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  1. Yea, there are many from Triumph that play. I am mainly on Torchbearer. I play a lot with another supergroup that was also back on Triumph, Fusion Force. We have recreated the coalition with members of Wild Cards and Global Heroics. Many of the members of those groups are playing on torchbearer.
  2. Hey AmericanSpirit! I was in Earth Protectors for a bit with my toon Lil Boom-Stick. A friend and I had made twin toons. She was Lil Butane and we both joined Earth Protectors. I’m sure we played together back in the day.
  3. also not seeing Zev Scalamore in Mercy either. Went to the wiki coordinates for both and not seeing them.
  4. The community base is awesome. Shard is a very talented base designer and I'm very glad to be able to enjoy the fruits of their work! If you haven't checked out the base, do so.
  5. Kaasha, Cheekey Monkey, Agent One, Distortress, Ms Tiger and many others. I had toons in Fusion Force, Global Heroics and Wild Cards. *waves
  6. <-- Alt-a-holic, icon charged me rent, TF runner, Fusion Force fiction writer, base designer, AV killer, the one behind the Cheekey Monkey antics and my main toon, Kaasha. So happy to see our community standing after so many years. This game and the people who play it are more awesome than words can describe.
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