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  1. Vortex's Vibrant Verisimilitude of Grave Grimalkin Gnashing Or the remaking of demon sounds into cat sounds. Version 1.0 As many of you here I enjoy playing Masterminds, but find my enjoyment a little lacking luster when it comes to the demons, and their constant noisome emanations, and violently vehement vociferating. Thus, I set upon my quest to tame the savage nether spawn to behave as Bohemian bastardization of kitty cats. Tucked with the zipped files you will find some sounds that will tame the din, to cats who will look for their din din while in the shape of demons. But beware! When summoned or slain they will regain their netherworldly ways and roar out their old demonic bellows. Simply unzip the files contained within the City of Heroes-data-sound-Ogg-Demon Summoning. this is a rather rough first draft, so do not judge me to harshly as this was mostly concocted for my own amusement, and word leaked to others and they lay upon me for their desire to also train their demons to sound like cats. I hope some enjoy with maniacal laughter as I do as the Demons purr and meow, feedback is welcome, although I cannot promise to answer or adjust the sounds, only time will tell. With Regards. The Vortex Master data.7z
  2. Tried to do the mission as a flashback arc, same issue, not able to complete, can confirm Ramirez, Traffic, Showers, Claudia Michaels, 4 Weapon Crates. Clue appears after destroying fires weapon crate, killing Traffic and Showers, and after killing Claudia Micheals. Also in mission was Heavy Barrel, Pistol Adept, Pistol Initiate, and Brawler Adept. Paragon Wiki states that there should also be a Resistance officer (BOSS) called Point Blank, no sign of said character. Tried 3 times including log out, and restart of whole arc. Tried both talk options with Warrant prior to start of mission. UPDATE: Upon my 4th try there was a different map layout than the first 3 runs, I used stealth to get to the back of the mission, Point Blank was finally present, upon defeating Point blank and Claudia Micheals, the mission completed. Did not need to defeat any other mobs, or break the weapon chests. So possible short term fix is to keep trying until you get the map with Point Blank present.
  3. This! This is amazing, I have wanted this since day one of playing City of Villains, I would have even been happy with losing brawl, but this is absolutely a dream come true!
  4. Hello there Niizzy! Welcome to City, to quickly answer some of your questions Blueside is Heroes, Redside is Villains, than there are co-op zones where both sides can go and team up. Also if your Character is a Vigilante or Rogue they can go to both blue and red side to team up, although Vigilantes act as Heroes for badges and other things, and Rogues for Villains. DFB stands for Death from Bellow which is a popular TF (Task Force) for leveling Characters, note also on Redside (Villians) they are called SF, or Strike Forces For more info on them I would suggest a visit to the Wiki https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Task_Force. LFT stand for looking for Team, and as to how to ask, I would broadcast on the Looking for Group channel, and let people know what level your missions are at and what they are. Yes you can end up taking all the powers from your Primary and Secondary, and have some left over for Pool, or Epic/Patron Pool powers. I hope this helps! Good Hunting The Vortex Master
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