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  1. Must've found one of the few who isn't like the rest of the community..figures.Doesn't matter I got what I needed.Goodbye.
  2. You're assuming a lot about me. But thank you anyway.
  3. I just need a full build from scratch with Mids.
  4. I didn't. I still would like a build though.
  5. I have a energy/regeneration Hero. I want to do some major damage but protect myself. Obviously I can't just run into every battle, but I definitely want to put the major hurt on some baddies. Help with build please? Needs: Maxed Damage & Defense (I know it's a Sentinel) Ion Core Nova Managed KB Flight (Regular OR Mystic) Got a build for me? 🙂
  6. Thank you but I'm not looking for cheap, I want effective. I can handle the inf.
  7. True True. I love this community. 🙂 So,can someone give me a plan for a rad/fire with no travel power (and no electricity)?
  8. Ahhh.. I didn't think about the travel power thing. But what if I have to go to a different AE other than the popular Atlas one? I'd have to run the whole way. I think one slot and one power would be alright, right? But thanks for the info,I'll check it out immediately. I've got the Inf. for whatever is necessary... Update:Hmm I didnt like that Rad/Fire. While they did take SJ, they also took some electricity,which wouldn't work with my character. I think I need a customized build...
  9. I have a rad/fire I want to make into a farmer. Can someone help with the build? (SJ has to be the travel power)
  10. damnimgood

    Brute Help!!!

    I'd like to use Dark Melee with a Brute and I'd like to know what secondary I should use. One of these please: Bio Dark Fiery Invul. Regen. Shield. SR.
  11. You think I should've gone dark/dark? or something else?
  12. Getting butt whupped. Need help with build. That is all. lol.
  13. Errrrr.....what? LMAO. That...wasn't the question.But thanks.
  14. I heard Kinetic Melee was good so I want to try it. I need help picking a Secondary. The options are:Bio,Dark,Energy (Maybe),Invulnerability,Regeneration,Super Reflexes,Willpower. And the only reason why those are the only options because I'm trying to stay with my character's look. (Plant/Nature creature sort of) Anyway..HELP PLEASE! THANKS 🙂
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