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  1. In the small town I live in...three cops have lost their lives in the line of duty over the last two years. Their lives mattered! Blue lives matter...black lives matter..ALL Lives matter...but say anything but the second one and you are a "Racist or a bigot!" Having said that....this is a game. I do not appreciate the GMS tossing that into the MOTD...but oh well. I don't have to read it and can go on about playing.... I believe my reaction was just a bit of irritation at the intrusion of RL stuff that has divided GOOD people on all sides of the issue!
  2. I saw this motd....and shut down the game. I now have to decide what I am going to do...ignore the fact that that the admin is inserting something that is undeniably divisive in the real world into the game a lot of us come to in order to get away from all that crap....or something else..... at this point...just don't know.
  3. Thought I would put this one in here. Ran into an issue the other night...had more friends on than allowed in a team (8 is the max). Now not talking about leagues, TFs, etc. Just regular teams for doing missions and radio. I posted about it in COH Survivors on FB and it was suggested I bring it up here. Would it be possible to up the max allowed on a regular team to something like 10 or 12? Not sure what that would entail...just wondering.
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