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  1. just checked . It doesn't fix the issue, until they make it when the pool is chosen that a Katana selection opens up on the Tailor tab i dont think that problem will go away
  2. I just see it all as part of an overall balancing of everything, too many looking at individual parts instead of a bigger picture to what is being worked for , nerfing will happen , buffing will happen. My point of view is this is really just one big alpha/beta testing to update the game, working to have a more balance game if/when it gets legitimized, and nothing is set in stone. So giving my feedback and just rolling with each update. This isn't the City of Heroes we lost. It's another City that looks similar but is and will change. It's a game that started development in 2019 built on the shell of the game we lost. Yes some things have been a certain way for a while , doesn't mean they wil stay that way. Like I said above this is more like an Alpha/Beta test for what Homecoming has in their vision, but as a volunteer effort things take time , and they are also working on back end stuff to be able to move the game forward. Some things may take a bit to get too but they will get to them.
  3. Such a reactionary post with no details of these game breaking exploits you're so worried about. So very informative and helpful. Of course the Homecoming team wouldn't let drops happen and other then that what exploits are you worried about . People just want to change things up make different maps to pvp on using the base system. * A warning to let you know if a base has pvp toggled on , would be good maybe you set your base to pvp and when characters enter they then have the option to flag themselves this way maps could be made and players could also just be spectators and watch . * Maybe be able to make safe rooms in the editor that unflag so players could make hospitals and such * Even though I no longer actively pvp or Rp in this game the fun and depth this could bring to those communities would be great and there is no reason to not to add if it is possible as long as it's tested and things are put in place that disallow recipe drops and such , and don't trap players in the base in some infinite cycle of being killed over and over and not being able to escape.
  4. I disagree , it has a 32.1 second duration with a 32 second base recharge . It's basically perma from start , and with recharge it's always up. As a click it's not draining your endurance and not having to run some end heavy toggle like Sonic and ff is great, at low levels it will be up every fight , and as you get higher and have recharge slotted, hasten and other means of recharge it will be up every fight also. About 5 secs after you leave @Bopper
  5. No definitely a jellyfish with a column effect , it's not trapping anything inside 🙂
  6. No you can use it while flying it places the bubble around you , if you're near the ground it's there if you're in the air then it isjust floating in the air with tendrals of electricity shooting down looking like a jellyfish,. You still get the benefits of it if you're under it so the effect is more of a column
  7. Had a chance last night to play with it solo and on a team and have to say my initial take on it is I really enjoy this set. I'll touch on my thoughts and experiences. Solo - I'm a big believer that support sets should be made and judged for performance by how well they assist a team and if they end up sololing well that's just a secondary benefit due to design. Those who do solo and choose support sets that are not solo friendly that challenge is on you. I have done it myself took a Cold/dark fender up solo talk about spending most of your time using your secondary along with a few others. For solo went /Sonic, water, beam, I took Shock, Discharge , Faraday Cage. Went Atlas > Hollows >Steel. Wasn't the roughest leveling , and was decently smooth. Spamming of shock as part of my rotation and using Discharge when I needed worked well. Team - was great , some of the most fun I had. Felt like Buff Blasting , as I slung bolts out at my allies to empower them . The low cooldown fast activation of the heal/end/absorb buffs felt so nice and smooth. I felt very useful and it felt like I contributed to the team in a significant way. This was my feel and playability go through , I'll do a more numbers and technical one soon. Some thoughts I agree with the above , that adding a sleep to Shock would be nice , it does feel like it needed just a little something. The emphasis on end drain is weird as a primary secondary support effect when its not effective like it use to be . Unless you have plans to adjust it. I would like to see more -dmg spread into the set though . Faraday Cage , I like the target location aspect of it and that it's on a short cooldown ( not running some heavy end guzzling toggle yess), but can you add -dmg to foes inside it , and let us be able to double stack it , even if it's only the mez protection part that stacks or put multiples out since your one will end as soon as you click it again , maybe like 2 Max and then the third cancels out the first placed or as many as you can get if they don't stack
  8. I appreciate the work others have done with the various tools and mods for our amazing game , and there is no reason multiple people can not make similar products. I know at least 10 others who are working on online or/ an app versions of a builder too. Not just those who have posted or mentioned it. Personally though I love the idea of a build bin with a builder as part of it. Having an import function from whats in game would be great but also being able to directly make a build to share would be the best. I'd also prefer if this was done by Cipher and the Homecoming team for the Homecoming servers because then the data would be correct and could be updated as changes are made and released ( since most know that when you work on a project you're always waiting on someone else so you have some downtime to do other things )
  9. Thank you for this , saved me so much time when I was getting set up to play on the go
  10. Don't ask that ! That's how you get roped into things
  11. 250 wanting to raid , guess what they all can we just get 5 hive/abyss instances not one of them would be left out. Yes those scary organized Grifers , guess what having zone cap actually helps with that. If they did get together and left the Hive and Abyss with multi bloom mess to grief, having zone caps solves that by letting a raid max out that instance then switching when another instance opens . So thank you@QuiJon for showing a potential issue and proving that fixing the zone caps was a good thing and not having a zone cap is bad. It's not half assing restoring things to how they were suppose to be. Then looking at it and what could be done if there is an issue. It a responsible way to handle it.
  12. Putting thing back to how they are suppose to be and then looking at the issues is the only way to do it. You don't leave the broken piece in while working on to let it cause more damage. All your aggressive posting isn't trying to make things better. You're not a victim , something was broke they fixed it. Regardless of what you post now you're only seen as someone who's crying because they can't exploit the easy loot. You're not entitled to keep using something that was broke regardless of the length of time you've gotten use to it. Also it's nice of you to try to be the self appointed champion of all the good players who somehow are going to be punished with exclusion lol ...please you're looking out for you and your desire for easy loot. Those "good excluded players" can always form their own raid , it's not like either raid is hard anymore. Both were done with one TEAM of Incarnates on live. All it takes is teamwork and a knowledge of mechanics which good players should have.
  13. Fixing the caps to how they should of been of course is the correct thing to do even if it has been months, just because something breaks and people enjoy abusing it doesn't mean it becomes the new standard. If you actually care about the longevity and health of the game you can't dispute this. What fixing the zone caps does is now allows us look at both zones individually and find solutions for their individual problems. 100 seems too high for Rwz don't really need two raids worth of people in there, but allowing for TFs and quests maybe start with something like 75 and see how things go. For Hami leave it at 50 but what would it take to make it so a league could queue into an instance of Hami, like an Itrial? This way it cuts the griefing and leechers out , and if someone still wants to run a regular public one they can.
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