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  1. Loving the Fly changes. Jaunt still has a standardish animation while flying, while on the ground its near instant, Is that intentional? it kinda makes sense. Edit: Animation time seems to be the same tgh.
  2. I mean that while flying, Jaunt has a longer animation, i would like to know if there are any plans to make it shorter, similar to Combat Teleport, (Combat Teleport has a very short very quick animation while flying)
  3. Jaunt animation while flying is a standard teleport animation (big thick animation time), any thoughts of making it similar to combat teleport? Just to make it smoooooother.
  4. Not game breaking, but... kinda cool. Ok, get a PB (i guess it works with WS too) and get some kind of temp, Shivan, HVAS w/r, go do something that prevents the use of temporary powers (an iTrial/Ouro challenge). You zone in and you are unable to use temps, ok all is well, BUT if you shapeshift in and out, there is a second or less that temps become usable. If you spam it, or if you are good at fin... fast with your finger, you can use temps when you are not supose to. Tested it, not that hard to do, not that overpowered, i guess get a Kheld if you are doing MOs? Other than making easy s
  5. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,4296.0.html <- Work around.
  6. *Salutes everyone* @Geribello Ice Bow BR, Nathan Archer, Black Wings, INeko, Oxalufan, ...i forgot the rest. I'll be hanging on Everlasting, i'm assuming you guys made it unofficially official right ? Freaking hell its good to be back. Stay safe guys.
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