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  1. I write stories for all my characters, but once I put it into the character's ID, where is the actual file stored? Offline or online? It would be nice to be able to edit those offline.
  2. We've all seen them, Sirens! Though we have all dabbled with the sound blasters, there is so much more FUN to be had with Siren/Bard Controllers. Imagine locking down groups of foes with DANCE PARTY (using random dance emotes) instead of sleeps? Below images show some ideas I've had about playing a Siren/Bard. Pretty please ???
  3. I playing only controllers. Back in live, Illusion/Rad, especially with the Phantasm, was nearly unbeatable. So, I remade this controller when Homecoming made it possible to play COH again. However, the set didn't stand up as well as I remember. Then, Electric/Electric was introduced. Those two powers together are spectacular! She can stop mobs, sleep mobs, drain all their endurance, heal, buff, AND replenish the entire party's Endurance thereby overpowering all the others controllers I have. I added all the IOs for increased casting speed and this controller is unst
  4. I wanted to know this as well. I found my emote list from Live, but there are new once since when I played.
  5. Thank you for replying. I noticed that PVPers have something they use called "Animation Canceling" moves that stops the animation and allows them to keep attacking. In Nature Affinity, a player can't keep Regrowth on auto cast and expect to run and keep up with the group. The animation forces the character to stop, and then cast regrowth. I was researching through threads to find a solution for having to stop and cast... or I'll just stop playing her.
  6. My profiles are short stories, almost as if graphic novel panels. They often depict a scene that details the character and shows off a bit of who they are. However, I have yet to RP with anyone. Although, I tend to RP as the character in whatever team they are in.
  7. Plantroller here. Let's talk about Nature Affinity characters having to run after and keep up with the team, but then have to stop to cast REGROWTH. Because of this, the power has to be turned off when moving instead and back on to autocast. Any ideas? Animation Canceling macros or other?
  8. I read character's descriptions and noticed continuity with the descriptions, including a list if attributes. Is there a semi-standard form or preferable format to follow? Please link. Thank you.
  9. We expanded our base to put in additional rooms. Now, when teleporting into the base, we get stuck in the portal. The only way out is to click the portal back to where we were in Paragon. Any ideas what is happening or how to fix?
  10. We roleplayed back when COH first came out. Back then there were regular homage costume contests; Galaxy City's park was the hangout; Taxibots were the way to travel; a hero named Jumbo Shrimp patrolled the waterways for crime; and a hero named Mossy Boulder escorted new comers through Perez Park. Do you remember any of that? We would love to join you. We're looking for a Lite RP Coalition on Everlasting with players who have a good time and welcome seasoned players.
  11. Thank you for your response. I had not considered, but I think you mean that that not all RP is the same, or has similarly-minded players. Not all are harmonious. We were players and RPers from COH when it first came out, so perhaps we're looking for seasoned groups who love the game, have a good time, enjoy joking about similar things, and RPing as the hero/villain. I tried the global channels, but no one was talking. I'll keep looking.
  12. So, what are the channel names? Are they literally called RP and OOC?
  13. Are there any supergroup RP coalitions? Many RP groups want you to join their supergroup. However, we don't want to give up our supergroup or the superbase because of the storage for our many characters HC allows us. It's just the two of us, but we love bantering in RP with other heroes out and about as we always do in a mission or team, but would like something broader, like a coalition. If you know of any, please reply. Thank you!
  14. This is me, too. I have trouble reading and playing at the same time, especially if the group is in a mission.
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