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  1. Thanks so much for this! I believe I'm gonna try out a Fire/Nin now. I haven't tried Ninjitsu before on any AT, so this will be a good opportunity. I also feel that near capped defense will be stronger than the near capped resists of Rad. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is a click mez protection instead of a toggle. This will be the first build that I throw everything into. Planning on twinking it out as much as possible during the leveling process. Should be pretty fun!
  2. Any chance you'd share your build? I'm very intrigued by the ideas of both Fire/Rad (Nihilii's) and your Fire/Nin.
  3. I actually got the name Doctor Chronos on Excelsior a couple weeks ago. I still am surprised it wasn't taken. Perfect name for a Time Defender! I also have Defenseman, Stormcastle, Lord Essex, and Hailfrost.
  4. What makes certain secondaries better than others for aggro management?
  5. So, I've heard that Ice/Ice is king for holding aggro, and I'm curious where each powerset would rank in holding aggro, both primaries and secondaries. How would you rank the top 3 powersets for holding aggro? Bonus question: Is there a powerset combo that is better than the sum of its parts for holding aggro?
  6. Do you happen to have a build for SM/EA? I feel like I'm not slotting EA nearly enough, but since I've never used it before I'm at a loss for which powers need more slots.
  7. I ended up going with Savage/EA and I'm enjoying it so far. Your guide has been really helpful as well. I would've dismissed hemorrhage if it wasn't for your explanation of why it is good.
  8. That sounds like tons of fun. I love AoE and fast play-style. What secondary do you recommend with it?
  9. I've been browsing through past threads trying to decide on my first stalker and I'm just curious, what is everyone favorite/most fun Stalker? I normally run tanks, but every time I team up with a stalker, I think to myself, "That looks really fun!" So, hit me with your favorite and most fun powersets that you'd recommend trying out!
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