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  1. The VFX for Thorny Assault were new when CoV came out, but the animations and effects are straight copies from Spines. I can't think of anything else that was genuinely new except Mind Probe in Psionic.
  2. The Heroes/AVs in all of the Signature TF/SFs (the ones from the "main characters," basically) have their levels set not to scale down. As a rule of thumb, you at least want the leader of the team to be the max level for the content you're doing to protect you from situations like that.
  3. The counterpoint to this is that almost all powers in the Assault sets are just straight clones of powers from other sets, so they require a lot less work to build. They really only need to be put together by theme and given a balance pass for the numbers, no VFX/SFX, animation, and minimal design work necessary.
  4. Awesome, perfect answer. Thank you. I will continue to dream 😌
  5. Could you elaborate, please? This is exactly the kind of thing that I'd really want to hear from the dev team. If it's not going to happen, I want to know why, especially considering that we've now seen it's technically possible.
  6. There are a lot of changes on Thunderspy that I don't like, but the Mastermind updates they did are awesome. I would really like to see Homecoming take their own swing at MM love. It's by far the most unique thing about CoH, mechanically.
  7. I think OP means the bit that covers the underside of the jaw:
  8. Heya folks. Trying my hand at a Proc Monster build with a Plant/Storm and I'd love any feedback or suggestions I can get. This'll be my first Stormie and first Controller build since The Time Before and I'm a little rusty. As I see it: Pros: Lots of procs (of course) Perma hasten Softcapped S/L and Ranged, small purple from E/N Doesn't need Super Speed for stealth, nice for Control positioning with Hover/Fly Cons: End drain is pretty high and Storm is end hungry. Ageless 100% required Weak ST attack chai
  9. If I remember correctly, the only Hero Archetype you can get somewhat close to the original experience with is the Scrapper. Controllers, Defenders, Blasters, and Tankers have all had significant improvements to their Inherent power that made them all much more powerful, especially solo. Blasters and Defenders are basically off the table entirely since they've had such enormous buffs to the Ranged Blast sets (insant snipes, crashless nukes, DPA buffs for tier 1-2-3 blasts) and also all Blaster secondary sets (more controls, sustain powers, orders rearranged to make them better for leveling) on
  10. Right! It's been an age since I looked at Night Ward, totally forgot about that.
  11. It really is a bizarre choice that somebody decided to drop that big reveal in the AE description. As far as I know, it's never referenced anywhere else, and I'm pretty sure the only appearance Odysseus makes in-game is his MKSF debut. I do think the way that one ends makes it pretty apparent that whoever wrote it (Probably Sean McCann? I think he was the one working on the redside revitalization) had plans to continue that story, but never got the chance because of the sunset. It does add a second tie to the Warriors into the Incarnate lore, so maybe what they were going for was to retcon the
  12. If you decide to do this, please make a plot point out of it instead of it just suddenly being different. From the original City of Heroes site description of the group (preserved here) "The Warriors are a fierce street gang in Paragon City. They operate primarily out of the Talos Island and Striga Isle zones. Their membership is wide and varied, and they don’t seem to discriminate based on ethnicity, race, or religion. The one common trait that all members share is the ability to fight and to fight well." Notice what's missing there? Gender. The Warriors are the exact
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