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  1. We aren't talking about caps, we're talking about base numbers. They both get the same resistance from Dark Embrace, for example. That said, I don't really know how sentinels compare to stalkers and scrappers. I never bothered to dig into it
  2. Stalkers and Scrappers have the same value armor. Stalkers just have less HP than Scrapper. As for the Sentinel, I only dipped my toes in just a bit with a low 30s DP/Ice and it seemed pretty cool. The inherent is interesting but might require taking both tier 1 and 2 which isn't an issue for me. To buck the trend on suggestions, what if their inherent stayed the same but they added a toggle to the mix (unaffected by rech) that greatly increased the damage of your AoE powers... But further decreased their target cap? Flipping in and out of that mode too best utilize yo
  3. I think the funny thing is, I'm sure I've heard plenty of players criticize the patron pools, saying they're weak and the pets are underpowered, but there still needs to be equality. Most have boiled the patron pools as either niche, mediocre or a failed effort outside of certain powers like Gloom/Ball Lightning on Brute/Tanker but I guess any possibility of "unfairness" should be rectified, even if the unfairness is having a pile of meh, everyone should have a pile of meh....but I have a sneaking suspicion that any suggestion for a Hero Patron pool will be "adjusted" to fix some o
  4. The problem is, there's already a bunch of overlap. For example, Back Alley Brawler uses Invulnerability, SS and Energy Melee, all of which are available in normal epic pools. Same for Statesman. Hmm, what about Citad- yep, same. I guess you could make a "trick arrow" epic for Manticore or put empathy powers in Numia but you're hardcore pushing against blurring AT niches. People are so caught up in "make things equal" and they lose all sense of creativity. Lvl 35+ pools could be an opportunity to add pools that shine rather than being regular pools that have to be watered down
  5. To double-reverse UNO your argument: so one of the things people complain about redside, being a lowly lackey to a big boss that follows orders, yeah, let's proliferate that to blueside and then hypocritically herald it as the greatest form of story telling and inclusion. That being said, I wouldn't be against adding more lvl 36+ pools and unlock them through various content but you'd need to be more creative than just copying villain patron pools. Also, don't just plop then in a neutral piece of content, make it require being a villain or hero or rogue or vigilante.
  6. I have a certain expectation of what dark powers are/look like/function. But the game defines dark powers differently. That's how game rules/limitations work. It's called Homecoming, not Homebrew. You can't just make your own pet power set, you have to work with the tools available. If you don't like how the powers are defined, that's just something you're going to have to live with and pushing forward the argument that "words have meanings" ignores that groups create those meanings and the group that created the meanings here define those terms different from comics. It's not wholly differen
  7. Then I have no idea why you cling to the moniker "Super" in the name Super Strength. It's literally just words that then have to fit in a game where a person without "super" strength but rather "trained and abnormal" strength (see any other physical set) has to be balanced to function *at least* similarly. That said, I think the suggestion @Vanden pointed to seem like a good idea. A damage proc type effect would, at least, be unique with the only other power that does something like that coming from Plant Manipulation and Fiery Aura. Only thing that miffs me about that is the ex
  8. And what is the average buff and uptime of said buff (Soul Drain + Aim)? I tend to not try to be disingenuous when making comparisons but taking into account outside powers will get you a lot of shady areas since having access to AoE powers not balanced around the presence of Rage (or double stacked) has always felt unfair in Rage's favor and Soul Drain requiring many targets to get a high bonus was its balancing factor. As for War Mace and Martial Arts not sucking without damage boosters, that's kind of the fucking point. If those sets did suck without Rage, that would make SS u
  9. To clarify going 3 quotes in: -Someone mentioned the *benefits* of Rage and rebutted with how people fixate on the negatives -You then state, if several other sets had the negatives of Rage, would the benefits still be benefits. -I asked do those sets you mentioned have a damage buff equivalent of Rage. -You say I'm missing the point. The interesting point is, I'm actually in the camp that would consider reworking SS because of how wonky it is built but then I do not play the set. But I'm also in the camp that would consider putting in more drawbacks to
  10. There were some at some point. Inferno, Black Star, Blizzard, Thunderous Blast, etc. There are still others like Power Surge, Unstoppable, Elude, Overload, etc.
  11. Does War Mace, Archery, Fire Blast or Martial Arts have Rage or an equivalent damage buff?
  12. Alternatively, you just target the foe with the -ToHit debuff first before they can use it. But I'm talking about circumstances outside of buffs/debuffs and just speaking on the hypothetical of ToHit being as valuable or nearly as valuable as +dmg. To point out how it isn't, ToHit really won't do much outside of countering -ToHit once you can hit 95% of the time which can be common against +3s while +dmg will continue being valuable to counter -dmg as well as up to an AT's damage cap OR until you can one-shot foes with weaker attacks. Imagine a system where everyone co
  13. I could be reaching here since I started playing the game after the release of CoV, but I feel that +ToHit was supposed to be a highly valuable stat for doing damage, just as important as +dmg when they were designing the system. But because defense was tied to it and eventually got reworked a lot over time, the link between ToHit and damage was less important up until the end of live where everyone is running around with 95% Hit chance most of the time. Excluding the current meta and looking at a hypothetical circumstance where the game still has 2 effective variables for damage
  14. I didn't have to selectively quote. I quoted your whole post and my point was still relevant TO THAT *WHOLE* POST. I'm sorry that my clarification didn't help you.
  15. I'm not defending bad design, I'm dismantling crappy arguments.
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