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  1. OMG! OMG, does that mean we could start a channel of deep dive lore into CoX the likes of FudgeMuppet with the Elder Scrolls or Epic Nate with Skyrim and Fallout?
  2. The Infiltrators has made a massive change! Name: Infiltrators Alignment: Hero/Vigilante Roleplay Friendly: Yes Recruitment Officer: @lady skald (in game global) Recruitment Message: The Lady Luck Resort and Casino is a stylish and warm place to go for a great holiday getaway. Seven bungalows overlook the North Sea. The island is situated right in the middle of the North Sea with England and Scotland to the west, Denmark and Norway to the east and Germany to the south east. The casino itself is open to all forms of games of cha
  3. Did someone say motorcycles?!?!? Using many of the same materials as many other bikes use, it's merely a design change. The first bike also uses a mech man claw arm as a kickstand.
  4. Global: @lady skald Super Group: Canyons of Steel Base: Village of Myst Haven Basecode: MYSTHAVEN-16373 A small village with shops and places to role play and several easter eggs, hidden locations and a complete backstory.
  5. I have the concealment pool on my main (who also is a scrapper). Combined with the stealth unique IO in superspeed and the old invisibility, she had better stealth than most stalkers. Now with the change, that's kind of gone (not complaining, I like the new infiltration power as a sort of travel power addon). But the Stealth power now has a bit more stealth to it before. Not as much as what my character had before (turn on invisibility and poof! gone!) but it's still a decent amount. So yeah, keep stealth as stealth.
  6. @TemporalVileTerror any donations can be emailed to me ingame at @lady skald. But hang on to those for the time being, I'm not doing anything on the collections side right now. As for shenanigans, I wanna keep the event clean, free of drama, no surprises for anyone. This is an event that is a celebration for everyone to take part in. Certain... shall we say activities... might not be looked upon favourably by some attendees. So I would like to keep the affair completely festive and fun.
  7. Yes, I'm aware it's April 8, but events take planning. I would like to plan an event for July 1 starting around 6:00 p.m. CST and go until Midnight CST. My character Dom/Canadienne will be hosting it at her base. I'm going to decorate just for the occasion. But I'll need a few things. Security. Basically people to patrol the area, make sure no shenanigans are going on. Food vendors. People to sell food and drink. Lifeguards. Might be asking "Why?" but there's a big lake in the middle of the base along with a smaller grotto for swimming. Chan
  8. Here's the thing. My main is at 50, and while doesn't have the flight pool, does have super speed. And concealment. So I'm really interested in these changes. Because my character is 50, and has almost maxed out all the Incarnate powers. And has over 1000 badges. So I'm gonna use the second and third builds as an added bonus for some of these changes. Because it's something new for my level 50 to work for. Is her current build pretty good? Yes it is, she can stand up to purple elite bosses without much problem. It's a challenge, but she can
  9. Just hit this today on my main. She was also my first 50. Took out the Seed of Hamidon in First Ward and was at 997 badges, so decided to take out some Awakened, Talons of Vengeance and Apparitions.
  10. Speaking of rooftop areas, I found a small rooftop area in Kings Row when I was on my way to a mission. The mission point was at a door on the rooftop, so I had to take the stairs up. There's picnic tables, a few small plants and a guard rail around the whole thing. Easily accessible for anyone without flight from the rooftop access on the ground floor. It's in the southeast corner of Kings Row.
  11. Storm Kick and Ki Push from the blaster secondary are a nice combo crunch. Crushing Uppercut from Street Justice. Same with Sweeping Cross. Executioner's Shot from dual pistols.
  12. While there's has been a huge amount of discussion about blasters, I think I'm gonna go back to the topic at large. Kin Melee and Energy Aura - Who does it better? I started a kin melee and energy aura scrapper and was absolutely frustrated by the number of times I would get caught and faceplant. I've since rebuilt my scrapper as a stalker, and boy! What a difference. Both are melee builds, but there's a bit more freedom with the stalker version than the scrapper version. Even for, what could be called, tankiness. The stalker, shock and amazement, fairs f
  13. Blappers have been around since live, since before the MA. Two of the big time blapper combos was /NRG and /ELEC. For a time, the majority of blappers were some combo of Energy Blast/NRG, AR/NRG, Fire Blast/NRG, or any of those combos with /ELEC. Back on live, I had a Sonic/NRG and an AR/NRG blaster, and they could survive really well. Now, with /MA and /NIN, you've suddenly got two more blapper types. And of course, that doesn't even talk about the fact that, yes, you can be a FIRE/FIRE blapper. I admit that with my DP/MA blaster I blap way more than I d
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