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  1. Well, great. Now I'm never going to not see this. Although it would explain why my Emp/Archery defender is so ineffective at doing any damage.
  2. You have to have the mission, but you don't have to be the leader of the team that completes the mission. What I've done on multiple characters is run the Dark Astoria arc all the way through then talk to Dream Doctor again to get the "Complete the Dilemma Diabolique Trial" mission. Once you have that mission, running DD with any group will complete the mission and award the badge.
  3. From the old forum post about the removal of the badges: "We really didn’t want the Mission Architect to be an environment that encourages farming for XP, Rewards or Badges." Well, that didn't quite work out the way they've hoped, although I guess one out of three isn't too bad.
  4. If you want to try the Apple mouse again, there’s a setting to turn on right-clicking. For whatever reason, macOS turns that off by default. The setting should be in “System Preferences” > Mouse. The other thing with the Apple mouse is that you have to lift your index finger or the right-click won’t register. The Apple mouse isn’t the greatest for gaming, but it works okay for me for CoH, at least.
  5. That would definitely be an improvement—and a "pick the same powers I have now" button in the respec process doesn't seem like it would be too hard to add—but then, I haven't seen the code.
  6. I'm still hoping someday for the "move enhancement slots between powers without doing a full PITA respec" function. I know...it's going to be a bit of a wait.
  7. Okay, so maybe I didn't max my MA/SR's defenses enough—silly me, I thought the softcap would be a reasonable target. And usually it is, until I go up against ruularu. Then...not so much, no.
  8. Why no mention of Martial Arts? Not enough AoE, or too reliant on S/L damage? I have an MA/SR scrapper that was grand fun to level to 50 solo, though -def debuffs can take him down. I haven't played him that often lately, having since discovered the joys of the DP/MC blapper, but I still think MA/SR is a good set that doesn't require too much key-clicking other than the attacks.
  9. Interesting. I've always done the opposite: most of my toons have Stealth; this is the first time I've taken Infiltration, and that toon already had Stealth. I can see how Infiltration is a lot easier on endurance than Athletic Run + Stealth, though: 0.46/s (easily reduced with enhancements) vs. 0.89/s (0.32/s +0.57/s, the largest part of which is unenhanceable).
  10. Not for movement rates it doesn't. I just checked, and the movement rates with Infiltration + Combat Jumping are the same as for Infiltration alone. Defense bonuses stack, however, as per normal.
  11. This has happened to me too. I can't remember if it was carnies, but it was definitely a situation where I thought, "Hey, I can use this door mission to complete the hunt mission!" The hunt mission completed in-map; finished the map mission and...no door for the next mission following the hunt mission. So basically, don't let hunt missions complete in map missions.
  12. Hm. You got me curious, so I logged in to my character with Athletic Run (which AFAIK is Ninja Run without the potential lower back problems later in life), Stealth, and Infiltration to see how they stack. This is at level 43: Active Power(s) Running Jumping Max Jump None 21.86 38.94 13.14 Sprint 36.18 38.94 13.54 Athletic Run 41.90 58.55 40.94 Infiltration 43.91
  13. Any given Kinetic Melee power. Just pick one—it annoys me. Like playing a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.
  14. This is all interesting; thanks everyone. Do I gather correctly that people usually take Infiltration instead of Stealth, not in addition to it (unless they're trying to maximize LotG slots)? That might be part of my problem right there. (Although I am trying to maximize LotG slots, so maybe it's not a problem!)
  15. Could someone please explain to me what the value of Infiltration is (or is supposed to be)? It seems like it has worse stealth than Stealth while granting the same run and jump boost as Athletic Run. Is there any benefit to it that you don't get from Stealth + Athletic Run, which can be toggled on at the same time? Or am I missing something? I'm not trying to be sarcastic or start an argument—I really don't see what role Infiltration is supposed to fill (other than as a LoTG mule). Thanks!
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