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  1. Still time to make it a ranged teleport-to-target kick.
  2. There are a lot of ideas that have been tossed around, some neat, some difficult to quantify or some that are throw aways. Plenty of ammo to put on a drawing board with how to implement, with or without (or both) achievements. At for "gates", the achievement itself can be a gate and unlocking something through gameplay is how you unlock them. I don't honestly see that as a meaningfully discussion since the reward you unlock should be contextual to said "gate". Like, if we're talking about unlocking a freakshow costume party or power, is assume the gate would be linked to content regarding freakshow. If it were some kind of movement speed thing, it would probably deal with a race or combating a speedster foe under certain conditions.
  3. That wasn't a question. Although it's nice to see your lack of appreciation for what you do get. Rather than put forward suggestions of things you would like to see and let them decide how and if to implement it, you go on bickering about how people assume we have infinite time or chiding on about the entropy of the universe.
  4. If I called you a bully, it likely had to do with how you put your argument forth. And if I said you were entitled, it probably had to do with how you engaged or dismissed an argument of your opposition. And it certainly didn't ONLY call you a bully or entitled but also came with a slew of other points you likely brushed aside to distill the post down to a personal attack, which it is not (there's a difference between a personal attack and criticism of your opinions). If by "reorganize", you mean put said opportunity on the table rather than outright dismiss it as additional future content, sure. How you word that makes it sound like restructuring the current game rather than adding it on top of the current game. That's a good question. Usually people don't like pointing out their post frequency of their gameplay frequency of ratio of the two. I could outline my playing other games but I don't think it's that relevant. Can we just stop and point out how the intent had been hijacked by this consistent use of the term "gated"? Language is a powerful tool than can be used for good or ill. I think using the term to clarify implementation is ok but as an argument against us taking the context of. Obviously, the intent is "rewards" but that seems to have to positive a connotation for you guys to even use along side your criticism. I think I may see rewards or incentive less than gated. Frankly, the intent is to give content meaningful rewards. Period. If that isn't something you agree with, you can probably just post that post and stop.
  5. The initial comparison to adding more and different rewards for various content, be they badges, powers, costumes or unlocks was to give someone more things to achieve, more goals to aim for. The apparent argument against that is, you can impose your own limitations as your goals and you don't need the game to give you dopamine hits. A common coping mechanism to help fighting the motivation factor of depression is setting goals and achieving them. This point is specifically targeting those that have waning motivation either to do varied content or to come back and play. That's the whole point of the discussion. The point had nothing to do with making people feel bad for not paying or being a support for those who are actually suffering from depression but rather getting those that are playing a stuff routine or are just 'complete' with the game to come back and keep going.
  6. I could craft a work around for you, create a story, give a personal example or whatever but it all would be meaningless. I'd be eating my time. At the end of the day, with those frustrations you had to work through, you obviously didn't quit the game. So while I can empathize with you, I also just wince in disgust at the sense of entitlement that you are, in any way or fashion, inconvenienced and you go out of your way to push others out of your way so that remains so. I'd be right behind you if, at the least, you could agree that it'd be annoying and you'd rather not need costumes to be unlocked but know it wouldn't be the end of the world. But you don't and you can't and I just smh and wonder what is wrong with people now a days. People complain that games hold your hand and give you a billion hours worth of tutorials and the reason is, people can't be arsed with the inconvenience of having to discover things themselves or go look it up. You literally need a big arrow pointing to objectives or is bad design.
  7. Since it's a volunteer effort, why not seek the community to assist? And if the design is good and accepted, why not give the designer a bit of authority for their efforts? Like if they want to put the cosmetic behind unlocking all costume slots (the missions done, not just having them) so be it... Or if they want to make it purchasable with 1000 hero merits... Maybe swing that down to 5 instead but the requirement still exists. You're gaslighting if you think people can't write a forum response without losing their cool because their cooped up (probably wouldn't tell people to go for a stroll either considering you don't know the circumstances of their quarantine situation). Probably just beat to keep to the discussion and not try to appeal to emotion. That's what I'm saying. If you examined the why for details, you would be examining the context clues. Context clues is a literal elementary concept of reading and communication. Using contextual interpretation, I understand your response has a passive aggressive tone although you would likely disagree to save face amongst the presence of the other posters. I'm not going to press it because it's commonly understood how text is difficult to convey tone, which is fine, I have no qualms with being wrong or corrected if I misinterpret something... But at the same time, most would expect the same courtesy. Back on topic, I put forth the analogy of depression specifically because it is not a particular target you can be tackling here... Same for the inane dopamine argument (and those two, depression and dopamine (or the inability for receptors to interact with it) are linked. If I'm guilt tripping people with a depression argument, your demonizing with the dopamine and addiction argument. So which way do you want it? To keep pressing with that and continue down that road? Or try to object with something we are allowed to discuss here?
  8. The problem, IMO, is scope. You're making a mountain of of a molehill here. And context clues is how you can discern meaning from something even if a piece of information is lost or mixed up. You pretty much went on a tangent about monetization despite that having nothing to do with the rest of the context. Dialing it back now still doesn't mean the objection has as much weight bringing aspects of retail vs non-retail since that is completely superfluous. Chess is free but we don't just skip rules. As for the other jabs you put in there, you have to be accurate if you want them to hit.
  9. I actually feel there's an Overton window effect going on since most arguing for the OP line up with your perspective, me included. It's a pretty moderate position that will kind of take a few new approaches in stride whether nothing changes or introducing a few things locked in an arc or with a badge. I even feel those opposed probably would rage if a new helmet were linked to some content, they just have a preference it wasn't. The divide is against the vocal arguments directing accusations and ad hominems which are kind of the thorn here.
  10. Exactly why I labeled it as a devil's advocate point. But just like my point is subjective, so is your example which is why the 2nd part of that post gives other options to rebutt the actual argument that the concept would be unworkable. You can work with it, it's just going to adhere to another authority and structure of lore. And none of those players are bringing their characters in as examples against our position so it's moot. But you did bring your Vanguard character in. And I'll reiterate, I don't actually cares about your little Gary Stu Vanguard. I clarified that multiple times and if my post sounds confrontational, imagine someone responding to your posts while ignoring most of what you wrote.
  11. Then reassess my word usage as the intent of my post has nothing to do with monetary gain. But now you wasted your time rebutting a useless stance and my time explaining how the stance was useless. If "everything free" is a problematic term, use basic english and context clues to understand the intent and exchange the term for "handed out baseline" or something.
  12. That's not devil's advocate. You'd find more people supporting your position than not. The main reason I say it's a devil's advocate position is because it's mainly targeting the premise that "all concepts are good concepts" with the argument that your example is just a Gary Stu that ignores the lore of the game. Yeah, I know, not everyone cares about the in-game lore and freedom and blah blah blah but you don't actually admit you want to disregard that lore but instead mask it in a "I just want freedom". Like I said, it's fine and I don't think back pedaling that would be good but don't piss on someone's leg and say it's raining. If wanting to have aspects adhere to some form factor is selfish, so it's wanting everything free because you don't actually want to adhere to the form factor of the game.
  13. Just to play devil's advocate (I don't agree with locking those pieces NOW, but if additional pieces were designed and put into the game and the designer had a desire to link it to some in-game content in some way, I wouldn't be opposed to locking THAT), I don't see why your Vanguard trainee couldn't have a training suit that has a different look and feel from the active Vanguard forces. In fact, you could create a bunch of characters who are trainees in a junior Vanguard who are aiming to join active forces over their career. It might require a bit more creativity and you might not be able to make your 5-star general leader of his own brigade of Vanguard at level 1 but hey, the latter seems pretty uncreative and reeks of being a Gary Stu. While I can understand that the latter example is a viable character concept, I can also understand that it is not the only option thus, if the example costume parts were locked, it doesn't make the concept unworkable, just requiring some forethought.
  14. Why the hell is home plate the only place to put a duck pond!? Or maybe you just think that's where someone is arguing to put it?
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