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  1. This would then violate the cottage rule. Your positions could be taken as hypocritical. That's not to be confused with Hippo Critical my newest scrapper character.
  2. You know you can't make Superman in CoX. Super Strength has Rage. fact Rage is optional. fact Those lame limitations exist, but are not lame or limiting for everyone. Capeesh? The "How many characters in the comics that have Super Strength have rage issues." comment I was responding to seemed to push CoX's Super Strength concept onto every strong character ever. That is not the case. CoX's Super Strength is a berzerker concept and likely skates obvious i.p. conflicts. Deal with it already. Want to petition for a different set? Do so! I welcome more power
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha oh u serious. That's sad.
  4. Super Strength and Rage are a berserker concept. Increased strength followed by being winded or fatigued are very common..
  5. While I don't disagree with your point, searching and replacing 'He' with 'They' is trivial. With what we saw with the 'Shocking' power name, a change is likely, what would you like it to be? I'm an asshole and even I know this isn't worth lacing up over.
  6. either of you have a question with your multiple confuse tags? @Night @BZRKR
  7. Would you take Rage with less crash and no stacking? A new powerset that doesn't have Rage at all would totally make sense.
  8. You're stating non-enhanced numbers. As I remember it was closer to 20 on builds. And yes, 'only affect self, so you'd just float there doing nothing' very similar to a mini Personal Force Field but with the added ability zoom away or zoom into a fight.
  9. Ah I see. No, the amount of defense available in combat is dramatically reduced. In combat and out of combat being different values.
  10. Afterburner had an almost 20% def aspect that could be used to soft cap only when needed. The concession was it made it so you couldn't do anything else. That is gone. If players looked at it as only a fly cap increase I can see how it is essentially the same. The multi-toggle and popup tray. Annoying but I agree they can be overcome. Evasive Maneuvers maybe not worth the cost now to me. Seems to be great for min/max to have another source of a smidge of defense to tap into.
  11. Sure if you didn't use a power that way I can see that. But if you did use say Afterburner as a get out of trouble power. Both the core functionality and exact specs were impacted.
  12. Fine, I'll be the bad guy. Energy Melee changes are well covered. Pluses and minuses.. adding of combo mechanic = gross Teleport Foe can not target through another now. Maybe there was a fix I missed. Afterburner, only part of it's defense is now available in combat. "most of its effects" New Stealth, only part of Invisibility's defense is now available in combat. Rune of Protection... Dark Melee... IF the P2W OAS allows exactly the same amount defense for New Stealth and Evasive Maneuvers as Invisibility and Afterburner had with a .5s acti
  13. You must have missed previous topics on the subject. At best you could say the community is split on regens effectiveness.
  14. This is not close to being accurate or true.
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