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  1. Alternatively you can use a popmenu if you know how to use one. I have a popmenu I've made for every emote MM pets can use it's linked in my signature below.
  2. I can agree it's easier with it but not everyone has or even wants discord. Discord was released 6 years ago while this trial was released 8 years ago. Unless you had teamspeak or skype, it was pretty much text. Have you tried using incand to tp everyone to the last AV standing as a last resort type thing? But obviously you'll have to be quick, alternatively 1 incand per team. Or maybe you could pull the 2 AVs to Chimera when he does his teleports. Perhaps you could combine these strategies with those 3 defined players. I've had plenty of failures getting this badge, so I just resigned myself
  3. Bear with me here but I have too much questions! What If... Our character got to Excalibur before Black Swan. Would Pendragon become the true hero he was mean't to be? What If... Tyrant or any other ITrial AV won and all incarnates died? What If... CoH never shut down and Cryptic Studios was still here? How expanded would the CoH Lore be? What would we be fighting in the coming storm? What If... Praetoria successfully conquered Primal Earth? What If... Hamidon destroyed Primal Earth and met his Praetorian counterpart who also destroye
  4. I actually have a similar version installed but it's the 2015-2019 version, I can't install the one you linked to as it says there is another version of the product installed. I downloaded the 2012 one instead but I still get the same errors. Gonna try uninstalling both and using the one you linked. EDIT: I uninstalled both and installed the one you linked but that didn't work either, so I reverted back to the 2015-2019 version. Perhaps I'm missing Visual Studio 2019, it's a prerequisite in that Ourodev link.
  5. Congratulations to the winners AND losers! Even if you lost, I see you guys as winners too, the unique costumes and creativity of the community is amazing!
  6. I'm grateful for this post but just so you know your compiled version doesn't work, I got three warnings, something about three .dll files missing.
  7. There is always that one guy who complains that they didn't win. You cannot win them all, I mean I haven't won a single costume contest since I first started playing on this game. I don't attend costume contests to win, in fact I like to predict who will win and it makes things more interesting for me. If I win, I win, it's not like it's end all be all. I attend costume contests to have fun, see how creative our community can get, don't stifle your creativity because you lost.If the judges don't have the same tastes as you or you feel like the CC is the lottery, so what? The moment
  8. Been playing for a while but I'm starting to enter the mod scene. I installed some mods just fine, so I search for some mods on the forum and came across this one: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/23701-titanman-animation-sprite-ui-texture-mod-tutorial/?tab=comments#comment-285551 But I can't install it. I used the browse for mod to install, choose the mod I just downloaded above (Login screen UI Mod) but when I go back to CoH Modder, it says "Unable to locate mod." Prehaps it's not formatted for the program? This is on Windows 10
  9. Update: I finally added emotes for robotics after a bit of procrastination. I fixed some typos and emotes that weren't working. If you guys see any more typos and emotes that don't work you can tell me.
  10. Do Myths count? For example Heracles from Greek myths. I ask this because according to wikipedia, it's considered a genre of folklore.
  11. How do you pull AVs without your pets getting in the way especially in incarnate trials? When I try to pull Nightstar or Siege in BAF, pets just attack everything. I could just use goto or stay and make sure they are in Bodyguard range but that seems like a hassle if a tank could pull better with taunt.
  12. Now with the group fly improvements, pets can now attack pylons in MSR and the Dropship and now they will be viable in Hami, I've been thinking of starting a second build on my character, with more of a support focus. Ok, so along with group fly, I got teleport target for easy team rezzing and Vengeance. For incarnates Clarion is an obvious must have. I'm trying to reach 75% in as much resistance categories as I could, currently only Negative is at 75% but I can't figure what slotting I could do to up those other resistances. This Villain build was built using Mids Rebo
  13. We already have a Emotes popmenu for players as seen here and I realized our pets are left out and to be honest typing out the emotes makes me lazy to attempt a comedy, drama skit with emotes and sometimes they can't use some emotes (Demons) and so they sit there looking silly when the emote doesn't work on them. So this where these popmenus comes in. It's adapted from Extor's Emotes Popmenu which I linked above and replaced all /ems with petsay and petsayall. I've also added a "Master and Pet" emotes, so you can slap your own pet! The petsayall popmenu affects all pets, if you wan
  14. Thanks for the update! I've just added it in.
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