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  1. Whenever I see a dumpster in a mission map I can't resist.
  2. I would recommend you get some more cash money so you can get some IO enhancement sets. If you don't want to play the market game, I would convert all your reward merits to enhancement converters and then list those for somewhere btw 70-75K. You can also pick up 120 merits for every Hami raid you join so I'd join a few of those. The Dark Astoria story arcs are fun. I'd run those. If you haven't run Market Crash, do that and you'll get a purple recipe. Pick up the 4 passive accolades if you haven't yet.
  3. What about that poor guy who took multiple dives in PvP one on ones?
  4. Wonderful Tanker Tuesday Penny Yin Run on Everlasting tonight. Did not have a single repeat primary or secondary by complete chance! We had: 1. Electric Armor / Super Strength 2. Stone Armor / Fiery Melee 3. Bio Armor / Spines 4. Radiation Armor / Radiation Melee 5. Super Reflexes / Martial Arts 6. Dark Armor / Dual Blades 7. Shield Defense / Psionic Melee 8. Willpower / War Mace
  5. They do pretty good although sometimes I have to give gentle reminders on discord: "Please don't click the glowies while the rest of your team is getting slaughtered" "Why are you just standing there?" "Please turn off Group Fly"
  6. Yea that was my bad. It was later than I thought so I hit go and then 30 seconds later I had a tell from the 8th sentinel.
  7. Spoiler Alert! It does not end well... FOR CLAMOR
  8. And just realized I never posted Team Domination from last go around. Had a fair amount of deaths on this one, mainly due to having two baby dominators (played by a nine year old and a seven year old)
  9. It's happening again! Ended up running with 7 wonderful sentinels tonight. Rolled it pretty well. Would have been well under 30 minutes without a weird occurrence on the first mission (last hostie wouldn't pop free... I think a freakshow spawned in one of the jail cells or something). I think we had three deaths, with one occurring after a team split,
  10. ((New Toon named Infinity Explorer who will only be doing street sweeping to check out the new exploration tips)) 0.0 I realized, the moment the world went black, that I would not be destroyed as I had feared. Instead, I found myself falling into an infinite starry expanse in which I had only fleeting moments of coherence. I have tried to speculate how long I was trapped within this void, but I must admit, however— such conjecture is futile. Still, the question of how I found myself back in Atlas Park in front of Ms. Liberty is unsettling to me. To allay my apprehensions I have dec
  11. I was pretty amazed I got Power Hitter on Everlasting.
  12. My AR/Dev blaster plays like a ranged stalker. I had a lot of fun on the webs in Grandville. Although sometimes it doesn't end well!
  13. Here's how I would fantasy book the Warriors. The Odysseus of myth was known for being a very charismatic speaker and very sly. With the Warrior's focus on enhancing human capabilities to the utmost, I can see him building a money making empire based on promising gullible people that he will help them achieve their utmost potential. I'm envisioning he'd come up with a program focused on a fad workout regime, dietary supplements, and a straight edge lifestyle. His organization (cult/pyramid scheme) would have multiple levels (think the different color belts in martial arts or like t
  14. Glad I wasn't the only one perplexed by this! When my old SG buddies and I found out about homecoming we were going around trio'ing the task forces and had no idea what we were doing on Market Crash (i.e., take out the force field generators dummies!). The Crimson Prototype whittled my max hp down to 1 and then seemingly one-shotted my Granite tank. I had to open up the combat attributes to figure out what was happening.
  15. Depends on the character concept, however my tanks and brutes are usually max height regardless of body type (with one or two exceptions for character concepts). When I'm not playing a tank or brute I generally try to follow wherever the tank or brute is going and I like being able to quickly spot them in a crowd, so I try to make my tank and brute toons visible.
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