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  1. Don't ask that ! That's how you get roped into things
  2. 250 wanting to raid , guess what they all can we just get 5 hive/abyss instances not one of them would be left out. Yes those scary organized Grifers , guess what having zone cap actually helps with that. If they did get together and left the Hive and Abyss with multi bloom mess to grief, having zone caps solves that by letting a raid max out that instance then switching when another instance opens . So thank you@QuiJon for showing a potential issue and proving that fixing the zone caps was a good thing and not having a zone cap is bad. It's not half assing restoring things to how they were suppose to be. Then looking at it and what could be done if there is an issue. It a responsible way to handle it.
  3. Putting thing back to how they are suppose to be and then looking at the issues is the only way to do it. You don't leave the broken piece in while working on to let it cause more damage. All your aggressive posting isn't trying to make things better. You're not a victim , something was broke they fixed it. Regardless of what you post now you're only seen as someone who's crying because they can't exploit the easy loot. You're not entitled to keep using something that was broke regardless of the length of time you've gotten use to it. Also it's nice of you to try to be the self appointed champion of all the good players who somehow are going to be punished with exclusion lol ...please you're looking out for you and your desire for easy loot. Those "good excluded players" can always form their own raid , it's not like either raid is hard anymore. Both were done with one TEAM of Incarnates on live. All it takes is teamwork and a knowledge of mechanics which good players should have.
  4. Fixing the caps to how they should of been of course is the correct thing to do even if it has been months, just because something breaks and people enjoy abusing it doesn't mean it becomes the new standard. If you actually care about the longevity and health of the game you can't dispute this. What fixing the zone caps does is now allows us look at both zones individually and find solutions for their individual problems. 100 seems too high for Rwz don't really need two raids worth of people in there, but allowing for TFs and quests maybe start with something like 75 and see how things go. For Hami leave it at 50 but what would it take to make it so a league could queue into an instance of Hami, like an Itrial? This way it cuts the griefing and leechers out , and if someone still wants to run a regular public one they can.
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