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  1. Endurance economy is a bit out of whack across the board, really. Most ATs can completely alleviate END with various tools OR just slotted out powers to make them more economical when used in conjunction with Stamina, IO uniques and inspirations...even MM. That being said, if we're throwing out some suggestions, I'd recommend having Assault mode grant a moderate +END discount per pet in attack mode (i.e. not bodyguard mode) to give that kind of tactic an advantage. Maybe also a +pet buff every time you use an attack to offensive pets (the ones not set to defensive) wou
  2. Like I said, I find learning, discovery, improving and figuring out problems to be fun. Personally, I don't equate superhero power fantasy to "mindless" and if it starts getting mindless, I likely have to roll a more challenging character or figure out a more complex concept. But hey, to each their own. Having more mundane tasks or combat is obviously an option that I participate in too, which is why I don't mind turning down my difficulty if I'm just rolling through a story to read vs keeping the difficulty to a static setting. FFXIV also has simplicity, btw. Fates, normal que
  3. Funny that, the procs that I have the least knowledge of how they function (the various ATOs) are the ones with the least info on that spreadsheet.
  4. Seems a tad demanding. I took the post as a bit of advice to help the discussion because, at least from my perspective, I'm not nor have I ever been that interested in what procs the devs intend to look into but rather what ideas could be gleaned from other players' opinions and interactions with the various procs and slotting choices. Some are so laser focused on being the individual to "solve" the "problem", they stifle discussion and don't look outside of their bubble.
  5. I like to attribute this to the prolific "critic culture" we have that is so rampant. Everyone is so hellbent on rating everything, a 7 out of 10, four starts, 44%, S-rank, ect. The individual aspects start to only ever matter as a part of the whole. Not crapping on critics, as they provide a service to the indecisive, but everyone doesn't need to be a critic lol. You can enjoy some stuff, not like other stuff and go about your day. You don't have to question your present cognitive dissonance on the quality of everything constantly. FYI, I'm agreeing with the quoted p
  6. I find fun in many ways (from bouncing around random ideas, to creating some obtuse concept character and picking powers/using powers to play out that concept) but a probably unique amount of fun I get is from solving puzzles without being handed the solution. In the context of this game, it's more or less approaching combat or teams and then adapting to the situation to fit in or understand how to best take down a target/group or to understand the mechanisms of how the enemy fights. In most games, it's learning about a class/job/powerset through observation and trial/error, even s
  7. Going by Onepiece logic: the higher the rank, the more powerful you are. The guy was obviously a beast who could crack a horse's spine with a swift knee.
  8. It's not unheard of to create multiple sets for what is effectively the same kind of damage or even concept. Examples: Martial Arts vs Street Justice Energy Blast vs Beam Rifle Claws vs Savage Melee The most important thing to differentiate them is through their power effects and unique mechanics. For this set, I'd probably aim for DoT. Not particularly bleeding but literally damage over the duration of the attack. The OP mention the set being slow and I'd contrast that with the effects activating super quick but the animations being on the slower side tha
  9. The -END proc in ranged I'd probably alter too. Give it 2 components: A base chance of -END (you could rebalance it so if it's a lower chance, like 15%, give it a hefty amount of -END so it's super obvious when it procs...or give it a moderate -END but with a high % chance so you could consistently slot it in several ranged attacks to potentially stack with other sapping powers) An always proccing self +END. This gives you a bit more options in how you could slot it, like for an electric blast getting a possible payoff by having more of these slotted in ST ranged attacks, it j
  10. One of my initial proposals in the thread assumed at making new kinds of "procs" to form build around rather than focusing on just PPM. Like, for the stun IO that does KB, why not change it to an AoE KD around the stunned target if the attack it's slotted in stuns the target. If it has an ICD, slotting it in an AoE sun would still net you a good few stationary targets since it could spread, basically. As for more procs that can mez, you might be able to leverage some AoE low mag mez (probably not more hold out soon stacking but rather fear and immob) with different parameters to p
  11. I'd argue that is why it shouldn't be ported. That could have been a stronger balancing point to make blaster AoE damage greater than its blasting counterparts but only shoring up ST by using melee and give the ST blasting edge to Sent (but no one cares about ST anyway). Rebalance all sets around that mentality.
  12. Caves have elevators?
  13. The funny thing is, I understand why people get flustered about some KB and how it can hinder some battle strategies... But like you said, it hardly causes and stress beyond needing to use a couple of more clicks. In a game where players frequently complain that enemies die too fast and some people can't use their powers before slapping corpses, needing to use some more clicks is hardly an issue. As much as I complain about power creep and the meta, I don't really want to remove it (although talking about removing it is entertainment for the whole family) but at the same time, you
  14. I'm the opposite. I played my TW scrapper up to max before they changed it specifically because I wanted to experience it before it got changed. Same with Energy melee before it got buffed.
  15. Oh darn, you're right!! If only you could, you know...combine some or all of those options somehow...hmmm...
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