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  1. Guys.... I figured it out, best thing they could add.... Nunchucks. *Drops mic* P.S. Thanks Homecoming 🙂 Missed my game for 7 years, you guys are the best!
  2. So this is just a thought I had, I know it's kind of crazy but its just something I thought of and thought I would share. I think it would be really cool if you could cross archetypes kind of like DnD, meaning when you level up you have the option to add a level of another class. It would be really cool to be able to take some more blaster abilities as a Mastermind or some more defensive abilities as a Blaster. Then, you could scale the damage, resistances and what not depending on how many levels of an archetype you take. I realize this would open up a whole can of worms, there would be a million of things that would need to be clarified and math to be done. Less of an idea, more of something I just thought I would share
  3. Alright I know this thread is old now but I just thought of this while playing last night. Why don't we have access to all the costume pieces used for villain NPCs? Being able to use some of the Tsoo accessories like the various weapon sheathes they have would be awesome. Same with the Knives of Vengeance, they have some cool pieces that we don't have access to in the character creator. Like check the dual sheath, I need that in my life
  4. Nunchucks? Also I feel like the Dire Wolf in the Beast MM set could be a bear, missed opportunity to have a bear. Bears are dope.
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