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  1. By some of the character names I've seen lately,I'd say the (recent) player base is about 12-14 lol.
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Water/Will. lol. Then I picked up Frostbite from Ice Mastery to keep the bad guys away from me. And it goes with my character too. So much fun, and all I have is level 53 enhancements, no sets yet. Fun, even BEFORE sets or even invention enhancements. I CAN NOT WAIT till I get sets in there. I'm working on that right now. So hyped.
  3. I am working on a Dark/Shield Brute and I saw two builds on here and wondered what people thought of em'. I was thinkin' of using one of em.
  4. I was looking at the reddit for "Most OP Solo Character", and I was wondering what the Best Ranged Character for soloing would be. Doesn't have to be a Blaster or a Sentinel. (Or so called "OP") Could be a Controller or something else. I'd really like some out-of-the-box ideas so I can try something different. I've just made a character with a great design (IMO lol) and I prefer range over Scrappers, Tanks, Stalkers or Brutes. I KNOW there's drawbacks to this, but just my preference, and was looking for ideas for good range soloing.
  5. Looking for a Star Wars themed SG. Not direct characters (cause..lawyers.😒) but in that universe..
  6. TV and Movies (Not direct characters,but in the same world, Because you know..whiny companies and greedy lawyers) Ohhh..that's another one! Jobs and Professions...
  7. I missed it,but when did COH stop doing the Pluses with the enhancements when you slotted em' ? Like 30++ or whatever.
  8. Do I really need to take Wild Growth and Life Giving Spores and Wild Bastion?
  9. Erydanus, I don't know if you're ever gonna see this message,cause your post is from 2019 and I don't know if you still play,but your post helped alot. THANK YOU.
  10. Had a play fight with my cat. You know..claws hurt. So now I'm inspired to make a claw scrapper in the game to share my pain.
  11. Welcome Back, Welcome back, Welcome back.
  12. "Smack it up,flip it,rub it down,Oh noooooooo.." No wait. That's Bell Biv Devoe. Sorry.
  13. Their first words are gonna be.."Did you try turning it off, and turning it on again?" GUARANTEED.
  14. What we need...is a Karen. This would be fixed in under 15 minutes. Someone go grab a Karen off the shelf, unpack her,and put in the two double A batteries. Turn her on, (wait,what?) and let her go. I need my COH fix. I'm jonesing like a crackhead!!!
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