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  1. According to Wikipedia this is the definition of color theory although the concept is much more broad than this: However, there is a section about Monochromatic colors: Don't forget that this cc is about using ONE main color, along with shades of said color so this technically fits under a small subset of color theory. One major caveat is that minor accent colors are allowed in this cc. However calling this a color theory themed cc is a bit too broad as color theory is a bit more complex than it actually seems, when it's technically a Monochromatic themed cc. Nonetheless defini
  2. This calls for a forum game! Yo framerate is so bad, you posted it on the forums.
  3. Ah, I see. Back to square one for me. I have 3 different colors all over my dude.
  4. Color Theory... As in complementary, analogous, Triadic, etcetera etcetera colors? Time to take out that elementary color wheel then! Oh yea this page on the wiki should help.
  5. I feel like players should volunteer to be able to judge alongside GMs for a more diverse opinion. I always see people looking at the costumes but not participating in the CC and they could help spot glitched costumes too. Also pre-made costumes and using the same costume in multiple contests shouldn't be allowed, that's not creativity, it's lazyness.
  6. Retro Futurism aka retro sci-fi is a thing, so that would be considered retro right?
  7. Ah, I see I definitely didn't get the power at level 4, I was well past 15 by the time I got it. I learn something new everyday, I always thought as long as the exemplared level is higher (15 in this case) than the minimum level of a power (in this case SS is level 4), you could use it.
  8. Ok for some reason can't use super speed in this trial, the icon is greyed out yet the images above definitely have people using super speed. Is this a bug?
  9. Ok, so I tweaked the build abit and I won't be dropping fire shield in favor of something else and lose my 90% fire resistance. I removed all the slots from boxing & Fiery Embrace and added them to Weave and Maneuvers and added Lotg Defense/Endurance with Lotg Global Recharge Speeds still in them. Also added slots to Burn, Quills and Throw Spines. Result was an increase in damage in AOEs and defense totals. I also think I figured out that squishy problem, it's the incarnate trials and regular content possibly, AVs hit hard. End is no longer a problem now that I have
  10. So what I could do is replace Fire Shield with Temperature Protection and remove some of the Lotg Global Recharge Speeds from Weave and Maneuvers and put some Lotg Defense/Endurance into them, however I would be sacrificing 15% Global Recharge Speed then again with Ageless and perma hasten, it should balance it out in theory.
  11. Not sure if it's the build or I'm just unlucky but it's like my fire farmer brute is squishy and dies easily also the endurance drain is pretty bad well at least from my point of view. I'm guessing Ageless will be important to help this endurance drain but anyways here is the build.
  12. Is the golden title applied to only one character or is it global aka all characters?
  13. Is costume change emotes allowed for switching between two costumes or would that be an unfair advantage as it is two costumes?
  14. Wow, that's an amazing popmenu. Thanks for sharing @qwy!
  15. Sadly, this does not seem possible, if it was then maybe no one has figured it out yet. Everytime you log out, it will reset the location. You will have to move it to the position you like it in when you log in.
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