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  1. Ok, so I tweaked the build abit and I won't be dropping fire shield in favor of something else and lose my 90% fire resistance. I removed all the slots from boxing & Fiery Embrace and added them to Weave and Maneuvers and added Lotg Defense/Endurance with Lotg Global Recharge Speeds still in them. Also added slots to Burn, Quills and Throw Spines. Result was an increase in damage in AOEs and defense totals. I also think I figured out that squishy problem, it's the incarnate trials and regular content possibly, AVs hit hard. End is no longer a problem now that I have ageless.
  2. So what I could do is replace Fire Shield with Temperature Protection and remove some of the Lotg Global Recharge Speeds from Weave and Maneuvers and put some Lotg Defense/Endurance into them, however I would be sacrificing 15% Global Recharge Speed then again with Ageless and perma hasten, it should balance it out in theory.
  3. Not sure if it's the build or I'm just unlucky but it's like my fire farmer brute is squishy and dies easily also the endurance drain is pretty bad well at least from my point of view. I'm guessing Ageless will be important to help this endurance drain but anyways here is the build.
  4. Is the golden title applied to only one character or is it global aka all characters?
  5. Is costume change emotes allowed for switching between two costumes or would that be an unfair advantage as it is two costumes?
  6. Wow, that's an amazing popmenu. Thanks for sharing @qwy!
  7. Sadly, this does not seem possible, if it was then maybe no one has figured it out yet. Everytime you log out, it will reset the location. You will have to move it to the position you like it in when you log in.
  8. I'm assuming your talking about custom windows? Either put it to the bottom or to the right like this:
  9. Thanks! Added!
  10. Post has been moved to Guides, you can find in here.
  11. Task Force, Strike Force, ITrial & Raids Mothership Raid courtesy of @Hyperstrike RTR_-_Homecoming.mnu 33.38 kB · 1 download Behavioral Adjustment Facility or BAF courtesy of @Oklahoman baf.mnu 12.18 kB · 2 downloads Dilemma Diabolique or DD courtesy of @Oklahoman dd.mnu 6.67 kB · 1 download Lambda Sector courtesy of @Oklahoman lambda.mnu 6.37 kB · 1 download If I missed any or if you want to add another popmenu to the list, please ask! What we need: More Archetypes, so far we only have 2 with popmenus ITrials Missing: Keyes, The Underground, TPN, Minds of Mayhem, Magisterium More Task/Strike Forces & Regular Trials (probably won't need any) Hamidon Raid & Cathedral of Pain
  12. Archetypes Masterminds MMpet popmenu This will need to be edited to suit your needs, just replace any Demonlings Demons or Princes with your pets courtesy of @Hopestar demons.mnu 3.93 kB · 22 downloads Expanded Numpad Although here are some binds & macros in there, there is a popmenu & custom.window courtesy of @qwy You can see more of @qwy stuff in the comments of this post below. PeaceBringers & Warshades Peacebringer Powers Popmenu courtesy of TheUnamedOne PeacebringerPowers.mnu 1.26 kB · 1 download Warshade Power Popmenu courtesy of TheUnamedOne WarshadePowers.mnu 1.42 kB · 2 downloads
  13. The Consolidated List of Popmenus We already have a guide on how to modify a popmenu to suit your needs and what a popmenu is, Thank you @Zolgar. You can find it here and this one for custom windows, Thank you @Healix. Custom windows is a godsend to using macros & popmenus without cluttering up your power trays. I would recommend reading those two first if you don't understand popmenus or how to install them. Popmenus are highly underrated compared to macros & binds and this post will consolidate most the popmenus found on this forum & ones on the original forum which has fortunately been mostly archived. The downloads will be available here along with the code below them. Special thanks to the creators of the popmenus! This post wouldn't have been possible without you. With that sorted let's get into the list. Note: The popmenus in Italics came from here Utility Ashlocke's Handy Menu courtesy of @Ashlocke Ashlocke's Handy Menu.mnu Teleport Menu courtesy of @heywoods1230 TPMenu.mnu Extor's Emotes Popmenu courtesy of @Extor Prime universalemotes.mnu 9.57 kB · 115 downloads Alphabetic Badge List PopMenu courtesy of @Janrith and later @ROBOKiTTY BadgeList.mnu 188.25 kB · 34 downloads Ultimate Mission Helper courtesy of @Profit and @Living_Hellfire menus.zip 455.64 kB · 211 downloads Inspiration Maker Popmenu courtesy of @Microcosm InspirationMaker.mnu Costume Change Popmenu courtesy of SnowGlobe CostumeChange.mnu All Popmenu courtesy of Scur It is mostly a whole bunch of powers with some extras. All.mnu Interface Color Chooser courtesy of Djeannie It is also in the Useful Commands popmenu. Interfacecolorchooser.mnu UsefulCommands courtesy of Djeannie A big list of Useful Commands. UserfulCommands.mnu Base Building & SuperGroups SGMusic Menu courtesy of @qwy SGMusic.mnu 16.91 kB · 17 downloads SGStuff Menu courtesy of @qwy SGStuff2-5.mnu 28.85 kB · 5 downloads
  14. Found it! I have also updated ths post with many more popmenus.
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