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  1. Do you happen to have a build for SM/EA? I feel like I'm not slotting EA nearly enough, but since I've never used it before I'm at a loss for which powers need more slots.
  2. I ended up going with Savage/EA and I'm enjoying it so far. Your guide has been really helpful as well. I would've dismissed hemorrhage if it wasn't for your explanation of why it is good.
  3. That sounds like tons of fun. I love AoE and fast play-style. What secondary do you recommend with it?
  4. I've been browsing through past threads trying to decide on my first stalker and I'm just curious, what is everyone favorite/most fun Stalker? I normally run tanks, but every time I team up with a stalker, I think to myself, "That looks really fun!" So, hit me with your favorite and most fun powersets that you'd recommend trying out!
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