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  1. I generally solo a character up rather than farming so earlier characters fund later characters. Also, I generally avoid purples as I generally move on to other characters once all the incarnates are unlocked. I do IO set everything. That being said, the most expensive are either Dominators due to the need to get certain IO sets to chase permadom. Otherwise, any of the characters with a lot of defense or resistance sets as those IOs always seem to be more expensive.
  2. You may wish to read the prior posts as my objections was because one of the Lead Game Masters said: "However, every situation is different, and we unfortunately cannot discuss any outcomes, including what actions were taken." Third post in, please feel free to confirm the quote. My post is directly after, the forth post in this thread, where I take issue at the quoted statement that the GMS are able to make a statement but are choosing not to. The same Lead Game Master later clarified that they are making a conscious decision not to share anyth
  3. Ok, lets unpack this one. The main developer comes on and says the following: I take issue at the idea they they cannot say anything. I find those two statements contradictory as I do not believe any restrictions exist for revealing player disciple, especially if the information is revealed only to an aggrieved party. If that kind of information is not revealed to the aggrieved party, it is very easy for them to perceive, rightly or wrongly, that the GMs do not, in fact, take these situations very seriously and that they do not act on them. Anoth
  4. This is not my normal area, so can you give me examples from the United States Code of the Code of Federal Regulations that you are referring to? The cite alone is fine. It is my experience that businesses say that they can't do something when the simply do not want to. If there are, as you say, numerous laws that restrict such disclosure, I would be curious to see them. I'm especially curious as to confidentiality requirements that also extend to prevent notification to the person that lodged the complaint/victim. I am well aware of some that exist in the educati
  5. I do not understand this last statement. You certainly can discuss what occurred, what actions were taken and what the outcomes where, you are choosing not to. There is no right to confidentiality here, we are not dealing with a school or other protected area. I do not understand the hesitancy to inform the victim that, for example, someone has been banned for a week or for life or nothing has happened. To me, there is a difference to informing a victim than posting the results in a forum. I think a victim should get to know. If there are reasons otherwise, I am curious as to
  6. For role playing purposes, my Thugs are all ex-boyfriends. Ann and the Boys
  7. Wind Control, while not implemented, is in the code and HC wiki. It was mentioned as it was being made at the demise of the game as an indication of what the direction the designers of the game were taking the game to. Interestingly though, the posts have gone from "Mind is special" {emphasis in original} to 'Mind Control is fine as it is just about". 'Just about' isn't fine. The limitation realizes that there are problems with the set. I've given my thoughts on both a minimum fix and what I would like to see happen. No argument has been presented as to how my s
  8. You forgot masterminds pets. If the argument is pets are readily available, then the actual pet class should be cited. You also forgot the unimplemented Wind Control which was also planned to have a pet at level 32. It also looks like the proposed level 18 power would have been better than Mass Confusion as Seeds of Confusion was with Plant Control. Homecoming hasn't implemented this set, but some of the other servers have. I hope Homecoming is able to do so. Each of the go red to get a a pet is a limited duration pet with a high recharge. None of them is anywhere
  9. I disagree, I would greatly prefer if mind had a pet. I would especially like if I could confuse an enemy and take them around as a helper, with no xp loss for the damage they do like every other pet, until they are defeated or I use a confuse power on something else. Limit it to a minion or an LT. Heck, make it so you have to do Mass Confusion and then Confuse the target. Make it something that makes the set stand out and be unique. Make 'no fixed single pet' special not blah. Mind suffers from early design that was not reviewed as the game grew. Right now, 'no f
  10. I'm currently working a Grav/Storm controller up and have a 50 Grav/Savage Dom I agree with roleki completely. I skipped Hurricane and do not miss it. Remember also that wormhole does not need line of sight, it also does not agro the ones it left behind. I took the sorcery pool. While gravity is GREAT for single target attacks, adding Arcane Bolt was helpful. Mystic Flight is useful, but then you can get Enflame and Rune of Protection. Enflame is great fun to put on an enemy that you just wormholed into a corner with all of its fr
  11. Ill/Trick Arrow to 50, you won't need a team, but you bring a whole lot of options if you choose to team.
  12. It seems like every week or two we have a discussion about this powerset. It generally comes down to Mass Confusion vs. Seeds of Confusion and Lack of a Pet vs. Mass Confusion makes them all your pets - not really as they fight and I don't get all xp and so on.
  13. I have a Grav/Savage Dom that I've taken to 50 and unlocked all of his incarnates. Frankly, it depends on how you play. I almost exclusively soloed at level until early 40s (permadom) then +1 or +2. team size one doing red side content. That meant I was generally fighting groups of three enemies at range. If you group a lot, you can certainly play the dominator version of a blapper. I personally think your better off doing that as a brute. Melee hits harder and Dominators just don't have the defense. I five slot Lift with the Decimation set into it to add 6.25% r
  14. Well, it wasn't up in time. I cleaned the kitchen, got started on the laundry. My Wife was really happy with me. Now, I need to know. Is my wife conspiring with Nemesis? This was a Nemesis Plot to get me to clean the kitchen, right?
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