duration you've left the ground...i.e. if the target uses a KB attack and I jump, it would calculate I had KB protection...if I am landing and they trigger the KB attack I will fall down. The "state of the team" tends to revolve around effects your teammates provide. To put a bit of perspective on you, being Knocked down doesn't = defeat. You can be knocked down for a second or so and *gasp*...your game doesn't end or you're not dead. If a situation occurs that you died while knocked back, it probably wasn't due to the knockback since that would put you on the ground in the first place.
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