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  1. Thank you GM_Bot, I enjoyed my new High-Def costume!
  2. I liked the developer's choice awards, and would frequently use them to find arcs in AE to play. I understood, but was a little saddened, when the awards were shuddered a few months ago as they were a great way to find new and creative content. After reading about the new community helper position, perhaps the community could also help weed through and AE Arcs to narrow down ones for the Developers to consider for awards to take some of the burden off the Devs and so this can continue. Frankly, I want to incentivize the player base as much as possible to create additional new con
  3. If you are considering a new enhancement set, will you consider creating a knockback to knockup enhancement? First of all, it is great for the sheer juvenile humor of the name, but it can also be a fun addition. Currently we have the Sudden acceleration version that converts knockback to knockdown due to all the complaints about knockback sending enemies out of melee range. We have knockup powers such as lift, knockout blow, and Mastermind Graveknights with Disembowel. (I apologize if I'm missing others.) Having knockback to knock up will stil
  4. Any chance we are going to receive a March 2021 version of this post? I understand not releasing the numbers for a variety of reasons, but they are very interesting. Personally, I'm curious as to the growth, especially during the pandemic months, and if the active player base is being consistent/sustained/shrinking or growing. The numbers of 50s of each type is interesting as a curiosity as what is popular and what isn't.
  5. I'll third putting the set into your single target hold power. I've primarily soloed two Doms to 50. I generally fire my single target hole immediately whenever it is up, especially on my Gravity Dom, and it is not unusual to have three instances of the proc up at the same time.
  6. Funny thing is, you really don't realize how wonderful Singularity is until you find it fighting an Elite Boss, alone, and winning. Plus, being able to charge forward and know that you will not have to deal with ambushes from behind is wonderful.
  7. There is a big difference in playing story focused arcs in AE than playing in the farms. The story focused arcs are a great way to enjoy content and they already give less in terms of rewards than playing radio missions. There is no reason to nerf the story focused in AE.
  8. I played Release Candidate last night. This mission is a great introduction to AE and the DEVs may want to consider putting in a contact outside the Atlas AE just to give this arc as an introduction to AE rather than have it among those you can select. (If you do that, tone down the last fight a little.)
  9. Miss Jersey, I played this one and your 'trademark' mission last night and loved them both. Thank you for making them and would greatly appreciate any additional content you are kind enough to make for us. Thank you!
  10. This is a final level 32 or level 38 power, it should be better than holds that are available on other sets at lower levels.
  11. I can say that about every single power in existence. The potential redesign of this power is very different though. In essence your taking a primarily ranged effect, an AoE Hold, while coupling it with a Team AoE Resistance Buff. By having them in the same location, your encouraging a melee/close quarters play style. This is set to be a primary for one set and a secondary for three others. For Defenders, Controllers and Corrupotors, those ATs are primarily ranged. If the two parts of this power were separated into two separate powers, they would rarely applied in a situation
  12. I wish it was similar to the other area hold powers that can be placed. The way your describing requires you to place it over the enemies to get value for the hold (which is probably not a very high magnitude) then you have to get inside of that area to take advantage of the defense. That is fine for masterminds, but playing the set with a ranged controller, it would have a lot more utility if I could set the arrow near where I want a defensive perimeter, and then have the hold go off as things enter that perimeter like other similar holds.
  13. With the EMP Arrow revisions, will the hold effect only occur on enemies that are in the radius when it is first case or will it also effect targets that enter the cage while the cage is still up?
  14. If I remember correctly, there is a rocky outcropping behind where there are a ton of Nemeis in formation. Check that outcropping, there is a door there to a small base.
  15. With my Psy/TM blaster, rather than up the group size I upped the enemy level for missions. Even at +1/0 most missions have a purple or two. I would expect that if you ran +1/0 or +2/0 instead of 0/+3 you would see the sets like PSI be higher rated and sets that shine in AoEs taking a hit.
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