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  1. At the top of the page click the Select This Font link. At the bottom of the window a panel is added stating 1 Family Selected. Click the panel to expand it, then click the download arrow to the top-right corner of the panel.
  2. Information on changing fonts is at: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,5157.msg40055.html#msg40055 Edit: This is for the font face, not font size. Still need the other changes outlined above for sizing. I play on a TV and I've settled on Source Sans Pro from the Google Fonts. It is available under the Open Font License. https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Source+Sans+Pro?selection.family=Source+Sans+Pro I just found the link with the full details on substituting fonts so haven't played with all the options yet. I used SourceSansPro-Bold.ttf for m
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