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  1. Here's how I would fantasy book the Warriors. The Odysseus of myth was known for being a very charismatic speaker and very sly. With the Warrior's focus on enhancing human capabilities to the utmost, I can see him building a money making empire based on promising gullible people that he will help them achieve their utmost potential. I'm envisioning he'd come up with a program focused on a fad workout regime, dietary supplements, and a straight edge lifestyle. His organization (cult/pyramid scheme) would have multiple levels (think the different color belts in martial arts or like t
  2. Glad I wasn't the only one perplexed by this! When my old SG buddies and I found out about homecoming we were going around trio'ing the task forces and had no idea what we were doing on Market Crash (i.e., take out the force field generators dummies!). The Crimson Prototype whittled my max hp down to 1 and then seemingly one-shotted my Granite tank. I had to open up the combat attributes to figure out what was happening.
  3. Depends on the character concept, however my tanks and brutes are usually max height regardless of body type (with one or two exceptions for character concepts). When I'm not playing a tank or brute I generally try to follow wherever the tank or brute is going and I like being able to quickly spot them in a crowd, so I try to make my tank and brute toons visible.
  4. Penny Yin is my favorite WST. This time around I beat my previous best (28 different toons) with 32 runs (all my toons between levels 20-49 except three). 1. 32 runs X 120 enhancement converters per run X selling price of $72,001 yielded around $275M (I feel like the auction house fees were probably covered by the few huge bids I hit). 2. Had two unique AT runs (where the team was composed of 8 different ATs (For some weird reason I get really excited when this randomly happens) 3. One all blaster run and one all Kheldian run 4. Highest numb
  5. Thanks all! I have a Martial Arts / Super Reflexes Scrapper named Punter. I was hoping to match his costume color scheme to a Paragon City professional sports team color scheme and hoping to reference having played for the Paragon City Whatevers.
  6. I love using the NPC factions for my toons. Here's some of mine:
  7. Is there anything in the lore about Paragon City sports teams?
  8. This is the bio for my rad/broadsword (so close to katana!) tanker named Atom Slicer: After the fall of the Soviet Union, Anatoly Koval left his native Ukraine to take his dream job with Portal Corporation in Paragon City. A nuclear engineer by training, Koval was working on developing power sources for remotely located Shadow Shard bases at a secret lab in Galaxy City when the Shivans attacked. Due to the damage the lab suffered in the attack, Koval was exposed to extremely high levels of radiation and trapped under tons of rubble. Despite suffering the effects of rad
  9. For Posh, I seem to stay alive by continuously knocking down the bad guys. Before I respec'ed out of it, it seemed I was always still mid flurry and dying when I should have been hitting air superiority to knock em down again.
  10. Flurry's animation time can be a death sentence.
  11. My favorite mission with my stone tanker, where the aggro cap didn't seem to matter because the ambushes just kept coming and I think you were supposed to try and destroy the lab instead of just fighting everything. I felt like an unstoppable force!
  12. Back on live I made a toon for the tough guy challenge and I tried to recreate that here on homecoming. Meet Posh: Rules: 1. No primary or secondary powers 2. Only original power pools 3. No P2W 4. No Auction House 5. Can buy enhancements from contacts 6. No IOs unless the recipe and salvage needed to craft it drop. 7. Solo There's a reason he's only level 18! I've yet to select Acrobatics but it will happen at some point.
  13. Thanks for the comment! This wouldn't be a hold in the typical sense because the enemy could still use any other power. I'm definitely not wanting a single target hold to replace the single target disorient. I just think it would make assault rifle a bit more useful to be able to eliminate the enemy's "last resort" power by putting an extra round into their head or an extra round that makes sure they remain defeated.
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